TWEM Vol. 4 Short Story


E-Version Short Story – Asha’s Daily Life


My name is Asha. I am the personal maid of Princess Iris of the Kingdom of Perdis. I also work as a maid at the mansion of Iris’s fiancé, the EX-rank adventurer Haruto.

Furthermore, in addition to that, I am currently educating the slaves that Master Haruto purchased just the other day when he said he was going to establish a trading company.

One day, Mia, one of the maids in the same mansion, approached me.

“Asha, can I leave today’s combat training to you? I’m not feeling too good.”

“Sure, I got it!”

“Thank you.”

Bowing her head, Mia went back to her room.

I had already finished my tutoring as a servant this morning, so the only thing I had planned for the afternoon was combat training.

I headed to the backyard where the newbies were waiting.

Before accompanying Master Haruto on his trips, I had no combat skills to speak of whatsoever and only did domestic work inside the mansion.

However, as I trained along Lady Iris during these trips, I became competent enough to instruct the newbies in this way.

My combat style is a guerrilla type, making full use of throwing knives and high-speed movement.

I do not possess a special attack or unique skill, but I damn sure won’t lose to your average monster or adventurer.

In the backyard, the newbies were already waiting for me, and when they eventually saw me, they bowed their heads.

“““We ask for your guidance, Lady Asha!”””

I’m not so great that you put ‘Lady’ before my name though…

“You over there, pay more attention to your surrounding! Keep that up and you won’t even know how you got done in!”

“Y-Yes ma’am.”

They did some long runs, swinging, and light sparring to build up their physical fitness, and after a short break, a mock battle between the three newbies and myself began.

I was using the rubber knife specially made by Mr. Haruto. The blade is inked, so the area hit by the blade is colored.

This made it easy for me to instruct the newbies on how to avoid the next hit, and I could tell that they were getting better and better at it.

The mock battle lasted for hours, and all the newbies collapsed from exhaustion.

I’m still good to go, at the very least I haven’t run out of breath yet, but…I may have gone a little overboard, perhaps?

But the kind of training I had with Master Haruto and the others wasn’t as gentle as this. And considering the level I want them to reach in the end, they are yet to even begin.

I looked around at the faces of the newbies as I brushed the dirt off my maid’s uniform with my hand.

“Guys, if you keep lying down there you will get your clothes dirty. This is the end of today’s training, so take a bath and rest until it is time to prepare dinner.”

At my words, the newbies got up and replied.

Then Sebas, the butler, appeared.

“Asha, looks like you put them through the wringer, huh?”

“…I guess I really overdid it?”

I asked Sebas fearfully as he looked around at the newbies.

I let out a sigh of relief when he simply shook his head.

“I was afraid you would scold me.”

“I’m not going to scold you for this. You did it so they could become stronger…but please do it moderately, okay?”

“Understood. I will.”

“Well, I’ll leave you to it.”

After Sebas left, the newbies returned to the mansion.

I followed suit and began to walk slowly.

I’ve been very busy these days, but I feel very fulfilled because of it.

As soon as I returned to the mansion, the princess, who happened to be passing by, called out to me.

“Just in time, Asha. Could you prepare some tea for me?”

“Of course. I’ll bring it right away!”

I hurried to the kitchen to prepare a pot of tea.

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