TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 10 Part 1

Chapter 10 – Fighting the Dragons (2)

Elsewhere, Reid, Gaiz, and Ash of the “Seven Royal Guards” were facing a dragon.

Just as Gaiz and Ash were standing ahead, as the vanguard, a voice called out to Reid and his team.

“I’ll help too.”

Reid looked in the direction of the voice, and saw a person walking up to him.

It was one of the S-rank adventurers, Lightning Shadow Fance.

“Fance-dono, are you sure you don’t want to go to those girls over there?”

Reid looked at Finne and the others, but Fance shook his head.

“No, those three are strong. I’m sure they can handle it well. So I thought I’d ask to join them… but they don’t seem to be used to working with an outsider. The emperor doesn’t seem to need backup either.” Fance said, shaking his head.

“The Emperor is strong, you know. Still, I’m surprised that Fance-dono had such a high opinion of those girls.”

“I have a good eye for people, especially the strong.”

“I see. In that case, I’ll ask for your help.”

“Leave it to me.”

Then, Fance aimed his magic spear at the dragon.

“Gaiz, Ash. Get back here! Let’s regroup!”


The two of them took a big leap backward to distance themselves from the dragon.

Then Reid announced his plan.

“I’ll leave the final blow to Fance-dono, but first we have to do something about those hard scales. So, I want the two of you to completely suppress the dragon.”

“Two men against a dragon?”

Ash’s words made Gaiz look troubled.

After all, their opponent was a dragon, and the one they were dealing with was the strongest of the dragons.

“If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to defeat that thing, right?”

“Well, that’s true.”

Gaiz, however, nodded easily at Reid’s reasonable words.

“Once an opening is made, Fance-dono and I will launch an attack.”

“Okay Reid, I’m with you.”

Even while the four of them were discussing their strategy, a Breath was released as if the dragon didn’t care.

“Let’s go!”

Reid signaled the four of them to move.

First, Gaiz, faced with the approaching breath, activated his magic.

Castle Wall!”

As Gaiz spoke, a glowing, translucent castle wall appeared, blocking the Breath and making a violent noise.

The glowing castle wall did not even budge in the face of the high-powered Breath released by the dragon.

Gaiz smiled.

“You can’t break through my walls that easily, you know? Ash!”


Ash jumped out from the side of the wall and approached the dragon.

Catching sight of him, the dragon halted its Breath and tried to reap him with its sharp claws.

“I won’t let you! Iron Wall!”

However, along with Gaiz’s voice, a wall made of iron rose up from the ground as if to protect Ash, stopping the claws.

The wall was marked with three deep scars, but Ash took advantage of the opportunity to poke his hand into the ground and activate his magic.

“—Grand Hole!”

Immediately after, a hole formed at the dragon’s feet, causing the dragon to lose its balance.

“Reid, is this enough?”

“Yes, good job!”

“As expected.”

At Ash’s words, Reid and Fance rushed in, weapons in hand.


Reid swung his flaming sword, piercing the dragon’s joints and causing it to spurt out fresh blood.

Reid shouted Fance’s name.

“Fance-dono, please take care of the rest!”

“Even if you didn’t tell me, there’s no way I’d miss this opportunity! Magic spear Keravnos, release!”

In an instant, Fance dived into the dragon’s bosom and unleashed the power of his magic spear, Keravnos.

Blue lightning gushed from the spear, cloaking Fance’s arms and the spear itself in lightning.

The dragon instinctively sensed a life-threatening crisis from the strike.

But, just as Fance was about to unleash his technique, the air exploded.

The dragon’s roar, which Reid and the others thought was a shockwave, blew Fance and Reid onto the arena wall.



As Reid and Fance fell to the ground, Ash and Gaiz, who had not been hit by the shockwave because they were a little further away, ran up to them.

“Are you all right?”

“Hey, get a hold of yourself!”

The dragon then flapped its wings and flew up into the sky, looking down at Reid and the other four.

It opened its jaws wide and was about to release its Breath.

The magic power concentrated in it was even more dense than before.

“That’s not good!”

“I know that much when I see it! Gaiz, can you stop it?”

“Don’t ask me. I can’t.”


While the three of them were deep in thought, Fance spoke up.

“What are you doing? A breath is coming! You don’t need to defend against it, just defeat the dragon before it finishes!”

“But the opponent is airborne.”

Fance shook his head at Reid’s rebuttal, and briefly conveyed his own thoughts.

The three who heard his explanation nodded quietly.

“Fance-dono is right, that’s the only way. Let’s cooperate.”

“That’s helpful… Come on, we don’t have much time. Let’s go!”

Fance gave the signal, and the four men began to move.


“Let’s go! Grand Wall!”

In response to Ash’s call, the ground beneath his feet rose up and extended toward the dragon as it carried him.

Ash leapt from the raised ground and came up under the dragon’s chin.

The dragon, though aware of Ash, was now concentrating on spitting out its Breath and unable to respond.

Ash channeled his magic into the sword in his hand.

“Take that, you lizard!”

With these words, a slash was released.

The dragon took the slash under the chin, and the impact sent its head skyward.

At the same time, a breath was released, blowing away the clouds covering the sky.

“Well done, Ash!”

“I’ll leave the rest to you, Reid and Fance-dono!”

“Leave this to me.”

“Of course, let’s get this over with!”



Just as Ash had done earlier, Reid used Gaiz’s magic and leapt toward the dragon.

“Quickly fall to the ground! Answer me Magic Sword Flama!”

The sword Reid held burned bright red and flames erupted.

Inferno Judgment!”

The magic sword swung down and cut off the dragon’s right wing, which led to it falling downward.

With a roar, the dragon crashed to the ground.

What awaited it at the other end was…

“There won’t be a third time! Magic Spear Keravnos!”

Fance, holding up his spear, shouted.

“This is the end! Thunderbolt!”

Fance fired a lightning bolt that pierced the chest of the crashing dragon.

The dragon’s heart was burned through and it fell to the ground lifeless.

In this manner, the third dragon was also successfully defeated.


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