TWEM Vol. 4 Chapter 17



Chapter 17 – To the Galzio Empire


When we got home and were all eating lunch together, I mentioned that I was thinking of going to the Galzio Empire.

“The Galzio Empire?”

“Why so suddenly?”

Finne and Ephyr raised their voices in question.

“I heard there’s going to be a tournament coming up real soon, and I wanted to see how much you all have improved. Ultimately, you’re free to decide whether to participate or not.”

“Our improvement, huh…”

Finne looked a little uneasy.

“Listen. I know you’ve all grown pretty strong, so this is more of testing your mettle. Of course Kusel will participate, or won’t you?”

“You bet I will! What about you, Haruto?”

“Well, I think I’ll just participate in the team competition. At any rate, you can decide whether or not you’re going to participate by the time we get to Galzio. On this journey, I will be touring the Holy State of Belifaire and will be on the road in time for the tournament…but just to be on the same page, everyone is coming with me, right?”

“Of course! Although I haven’t decided if I’ll be participating in the tournament.”

Finne seems to be on board.

“It goes without saying that I’m coming with you as well, Haruto.”

Iris answered, and Asha nodded.

“I’m already getting excited.”

“…I’m coming!”

Kusel and Ephyr are down too.


“Of course I’m coming along!”

“Thought as much.”

Her answer was immediate.

After all, during the last trip, it already seemed like Suzuno was part of the group.

Then Zero spoke out.

“May I come with you as well?”

“That’s unusual.”

“Not really. It is my duty to protect my Lord.”

“Is that so, well, anything can happen, so I guess I’ll be relying on you.”

With Zero in the mix, we won’t have to worry about anything along the way.

“Thank you.”

Zero bowed to me.

And then I asked Suzuno.

“Speaking of which, where’s Tendo and the others? I haven’t seen them since yesterday…”

“If you’re asking about them, then they’re with the Knight Order taking pointers, in order to become a little stronger, even if a bit they said!”


“They should be back today, probably.”

Just after saying that.

The door to the dining room opened.

“We’re back! Whoa, Haruto, so you’re back already.”

“We’re finally back!”

“We’re back.”

“We’re back guys~”

Tendo, Mogami, Shinonome and Asakura appeared.

“Welcome back guys. You look like a wreck.”

“We were training with the Knights.”

These guys are probably much stronger than the knights…did they learn how to fight from them or something?

“Oh right, Haruto, we’re thinking of leaving here tomorrow and going back to Glicente for a while.”

“I see. We were also thinking of leaving Perdis and going to the Galzio Empire through the Holy State of Belifaire. There’s going to be a tournament. I’m having everyone participate in it.”

“Oh, a tournament, that sounds like fun.”

“What are you guys going to do when you get back to Glicente?”

“I’m going to have a discussion with the rest of our classmates. I still don’t think I’m strong enough to defeat the Demon King after all.”

Well, that’s a good idea. I hope everyone is doing well.

That evening, we invited Bohbee and the other employees to a farewell party for Tendo and the others, which turned out to be a big party.

The next morning, we were gathered at the entrance to see Tendo and the others off.

“You’ve been of tremendous help, Haruto. Thanks for everything.”

“No shit, we even became stronger, so thanks.”

“Thank you, Yuki.”

“Thanks a lot, Yuki.”

Tendo, Mogami, Shinonome, and Asakura, in that order, each thanked me in turn.

Well, Sebas and the others should be the ones deserving of their gratitude, not me…

“Sure thing. Try not to die on your way back, okay?”

“If I’m that easily killed, I may as well piss on my title as a hero.”

There have been some close calls though?

“When you’re ready for the expedition to defeat the Demon King, gimme a call. I’ll assist you as much as I can.”

“That’s very encouraging.”

“I’d hate to see any of my classmates kick the bucket.”

“Hahaha…that’s true I guess.”

Tendo chuckled.

“Mogami, don’t limit yourself to just close-range combat, try learning one long-range magic spell of any kind.”

“Wouldn’t my fists get the job done much faster?”

“You’ve gotta lose that mindset! Or you’ll be done in before you know it, sheesh.”

“Yeah, not happening!”

I may be raising death flags by saying that, but guys like him live longer.

Now I moved on to Asakura.

“You too, Asakura——”

“Call me Natsuki.”

“Asakura, try not to bother Tendo so much, okay?”

“I told you, you could call me by my name!? And what do you mean by bothering him?! Do I do that?!”

I feel like my life may be in danger if I so much as dare to call her by her first name right now. The pressure from the women behind me is no joke.

“Try and reflect on it…besides that, you just need to refine and master your magic spells more, I guess?”

“Maybe not as proficient as you, Yuki, but I’ll get better at it!”

“With that mindset, you’ll be fine.”

I chuckled.

Asakura’s smile brightens and cheers up those around her. I hope she is always in good spirits.

Lastly, Shinonome.

“I leave everyone in your care.”

“What am I everyone’s guardian or something, Yuki?”

“Not at all. You’re the calmest of them all, are you not? There you have it.”

“…Right. Thanks for the blade, I’ll take good care of it.”

“Good. You do that and make good use of it too, okay?”

