TWEM Vol. 4 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – To the Nargadia Labyrinth


One day, I—Haruto Yuki, a high school student, was suddenly summoned to another world together with my whole class as a hero.

However, after checking my status, it was discovered that I didn’t have the title of ‘Hero’ and also did not receive the ‘Gift’ that was supposed to be bestowed to heroes.

I was driven out by Mariana, the princess of the Kingdom of Glicente who led the summoning and was almost killed by a knight, but a god appeared in front of me.

And as an apology for forgetting to bestow me a gift, I got some cheat skills such as All Creation, which allows me to create any skill, and God Eye, which allows me to see through anything.

I swore vengeance on the Kingdom of Glicente and became an adventurer in the Kingdom of Perdis, where I was awarded the world’s highest rank of adventurer, EX, for my many exploits.

And so, together with fellow adventurer Finne, the first princess of the Kingdom of Perdis Iris, her attendant Asha, the former elf princess Ephyr, and other friends, I succeeded in exacting my revenge on Glicente.

 After successfully rebuilding the internal affairs of Glicente, my former classmates, Tendo, Suzuno, and the others decided to train themselves so that they could defeat the Demon King.

After sending the group of heroes to the ‘Nargadia Labyrinth’, a dungeon in the kingdom of Glicente, we also set out a week later.

The ones heading to the Nargadia Labyrinth this time are me, Finne, Iris, Asha, and Ephyr. Including Kusel, a former knight who had joined us during the attack on Glicente, bringing the total number to six.

“I hope Tendo and the others are okay?”

“They should be…but still can’t help feeling uneasy though.”

On our way there, Finne asked me with a worried look on her face.

The Nargadia Labyrinth is just barely difficult enough for Tendo and his friends to clear the middle floor with their current abilities. With their growth rate, they should have progressed a little further by now, but…for some reason I couldn’t shake this bad feeling I was having.

“Feeling worried? But you sent them there, didn’t you, Haruto?”

Iris said, tilting her head.

She couldn’t have said it any better.

“Well, yeah. When I confirmed the existence of the dungeon, I also looked at the level of the monsters and determined that they’re not too much for a hero to handle…just that, there was no information on the boss monster. I heard that there is an evil dragon sealed within, does anyone know anything about it?”

I heard the story about the evil dragon from Glifas, the Knight Commander, and Marvelle, the chief royal magician, when we left.

Kusel raised her hand in response to my question. As expected of a former knight.

“I do. Though it’s only something I read somewhere.”

“Please tell me about it.”

“All right. The Nargadia Labyrinth is said to have a total of thirty floors, but the highest floor ever recorded is twenty. It is said that the most powerful dragon exists at the lowest floor. The book itself is one of those ancient documents that’s been around for centuries, so I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

“The most powerful dragon, huh…”

Sounds like a fairy tale, but considering the fact that I couldn’t confirm the information back there using God Eye, then it might not be utter bullsh*t.

I once again decided to check out the boss at the bottom of the Nargadia Labyrinth.

The map function that comes with God Eye also has the ability to look up information on a target.

The information on the boss monster didn’t seem like it was restricted or anything of the sort, but…now that I have a clue about the dragon, I might be able to find out something if I really try.

“So, guys, I’m going to concentrate for a bit and see what I can find out, take care of the carriage.”

I said and closed my eyes.

After about an hour of gathering information—

“Whoa, holy sh*t…”

I couldn’t help but let out a few words.

“What’s wrong?”

Asha asked me.

“…Tendo and his party are no match for the dragon at the bottom of the Nargadia Labyrinth.”

“—! So the rumor about there being a dragon is true!”


Ephyr’s eyes widened, and Finne, who was sitting in the coach’s seat. turned to me.

I nodded and hesitantly spoke up.

“Yeah. And…the boss monster’s level is—300.”

Everyone who heard the level exclaimed.

Everyone knew that my current level was 355.

However, even the heroes and Kusel, who was the vice commander of the knights, are at about one-fifth my level.

The five people with the highest levels are Suzuno Ichinomiya, Koji Tendo, Shinya Mogami, Aoi Shinonome, and Natsuki Asakura. However, even so, they haven’t even reached level 100, so they’re not even close to be a match for a level 300.

Then Finne asked me with a serious look on her face.

“Haruto. Are we going to make it?”

I guess she meant, if we can catch up with Tendo and the others before they face the boss monster.

“…We’d be cutting it really close. At their level, it might take a few more days to get to the boss monster at the bottom floor, and…even if they end up confronting it, they’re not going to get killed right away.”

“T-That’s true.”

I believed in them.

They are heroes, after all, and they have the self-crafted special item I gave to them that can protect one from an instant death magic attack only once.

It doesn’t mean we can drag our feet, however.

Even if we arrived at the dungeon, it would take some time to reach the bottom floor.

And even though the monsters in the dungeon are small fry for me, and I can see the shortest route on the map, I can’t run as fast as I can with Finne and the rest in tow.

It would take about a day to reach the lowest floor.

“Let’s hurry.”

I returned to the coach stand and drove my beloved horse, Maguro, who was pulling the carriage.

It was a day and a half of running, using recovery magic.

We had arrived at the entrance to the Nargadia Labyrinth.

It must have been a tough one for Maguro, but he’s been a really reliable partner.

I asked Maguro to move to another space I had created, a subspace. There was no way I could take him around the dungeon.

The carriage was also put into the subspace, and after a brief preparation, we stepped into the labyrinth.

“Now then, shall we go in?”


With my friends who were full of enthusiasm, we proceeded smoothly.

With the current level of the heroes, they can make it to the middle floor…meaning, they’re no better than flies to me.

Since Finne and the others were a little higher in level than the heroes, they were able to advance to the lower floors without difficulty, but from there on, they began to struggle somewhat.

It looks like a good place to train but…we’re in a hurry right now, so maybe I’ll come back another time.

As I was looking at the map and taking the shortest route, we encountered a party of some classmates just past the 20th floor.

Apparently, they’ve grown enough to reach this point.

Once we crossed the 25th floor, we no longer encountered our classmates, but up to this point, we still haven’t been able to see Tendo, Suzuno, Mogami, Shinonome, or Asakura.

Checking again on the map, it seemed that they were already near the exit of the 29th floor.

“…This is bad. They’re about to reach the thirtieth floor.”


“Yeah. For some reason, I can’t find out what’s going on inside, even with my powers…let’s hurry up a bit.”

I nodded at Finne, who seemed surprised, and increased my speed until everyone could keep up with me.

And so, a short time after Tendo and the others entered the 30th floor, we reached the 29th floor.

When we reached the midpoint of the journey to the 30th floor entrance, we felt a tremendous amount of magic power swelling from below.

“What’s with this, magic power?”

Iris shouted in surprise.

This is…

“It’s Tendo’s magic power. But he didn’t have this much magic power or the skills to amplify it…perhaps he’s acquired a new skill?”

I muttered to myself, but immediately afterwards, a magic power much larger than that of Tendo swelled up.

“Eh, wh, what, what tremendous magic power”


Asha and Kusel were surprised by the magic power that probably seemed to be that of the evil dragon, and stopped in their tracks.

“—I’ll go on ahead! You guys keep up at your pace!”

I left it at that, used my intimidation skills to neutralize all the enemies on the 29th floor, and headed for the stairs leading to the bottom floor.

As I ran down the stairs and kicked in the door, I saw a huge dragon about to release the magic power it had stored in its mouth at Tendo and his party.

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