TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1 – Arrival in the Galzio Empire!

One day, I ――Haruto Yuki, a high school student, was suddenly summoned to another world as a hero along with my entire class.

However, I did not have the title of “hero,” I was called incompetent and kicked out, and I was almost killed by the people of the Kingdom of Glicente, the summoner.

There, I met a man who claimed to be a god, acquired a number of cheat skills, and began working as an adventurer in the Kingdom of Perdis.

Hearing that a fighting tournament was to be held, we headed for the Galzio Empire, stopping at the Holy State of Belifaire on the way.

There we met Ilmina Heilig, a friend of Iris, the first princess of the Kingdom of Perdis, who is adored as a Saintess.

Although there were some ups and downs, such as her being kidnapped and a powerful demon being summoned, I managed to solve the case with the help of my friends.

As a result, Ilmina became my new fiancée.

We then departed from the Holy State of Belifaire to participate in the fighting tournament, which was our original goal.

The eight members heading to the Imperial Capital of the Galzio Empire were the same eight who had traveled to the capital of the Holy State of Belifaire.

Finne, an adventurer and my fiancée, and Iris, also my fiancée, and her attendant, Asha. Then there is Suzuno, one of the heroes summoned to this world with me, who is also my fiancée, Ephyr, who was a former princess of the elf village and my fiancée like Finne and the others. Kuzel, who was the vice-leader of the Knights of the Kingdom of Glicente, and Zero, who was a dragon and the boss of the Nargadia Labyrinth, but followed me in human form.

Such familiar faces were driving a carriage to the Imperial Capital, but…

There was nothing I could do to pass the free time of the two-week trip, and I was completely wasting my time.

The role of the driver and the guard would be rotated, and the rest of the members would spend their time in the subspace I created――the mansion in another world.

One day, while I was just lying around, Iris came to me with a plate in her hand.

I couldn’t see what was on the plate because I was lying down.

“Haruto, I made some sweets, so eat them!”

When I got up and looked at the plate… there was something black, probably charred.

From the shape and size, was it supposed to be a cookie?

I tried to keep my cool and asked Iris.

“Ah, did you make it by yourself, Iris…?”

“Of course! I can even make sweets by myself! …but, I’m not very good at cooking…”

The second-half whisper made me wonder if the momentum of the first half was just my imagination.  I was tempted to retort, “You’re a little out of your league!” but that’s not the point now.

This was a life-threatening situation.

Iris had made pancakes for me once before, but the finished product was still black.

As for the taste, let’s just say, “it’s a unique taste that makes you faint”.

I was afraid to confirm my suspicions.

“Oh, have you ever made sweets?”

“I did once! When I gave it to my father, it was so delicious that he fainted!”

That’s not right!

Dillan, you’re the king of a country.

“Well, didn’t Dillan say anything after that?”

“Hmm, if I remember correctly, he told me to cook with someone else in the future. I don’t know if that means he doesn’t want me to cook something that tastes too good?”

I can’t answer that.

I don’t want to see Iris sad.

Iris, on the other hand, held out the plate to me.

“Hurry up and try it♪”

“Oh, oh. I’ll take it…”

Iris took a piece of black cookie.

Was it just my imagination that I could see a black aura like a hot cake?

Just as I was about to put my thoughts into words, Kuzel and Suzuno arrived.

“What are you doing?”

“Are those sweets…?”

Iris answered before I could answer.

“Yes, it’s cookies! You two try some!”

When Iris held out the plate to her, Suzuno moaned, “Ugh”.

Perhaps, Suzuno also had a vision of the aura.

Suzuno looked at me.

“Hey, hey…”

“Don’t ask me. I’m gonna eat.”

Suzuno was giving me a shivering gaze.

I can understand without asking. Suzuno must be thinking, “Are you really going to eat that?”.

“Iris, I’ll have one too.”


Then, while Suzuno and I exchanged glances, Kuzel suddenly picked up a cookie and threw it into her mouth.

It’s crunching, making a hard sound that’s impossible to come from a cookie.

However, Kuzel swallowed it down with a gulp.

“Mmmm. It tastes good with a little bitterness. Let me have another one.”

““What? Really…?””

Those words came out reflexively, but Iris didn’t seem to notice my words.

“Ah. Why don’t you have some as well, Haruto and Suzuno?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Suzuno and I looked at each other once, then threw the black cookie into our mouths――and the two of us collapsed.

“I-Iris… Oh, please make sweets and do the cooking with Asha…”

“I can’t do this…”

《Confirmed the activation of the skill <Nullify Status Abnormality>》

I heard the words of Ellis, the personality created by my Extra Skill, the supporting function of the universe, but my consciousness fell into the dark depths.

How long had it been since then?

When I woke up, Finne, Ephyr, and Asha were sitting next to me, looking worried.

I didn’t expect them to penetrate through the Nullify Status Abnormality and make me lose consciousness.

Suzuno was sleeping next to me, and she seemed to be suffering from something in her dream, saying, “I can’t do this anymore…”.

When I looked for Iris, the one who caused me and Suzuno to faint, she was sleeping peacefully on a nearby sofa.

How long has it been?

“’I’m alive…”

“Um, what happened?”

Finne asked me when I woke up.

“–I ate the cookies Iris made…”

At that moment, the three of them froze, and Asha hurriedly opened her mouth.

“Ha, Haruto, are you okay!?”

“I think it’s fine. Maybe it’s because of the activation of Nullify Status Abnormality.”

Asha’s face twitched at my words.

After a while, Suzuno woke up, and shocking words came from her mouth.

“I have acquired resistance to poison…”

Hearing that, we were at a loss for words.

From now on, whenever Iris cooks, there will always be someone watching over her.

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