The one I had given her before was in bad shape, so I gave her a new one.

“Oh yeah, here’s one for each of you.”

With that, I took out some necklaces from my dimensional storage room and handed them out to the four of them.

Inlaid into the necklace is a small red pearl the size of a pinky finger.

Tendo asked on behalf of everyone.

“…What is this, Haruto?”

“It’s a necklace that has the same effect as a skill that temporarily increases one’s abilities. You can appraise it for more details.”



Grace of the Crimson Pearl




The user can temporarily draw out powers that exceed the limits of their physical abilities and skills.

The body accumulates physical damage after use.


I explained the effect to the four who were stunned.

“The damage is at most a muscle ache, but if you use it continuously, the after-effects can be quite painful, so be careful.”

Actually, I had Kusel use the prototype, and the next day she could not move at all.

But the boost in ability provided was staggering.

Out of concern for Tendo and the others, I made this using a combination of my Molding skill and Magic Engineering.

I also distributed it to Finne, Iris, Asha, Ephyr, Kusel, and Suzuno.

Tendo and his party of four were still stunned, but as if coming back to themselves, they thanked me.

“Anyway, thank you.”

Following Tendo, Mogami, Shinonome, and Asakura also thanked me.

“Don’t sweat it, I just want you guys to be safe.”

“Aww, that makes me so happy…also, please look after Suzuno.”

“You bet. I’m not going to do something lame like not being able to protect a woman who loves me.”

Hearing that, Suzuno’s face turned red.

“What are you talking about, Haruto?”

Tendo and the others laughed delightfully when they saw Suzuno smack me on the back for saying so.

“Haha, that kinda makes me feel all tingling inside…well then, we’d better get going.”

“There’s really no helping you, Haruto…all right. Let’s be on our way.”

“Okay. Take care.”

Saying that, I fist-pumped Tendo and Mogami and said goodbye to them.

Shinonome and Asakura approached Suzuno and called out to her.

“Take care, Suzuno. And take good care of her will you, Yuki?”

“Take care! Look out for her okay, Yuki?”

“Thanks! Both of you, take care as well!”

“Sure…I will. I’ll be sure to protect her, don’t worry.”

Hearing my words, Shinonome and Asakura nodded in satisfaction, hugged Suzuno and said goodbye.

I had prepared magic bags for the group, so all four of them are traveling light.

We watched Tendo and the rest of the group of heroes until we could no longer see their backs.

After seeing Tendo and the others off, we had lunch and decided to discuss our plans for the day ahead.

“So, we will be leaving for the Holy State of Belifaire first thing tomorrow. I want us to finish procuring the necessary supplies like food, tools and the likes today. So let’s split up and go shopping.”

Sebas, Lyla, and Mia responded to these words.

“Master Haruto. “If it’s shopping, you can leave it to us…”

“That’s right.”

“Please leave it to us.”

I appreciate you all saying that, but this is in preparation for our trip.

It’s something one ought to do themselves, not leave to others.

“Let me at least prepare for my own trip. But, fine. Can I trouble you to prepare the carriage then?”

“Understood. We’ll do that.”

I watched Sebas and co. leave after bowing their heads, and then we too headed out to do some shopping.

I decided to buy what I could get at my own store and what I didn’t have at Bacchus’ place or at a nearby store.

When we arrived at our store, and told them what we needed, they quickly got everything ready…

“No, I can’t! I can’t take money from Master Haruto!”

“Why not, I mean…”

Benak refused to accept payment.

“I can’t just up and take goods for free just because it’s my trading company. Don’t you think so too, Bohbee?”

I asked Bohbee, who was listening to the conversation next to him.

“You’re right, boss. Even if you own the store, the goods must be accounted for.”

“Do you understand now?”

“Yes sir, I understand.”

Benak finally agreed and accepted the payment.

After putting away the purchased supplies in dimensional storage, we left the store.

We spent half a day shopping, having fun together.

And so, just like that, it was the next day.

We were back in front of the mansion again after showing up at Dillan’s place to inform him of our departure.

The eight members going on the trip this time were myself, Finne, Iris, Asha, Kusel, Suzuno, Ephyr, and Zero…well, nine, including Maguro.

“Please do take care, Master Haruto.”

“Of course. I leave the mansion in your capable hands, Sebas.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Bohbee and Benak as well, I leave the company in your able hands. Continue expanding the business as much as it requires.”

““Yes sir!””

They replied cheerfully.

“And Noir, please look after everyone from the shadows. If anything happens, report to Sebas, Bohbee, Lyla, and Mia immediately.”

At my words, Noir knelt down and nodded.

“All right then, hop in guys!”

With that cue, everyone got into the carriage at once.

“Okay then. Here we go, Maguro!”


Maguro, in high spirits started to move.

Our carriage slowly passed through the north gate as everyone saw us off.

From here to the capital of the Holy State of Belifaire is nearly two weeks by carriage.

Within a week, we would be at the border.

Until then, everyone would spend their free time however they like.

I wonder what kind of place the Holy State of Belifaire is?

I was getting excited thinking about finally getting to see this country which I knew nothing about.

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