TWEM Vol. 4 Chapter 14 Part 1


Chapter 14 – Mission Start


After dinner the next day, I gathered everyone together and told them that I was going to execute the operation.

Since last night, my Detect Presence and Detect Magic had been going off like crazy, it was then I knew that someone was watching me.

However, the response was very weak, probably because my Covert skill is over the roof. If Noir’s team hadn’t carried out their investigation, I would have overlooked it.

So, tonight, I am going to carry out the operation.

The plan is quite simple.

I will act as a decoy and go into a back alley unarmed. Then, I and the other members of the crew who would be in hiding will ambush the assailants and get them to cough out the identity of the client and mastermind behind it…simple.

If they happen to be related to the merchant association or Cobra, then I will just go ahead and annihilate them completely.

…I was beginning to feel like it was too simple to be called an operation, but oh well.

“This operation will be carried out by just the three of us, me, Zero, and Sebas. If the perps turn out to be at the level of a Cobra executive, you guys may not necessarily be able to handle them. And I also don’t want to see any of you get hurt, so I hope you understand.”


Zero and Sebas, dressed in butler uniforms of the same design, bowed gracefully.

Zero seemed to have become a butler completely.

Finne and the others nodded their heads in agreement.

“Zero, Sebas. I want you two to stay away from me and keep a lookout. If you catch any assassins, leave one for interrogation and dispose of the rest.”

“Understood. Master Haruto.”

“I’m counting on you guys…and what about the store by the way?”

“Noir is currently monitoring the store. With her ability, I think she’s got it covered as long as it’s nothing too serious. And if anything goes wrong, she will come back to let us know.”

“I see. It’s all good then.”

Ephyr, who had apparently become friends with Noir, was somewhat proud.

“Okay, we should get going. I’m leaving the fort to you guys.”


We were about to leave when Finne called out to me.

“What’s up, Finne?”

“Um, I’m sure you’ll be fine, but please be careful.”

“Of course, don’t worry. I’ll be back safe and sound…Zero, Sebas, shall we?”


I left the mansion with Zero and Sebas.

For now, I decided to head to the store.

Although they’re a little far away, the guys surveilling me seemed to be tagging along. Moreover…there seemed to be more of them, I thought?

It’s looking even more likely that they may try something today.

As soon as I arrived at the store, Bohbee noticed me.

The store had closed for business for the day, but he seemed to be organizing the merchandise and filling out the books.


“How are the sales looking?”

Bohbee grinned.

“The business was booming again today, sir.”

“I see. Oh, by the way, I’ve got a new product, and I’d like to give you the blueprints and instructions…is the back room free?”

“Yes, of course!”

As soon as we entered the room and took our seats, I handed him a piece of paper describing the new product.

Bohbee quickly skimmed through the contents and exclaimed in surprise.

“C-Could this be…a small magic refrigerator?! I didn’t know it was possible to make it this small!”

That’s right, there are refrigerators in this world, as well.

However, they are quite expensive due to the large amount of magic stones required. In addition, because of the size of the refrigerators themselves, they are only found in royal castles, noble residences, and some restaurants and stores, and are not widely used.

However, the refrigerator this time is about the size of a slightly larger family refrigerator in the original world, and a compact size just enough for a single person.

Furthermore, because the circuitry had been made more efficient, it could be produced with smaller magic stones, resulting in a significant cost reduction.

“Let’s try making a prototype of these, and show it to me when it’s finished. If it turns out well, we’ll mass-produce them and then start selling ‘em.”

“I understand. But what about the pricing?”

“I’m thinking we could put the small one up for eight large silver coins, and the large one for about five gold coins.”

“Yes, I think that’s about right because the large-sized one requires a reasonably large magic stone.”

“Exactly. Okay then, I’m going to be off now. There is this daredevil crying for a beating that I have to oblige, you see.”

“…Oh, I see. It’s today. Take care then.”

Bohbee must have guessed from my words that the operation was today.

I was about to leave the room when I suddenly remembered and instructed Zero and Sebas.

“You two, I want you to blend in with the staff while concealing your presence and go out the back door. Then, stay out of sight. Bohbee, please see me out, but not too deliberately.”

““Yes, sir.””

“Okay, this way sir.”

Bohbee escorted me out of the store building.

“—Now then, let the mission begin.”

I muttered softly and started walking back to the mansion.

On the way, I pretended to make a detour and proceeded toward a less populated area.

Then, after acting like I had chanced upon a suitable back alley, I proceeded there.


◇ ◇ ◇


On top of a building about 200 meters away from Haruto.

“The target is on the move. We will now begin the operation…the butlers who were accompanying him earlier have separated from him, and now he’s completely alone.”

A man dressed in a black outfit with gadgets signaled his companions around him to advance under the shade of the night.

“I happened to witness the scene during the previous crisis where he saved the royal capital, and I couldn’t help but be in awe at the sight of the sheer power of that magic, truly befitting of an EX-rank. But, if he were to receive a concentrated attack outside his sphere of awareness with this number of people, even him wouldn’t stand a chance.”

The others nearby nodded, affirming those words.

“He doesn’t seem to know these parts well. It’s a dead-end just ahead.”

“Yeah, that’s where we’ll hit him.”

The assassins shared the information among themselves in the vicinity and began to move.

But they were none the wiser.

That their target, Haruto, knew their location and deliberately chose a dead-end road to lure them out.

That the two butlers, who did not come out of the store together the same way they went in, were lurking a short distance away, watching them.

“Huh? Oh no, you gotta be kiddin’ me, a dead end?”

Hearing the target’s voice, the man gave a signal.

The next moment, poisoned arrows and knives were flying toward the target, and a figure with a sword appeared and charged toward the target.


◇ ◇ ◇


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