TWEM Vol. 4 Chapter 6 Part 1

Chapter 6 – Monster Summoning


“Would you guys mind stepping back for a bit? I’m about to summon a monster to take Zero’s place as the boss monster of this place.”

After making sure everyone was far enough away, I held out one hand in front of me.

Then I activated the monster summoning skill, infusing my magic power into it.

“Get your ass out here already.”

The chant for the summoning could be anything really, so it’s simple and easy.

Then, a huge magic circle about fifty meters in diameter was drawn from magic power on the ground in front of me.

I immediately poured the magic power needed for the summoning into it.

I was told that only a small amount of mana would be needed, so I guess this much should be about right?

I thought to put as little mana as possible, but…for some reason, Zero was looking kinda pale.

“My Lord. The magic power is too much. There is a possibility that this will cause the summoning to fail, or that a very powerful monster will come out that could prove uncontrollable…”

“What? Are you serious? I actually thought it was little…”

Tendo and the others agreed with Zero’s words, nodding in agreement.

Wow like, really?

Could it be, that my mana capacity has increased as a result of the evolution, and I can’t control it well anymore?

Or rather, what happens if the summoning fails?

<The mana in the magic circle will go out of control and explode.>

It’s going to explode?!

<With this amount of mana, Nargadia Labyrinth and its surroundings will be obliterated from the map.>

No, no, no, that’s not good! Please tell me that sooner sheesh!

I hurriedly tried to reduce my magic power, but the magic circle began to glow.

Oh no, is it going to explode?

<No. It seems the summoning was a success.>

With Ellis’ voice, black mana spiraled up from the magic circle.

And after the magic subsided, what appeared was…

“A black sphere?”

Shinonome muttered.

That’s right, there was a sphere with a radius of about fifty metre.

Gradually, cracks appeared and the sphere shattered, revealing the figure of a monster inside.

“No, no way! How come…?”

It was Iris who raised her voice in such despair.

Tendo and the others were also breaking out in cold sweats at the sheer amount of magic power being exuded.

The monster that appeared was about fifty meters long. It was a four-legged beast with two horns on its head. It looked like a combination of a cow and a hippopotamus, but its reddish-black skin and bulging muscles stood out.

This amount of mana and presence is…just about the same as Zero uh?

“Iris, are you okay?”

I asked Iris, who was stunned.

“Like hell I am! This monster is probably the legendary demonic beast——Behemoth.”


Back in my original world, I think I heard the name a lot in games and anime.

According to Iris, the last time it was recorded was in a war a thousand years ago.

Cornered by war, a nation summoned Behemoth, a legendary demonic beast that is said to have lived in the age of the gods. However, as soon as Behemoth was summoned, it indiscriminately destroyed not only the enemy nation, but also the nation that summoned it.

It was thought that Behemoth was going to invade the surrounding nations, but it disappeared before it could do so, partly because it had little magic power at the time of summoning rendering it an incompete summoning.

Since then, the story has been handed down to the royal families of various countries as a fairy tale to admonish against monster summoning by the state.

“Is that so…but if this guy goes on a rampage right now, only me or Zero could possibly stop him, right?”


Just as I finished saying that, Behemoth roared.

Tsk, I’ve gone and set off an unnecessary flag* uh? (TLN: Implies the trigger of an event, which almost always result in a negative outcome)

The bellowing and the pressure released at the same time caused the pale faces of Tendo, Finne and the others to quickly flee to the wall.

I can understand Finne and the others making a break for it, but as a hero, why are you at the top flight, Tendo?

Well, he’s probably exhausted from the battle earlier, even though he’s recovered from the potion, so maybe I should cut him some slack, I thought as I checked Behemoth’s status.


Behemoth, The Earth Raging Beast




Ancestral Beast


Ruler of Earth


Darkness Magic LV10

Fire Magic LV10

Lightning Magic LV10

Earth Magic LV10

Intimidation LV10

Roar LV10

Tenacity LV10

Arm Vigor LV10

Leg Vigor Lv10

Detect Presence

Detect Mana

Detect Danger

Mana Manipulation


Weather Manipulation

Physical Resistance

Magic Resistance


Primordial Beast

Calamity Class

King of Land* (TLN: Terrain)

The Most Powerful Species



<Ruler of Earth>

Magic consumption is reduced by one-fifth.

Fire, Lightning, Darkness, and Earth magic are increased six-fold.

Basic physical ability and magic power in combat are increased five-fold.


Hmm…if I consider just the skill alone, then he’s probably stronger than Zero.

While I was stunned, Behemoth rushed at me.

“Hey, calm down!? I’m the summoner, okay?!”

<The monsters you summon must show their abilities and follow you. I also assume that he’s angry because he was disturbed by the summoning after being dormant for so long.>

Is that why he’s angry and attacking the summoner?

I immediately prepared myself, but Zero leaped over and stood in front of Behemoth.

“How utterly foolish to stand against your summoner. Behemoth, I will deal with you.”

However, Behemoth didn’t stop. It thrust out its horns and closed in on us.

Zero used earth magic to create a thick wall, but it was easily shattered by the rush.

To be able to break through that wall so easily…impressive.

While I was nonchalantly thinking about this, Zero transformed one of his arms to its dragon form and slammed his fist into Behemoth’s nose.

Behemoth’s massive body finally comes to a stop, and his eyes turned to Zero.

‘…Hmm? Look who it is, there’s no mistaking that magic power, it’s been a while, Kalamiras. But don’t get in my way. I can’t forgive him for interrupting my sleep with such a silly trick as summoning.’

I think he’s getting a little overzealous just because his sleep was disturbed.

More importantly, they seem to know each other?

Before I could say anything about it, Zero shook his head.

“I can’t do that.”


Zero said, looking at me, and Behemoth turned to look at me as well.

‘What’s going on? Why are you protecting this human?’

“Because he is the Lord who gave me my new name, Zero.”

“…What the hell?!”

Behemoth looked at me, eyes widened in disbelief at Zero’s words.

‘…Hmph. Kalamiras. So you’ve fallen so far that you now must obey some mere human. Then I shall take it upon myself to liberate you.’

That’s a hell of a way to put it.

“Oh, you don’t say. Are your brains made of muscles as well if you can’t even discern what your summoner is capable of?”

‘Keep talking nonsense. You can only talk like that for so long.’

Behemoth easily fell for my provocation.

I reached out to Zero via telepathy. It seemed that telepathic communication was possible now that we were master and servant.

‘…Can I butcher this beast?’

‘…He’s one of my oldest friends. I don’t want you to kill him if you can help it.’

‘I see, then, I’d rather not kill him…but we still have to put him in his place, don’t we?’

‘At your will.’

I smiled, having heard Zero’s request.

Then, as if sensing some kind of presence, I heard Finne and Tendo talking, even though they couldn’t have seen my face.

“I get the feeling he’s up to something bad.”

“Yes, Miss Finne.”

Tendo agreed with Finne’s words.

What do you mean by something bad, sheesh.

“Stand down, Zero.”

“Aye sir.”

When I confirmed that Zero had fallen back to Finne and the others, I set up a barrier around them.

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