TWEM Vol. 4 Chapter 14 Part 2

I launched fireballs to intercept the attacks of the assassins who got hooked completely in my trap. And burned away the arrows and knives.

I then took control of these very fireballs and redirected them towards the bunch on the roof who initiated the attack.

Most of them died on the spot, but there was only one who avoided the fireball and landed on the ground.

While I was distracted, some of them came at me with swords, but I approached them with Ground Shrink and knocked them out with my barehanded arts.

The guy who had landed on the ground shouted in agitation.

“What the—, was he already aware of our attack?”

“Of course I was aware. I am sure you lot thought you hid pretty well, but to me, your presence and bloodlusts may as well have been a beacon…you fucked with the wrong guy.”

“Oh shit…shit! Pull out!”

At the sound of that voice, several people, who were probably standing by as insurance personnel, tried to escape.


“Zero, Sebas, take care of all of them but this guy.”


At my command, Zero and Sebas appeared and stood in front of those who were trying to escape, neutralizing them.

They were mercilessly taking lives, probably because they found out that the ones who somehow happened around my feet were still alive.

I, on the other hand, grabbed the guy who seemed like the leader who was the same guy who gave the order to retreat, and I struck him cold with my fist.

In no time at all, the assassins who were after me were all killed.

“Brilliant. Zero, Sebas.”

“I am honored by your praise. If my Lord commands it, I will even make enemies of the entire world.”

“Ho-ho-ho. I am not about to lose to you young’uns anytime soon.”

The strongest and most loyal butler and the strongest old butler.

…That said, Zero, you don’t have to go that far, okay? If you do that, I’ll really become the Demon King, won’t I?

“Now then. There’s something I will very much like to know before I call the guards.”

Let’s see, there were five survivors out of twenty-five.

And so, I decided to wake up the guy who looked like their leader.

“Hey, wake up.”

“…Hmm? S-Sunnuva bitch!”

The leader woke up and tried to get up as soon as he did.

But I immediately kicked him and broke his leg.


“How noisy, shut the fuck up—heal.”

I quickly healed him as planned, and squatted down to face level with the leader, staring him right in the eyes.

“As you must have figured out by now, you can’t avoid my attacks with your level of speed. And just so you know, aside from healing, I can also use a magic spell to restore physical defects…you should be able to understand the implication of what I’m saying, right?”

I asked this, but the leader glared at me.

He then tried to stand up again, so I gently put my hand on his shoulder this time.


As I said this with a smile on my face, the leader broke into a heap, sweat pouring from his entire body.

“Great, thanks for your understanding. So, I have a few questions I’d like to ask you…I’m sure you don’t mind?”

The leader nodded in agreement.

“By the way, I can tell when someone is lying or not, so keep that in mind before you open your mouth.”


This dude just said okay, but I bet he’s going to try and play a fast one for sure…

This should be fun, in that case, why not show me how conniving the most notorious assassination group in the country can be.

“So, let’s begin with. Who are you working for?”

“Viscount Birksh—”

“You’re lying. Does the name Almuth Balazel ring a bell?”

“How do you know the big boss’s name?! Don’t tell me you already know that Count Balazel is the big boss of Cobra?”

Hmm? All I wanted to know was the name of his employer, so I tossed a random bait to get him to cough up, but…to think this dude would run his mouth on his own about Balazel, being the boss of Cobra, and about himself being a member as well?

Funny enough, he doesn’t seem to be aware of his blunder, he must have felt pretty on edge.

“…Who is the client this time?”

“Fuck it, looks like there’s no use playing dumb…it’s Harbal Galba, head of the Harbal Trading Company.”

It seems to be true. He suddenly became honest.

“Good, I’m glad you’re being honest with me. Next question. How many are you in Cobra as well as the location of your hideout? I’m sure you already know this, but I will know if you’re lying.”

“Ugh, so you also knew that we were Cobra huh…If I talk, will you let me go?”

Dude, you just revealed that yourself just now…more importantly, does he really think I’m going to let him go?

While I was dumbfounded and kept silent, he took it as an affirmation and started blabbering on.

