TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 10 Part 2

While the fierce battle was raging on the ground…


Two dragons, lingering in the sky above, were releasing their Intimidation toward Zero.

Zero, entrusted by Haruto, arrived in the sky along with two dragons as the battle began.

The two dragons were angry at Zero for trying to take them on alone.

But Zero brushed off such Intimidation like the breeze from the willow trees.

“Don’t you know who I am?”

Although Zero spoke to them, the two dragons ignored him, and with a roar of “Gruaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, they deployed several magic circles.

From the countless magic circles constructed in just a few seconds, numerous spells rushed toward Zero.

In response to the attack filled with murderous intent, Zero held out the palm of his right hand in front of him.

“—Darkness Barrier!”

The Darkness Barrier unfolded and the dragon’s magic attacks hit at the same time.

All magic was sucked into the Darkness Barrier without making a sound.

The two dragons, seeing that their magical attacks were ineffective, opened their jaws wide and began to concentrate their magical power.

“This magical reaction, is it Breath? That’s fine. Shall we try the technique used by that devil?”

Zero lifted the Darkness Barrier and the dragons unleashed their Breath simultaneously.

“—Abyss Hole!”

The Breaths were sucked into the black vortex that appeared in Zero’s outstretched palm and vanished.

The dragons continued to blast their Breath, but the black vortex remained unfazed.

The “Abyss Hole” could be used until the user’s magic power ran out, and the magic power consumed was minimal from Zero’s point of view.

After a while, the Breaths subsided.

“Hmm. It looks like I’m able to reproduce it well. However, it seems like I can still reduce the amount of magic power used.”

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Zero deactivated his magic and turned his attention to the dragons.

“The sky is my domain, so I think it’s time for you to go down.”

Then, he appeared next to one of the dragons in an instant, transformed his right arm into its dragon form, and muttered the name of his technique.

“Then please fall. —Dragon Claw.”

Three slashes from his right arm cut through the dragon’s left wing.

“You too.”

After saying that, he sliced the other dragon’s right wing in the same manner.

Zero could have killed an opponent of this caliber in an instant if he wanted to.

But that would be boring, so he was enjoying himself.

It was only because Zero reigned as the Absolute Being that he was able to do so.

As the dragon crashed down, Zero gave chase.

“It’s too bad that you only have one wing left. – Come.”

As if responding to his words, the hilt of a sword appeared from the void, and Zero pulled it out.

The name of that sword was –Draconic Magic Sword Gloriace.

It was a magic sword of Divine grade.

Zero aimed the sword at the remaining wing of each of the two dragons as they fell.

The reddish-black slash sliced off the wings, and the dragons plummeted to the ground with a loud clang as they screamed.

The dragons, bleeding from their slashed wings, slowly rose to their feet. They were glaring at Zero, who had slashed away their prized wings, and let out a low guttural growl.

“All you have to do is crawl on the ground. You will pay for the crime of interfering with my Master’s battle with your life.”

With that said, Zero landed on the ground and took a step at a time toward one of the dragons, his magic sword in hand.

The dragon swung its claws at Zero as he approached closer, and a cloud of dust and sand – but there was not a drop of blood there as the dragon retracted its arm.

The dragon scurried to look for the missing Zero, but could not find him.

However, the other dragon noticed Zero, who had somehow moved back into the air.

Zero, on the other hand, looked around and saw that the rest of the dragons had already been defeated.

“Then let’s clean this up too. Haruto-sama will get angry if we play around too much.”

Along with  those words, a black aura overflowed from Zero’s magic sword.

Seeing this, the two dragons felt that their lives were in danger and immediately fired their Breaths at Zero.

The Breaths released by the two dragons approached Zero in a straight line.

Facing them, Zero lightly swung his magic sword twice.

The two slashes released tore the Breaths, and when the slashes reached the dragons, they were cut in half.

There was nothing that could not be cut by a slash with the magic sword’s ability of dimensional cutting.

Zero, who had landed on the ground, looked at the magic sword in his hand and muttered.

“Hmm. Wasn’t this a waste for a lizard of that size?”

With that said, he put the magic sword away and headed towards his master, Haruto.

Thus, all the dragons that Damnatio had brought with him were quickly annihilated.

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