TWEM Vol. 5 Chapter 9 Part 2


Without bothering to chase after Gawain, Schwarz spoke up cheerfully.

“Fufufuu. It’s hard to really let loose when small fries are roaming up and about, so good call on that one. Oh, I nearly forgot to introduce myself. My name is Schwartz. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Schwartz gathered magic power in his palm as he said this.

“——So on that note, please go to hell.”

With those words, it was released and flew straight to Zero at high speed.

“How impertinent, a mere devil.”

Zero said, and then he dragonized only his arm and crushed Schwartz’s attack.

Schwartz, seeing this, let out a startled sound for the first time since he was summoned.

“What?! It disappeared?”

Schwartz was surprised and then took a peek at Zero’s status.



Zero Kalamiras, The Smelting Black Dragon




Ancestral Dragon


Ruler of Purgatory


Fire Magic LV10 

Wind Magic LV10

Earth Magic LV10

Darkness Magic LV10

Lightning Magic LV10

Dragon Magic LV10

Intimidating LV10

Roar LV10

Time-Space Magic LV10

Tenacity LV10

Barehanded Arts LV10

Harden LV8

Physical Resistance

Magic Resistance



Mana Manipulation

Weather Manipulation


Detect Presence

Detect Mana

Detect Danger


Primordial Dragon

Calamity Class

Dragon King

King of the Sky

The Most Powerful Species

The Strongest Butler


Zero’s level is higher than when he was in the labyrinth because of his occasional mock battles with Haruto.

“…Whoa, color me surprised. I knew you weren’t human, but to think that you are the dragon that has been holed up in that labyrinth all this while. How utterly disrespectful of me.”

Having discovered Zero’s true identity, Schwartz bowed apologetically.

He then raised his head and opened his mouth with a look of admiration.

“Still, I have to say, as expected of a dragon.”

“——Hmph.  Just bring it on.  I’ll entertain you a little.”

“Kufufu, in that case don’t mind if I do.”

With a smile on his face, Schwartz instantly moved in front of Zero and swung his vicious claws downward.

Zero activated his hardened skill on his dragonized arm and easily blocked Schwartz’s blow.

“Whoa, talk about hard. I’d expect no less from the Dragon King.”

Zero swung his fist to counterattack, but Schwartz ducked, flew into the air, and swung his arm sideways toward Zero.

“——Darkness Line!”

“——Dragon Claw!”

Schwartz’s invisible flash attack and the slash from Zero’s flying claw collided in mid-air and disappeared following a violent sound.

Seeing this, Schwartz nodded in admiration.

“Despite being weakened, yet this much power…”

“…You mean this barrier.”

“Fufufuu, that’s right. Besides, you’re in your human form, so you shouldn’t be able to exert your true strength.”


Zero did not reply, but Schwartz took his silence as an affirmation and smiled.

Then, as if in response, he launched a wind blade toward Schwartz.

“Whoa, how scary——Abyss Hole.”

However, the wind blade was sucked into a black vortex that appeared in front of Schwartz’s outstretched palm and vanished. And at the same time, Schwartz’s figure disappeared from where he initially was.

“I know.”

Zero muttered and then parried Schwartz’s attack who appeared behind him.

Just as Schwartz said earlier, Zero was considerably weakened.

Normally, Zero would have been stronger, but Schwartz now had the upper hand.

Zero and Schwartz were engaged in a fierce battle, clashing violently and exchanging magic attacks.

“What’s the matter? Your movements are becoming sluggish.”

“Hmph, look at you run your mouth, you cheeky devil——Come forth, Draconic Magic Sword Gloriace.”

Zero dropped his usual polite tone and switched back to his former rough-manner of speaking, and called out the name of his beloved sword.

In response to his voice, space distorted and a God’s sword appeared.

Schwartz noticed something unusual the moment he laid eyes on the sword.

“That is one seriously inauspicious magic sword you got there, huh?”

But Zero did not answer him and waved his left hand, which wasn’t holding the sword.

“——Dragon claw!”

“It’s no use——Darkness Line!”

Zero’s figure disappeared from Schwartz’s sight, in the midst of the attacks clashing and canceling out each other.

“—?! There you are!”

“Ugh, guhaah!”

Zero thrusted his sword, but Schwartz ducked just in time and countered with a kick, blowing Zero away.

Schwartz then noticed something and touched his cheek.

“——Blood? Oh yes, indeed it is…fufufuu, how ecstatic, seeing my blood again after such a long time! But, scarring me is a no no——Darkness Line!”

The invisible blow struck, but Zero swung his magic sword, not wanting to be so easily bested.

The slash collided with darkness line and broke through it——then headed directly toward Schwartz.

“What a nasty magic sword indeed. Then again…”

Schwartz evaded and tried to unleash another move.

However, Zero wasn’t about to let that happen, and unleashed a barrage of slash at him.

“—It’s really nasty!”

Schwartz received a number of shallow wounds while evading.

Frustrated by the situation, he decided to get a little more serious.

“Here I come.”


Zero was still maintaining silence, but his eyes were more serious than before.

The next moment, Schwartz disappeared.

It’s the same rapid movement he had performed repeatedly, but this time it was nothing compared to the previous ones.

Zero was slow to react to the unexpected speed and swung his sword backwards, where detect danger had reacted.

But there was nothing there, and Zero tried to retreat as quickly as possible——only to be grabbed by the leg.

Schwartz, who was bending down, grabbed Zero’s leg, swung him around, and slammed him straight into the ground.

The ground caved in and cracked open like a spider web.


The impact caused Zero to exhale the air in his lungs, but for someone with the durability of a dragon, he didn’t suffer any particular damage.

Zero quickly stood up and leapt, approaching Schwartz, who was back in the air already.

“You’ll have to do better than that…”

While putting on such a brave front attempting to swing his sword, Zero’s butler uniform was already in tatters and slightly stained with blood.

Schwarz, who couldn’t possibly be hit by such an attack from Zero in his current state, moved swiftly and dove within Zero’s lethal range.

“Try stopping this one.”

Schwartz drove his sharp claws into Zero’s abdomen.

“Guh, gaaaahhh!”

Blood dripped down from the claws that were pulled out.

And Zero’s abdomen was bleeding without stopping.

To take things further, Schwartz kicked at the wound as a follow-up attack.

Zero was sent flying toward the cathedral and slammed into its majestic walls.

A hole opened in the cathedral, and it collapsed in a chain reaction.

“Oh, he actually flew quite a distance. Well, shall I head over as well. Looks like there’s no shortage of life energy from the reaction I’m getting over there.”

With that, Schwartz licked the blood from his cheek with his tongue and smiled.

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