“Cobra has a total of one hundred members. This time, twenty-five of us were tasked to assassinate you. The boss is a very cautious man, and did not even tell his colleagues from the other great merchant associations that he was the boss. This time, he made Harbal put up the request. And the location of our hideout is—”

After a round of talks, the leader exhaled.

“I see.”

“I’ve told you everything! Now you let me go—”

I knocked him out.

Well, I never said I’d let him go…besides, the guards that Zero had gone to call when I started listening to him should be arriving any moment.

As expected, the guards arrived soon after and were bewildered at the devastation.

“What’s going on? What’re all these?!”

“These guys are Cobra, a notorious assassination group. They came after me, so I fought them off. Tie them up and throw them in jail.”

I said this and was about to leave when I was stopped by the guards.

What the hell, that should suffice, shouldn’t it?

“Who the hell are you? If what you just said is true, why were they after you? Show us your ID!”

…Crap, I forgot to mention my name.

“ID was it? Is this fine?”

I took out my adventurer’s card and showed it to the guards.

“—A jet-black adventurer’s card…no way!”

The guard’s face turned into a look of surprise.

“We didn’t realize it was you, great hero Master Haruto. Please excuse our discourtesy. We will now take these men into custody.”

“All right, I’ll leave them to you. I’m going to report to Dillan—His Majesty the King now, but I want you to make sure that you report this matter to him as well.”

“Understood. You two, bring the wagons and any extra hands you can find! The rest of you will tie them up.”


Thus, we left the scene to the flailing guards and headed for the royal castle.

I arrived at the castle and was taken straight to Dillan.

He must have sensed that it was an emergency because I have never visited him at night like this.

I was shown to the guest room where Dillan and Rubel were waiting.

“Haruto, it’s unusual for you to be here at this hour. What’s the matter?”


I told them about how I had just been attacked by Cobra and that the mastermind behind the attack was Count Balazel and a coalition of seven merchant associations, including his own.

“…Um Haruto, the members of Cobra are known to be tight-lipped. How in the world did you manage that…”

“It’s probably better if you don’t know, to be honest?”

“I agree, Your Majesty. At any rate, you can be pretty certain that Master Haruto’s information is solid.”

Sebastian said, backing me up.

“…I see. I trust both Haruto and Sebas. And for the both of you to affirm so strongly, then it must be so. Still, to think that Almuth is the big boss of Cobra…”

“And this coalition of merchant associations. It is quite common for merchant associations to join hands with each other, but then getting this cozy with a criminal organization is…”

Dillan and Rubel were making seriously worried faces.

“I understand your surprise, but right now speed is of the essence. I’m sure that Count Balazel hasn’t received word of me defeating Cobra yet. I suggest that you send in the troops to take him into custody.”

At these words, Dillan glanced at Zebas, and he immediately left the room.

He’s probably on his way to rally the knights.

Seeing that, I got up.

“Well then, I guess we should be on our way to annihilate the rest of the Cobra members.”

“Um, I understand that you now know the location of their hideout, but the way you’re treating this like someone taking a stroll to the restroom or something…can you really afford to be this nonchalant?”

“Oh come on now, I wouldn’t worry about it. But, you’re right, it would be great if you could prepare some wagons and soldiers to collect them afterwards.”

Dillan looked at me with a puzzled look on his face for a moment, but soon realized what I was talking about.

“…How many hours from now would it be okay to dispatch them?”

“Let’s see, I’ll be returning to the mansion for a bit, and then head to their hideout right away, so maybe in two hours? I heard their executives are quite strong, so it might take some time to wrap up the whole thing.”

 “Two hours huh…uh, okay, that will be all. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome.”

I nodded to Dillan, who said in disgust, and left the royal castle to return to the mansion.

I came back briefly to explain the situation to Finne and the others.

After hearing my explanation, Finne and the others were like, “…Oh poor little assassin, he actually hung on quite a bit.” and so on.

“Anyway, I’ll be going in with Sebas and Zero, just the three of us now that we know where they’re hiding out. I’m sure we’ll be fine, but please remain vigilant…all right, shall we set off.”

“Fufuu. I’m getting excited.”


We were leaving the mansion, saying things like that.

From behind me, I heard Finne say, “You seem to be having fun”.

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