TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 9 Part 2

Meanwhile, a voice filled with exasperation came from behind them.

“I’m glad you two are worried about me, but that’s not enough to get me!”

Kuzel and the others turned around to see Finne with her cheeks puffed out.

But her expression was a little happy. She was pleased that they were concerned about her.


“Don’t scare me, Finne… I almost couldn’t face Haruto.”

“I’m not that weak! And we’re still in the middle of a battle, let’s get this thing over with!”

“I know.”

“That’s right.”

The two were relieved that Finne was safe, and their expressions turned serious.

The dragon, upon realizing that Finne was still alive, launched a flurry of attacks, all of which Finne dodged, and appeared once again at the dragon’s feet.


Finne shouted, and the ground instantly froze.

And the dragon, too, froze at its feet, unable to move.

The dragon tried to break the ice with its breath, but Finne cast yet another spell.

“Not yet! Blizzard!”

Then a fierce swirl of snowflakes hit the dragon, creating ice around its body. 

Finne shouted.


“On it! Trance!”

Kuzel invoked her unique skill.


Somehow, Kuzel managed to maintain her rationality and instantly closed the distance between her and the dragon.

With her sword still stuck in the dragon’s eye, Kuzel was now barehanded.

But she leapt in front of the dragon, who opened its jaws wide to bite her.


She punched the dragon in the lower jaw, stopping it in its tracks.

“I’ll have my sword back.”

Then she pulled out the sword that was still stuck in the dragon’s eye, landed on the ground, and readied her sword.

Kuzel swung her sword as the dragon let out a shrieking roar.

“I never said this was the end.”

Saying this, Kuzel slammed hundreds of sword slashes at the dragon’s torso.

Little by little, the tough dragon scales peeled off.

The dragon, which had been hit in the jaw, had its eyes slit open, and even its scales peeled off, tried to fight back, but was unable to hit Kuzel.


Kuzel finally raised her sword into the air and delivered a powerful blow into the dragon’s chest.

A deep bass sound echoed that shook the air, and the dragon’s chest was torn apart.

At the same time, the ice shattered. The dragon was already in tatters.


At Kuzel’s signal, Iris channeled her magical power into the magic sword Tortonis and the magic sword Tempest.

Then, purple electricity crackled across the surface of Iris’s body, and wind began to swirl around her.

By the time the dragon noticed the magic and turned around, Iris was already gone.

All that could be seen was a trail of lightning.

By that time, Iris had slipped into the dragon’s bosom, lowered her hips deep, and readied her swords.

“Wind Thunder!”

Iris swung her magic sword Tortonis, which had a dragon-shaped lightning wrapped around its sword body, and a dragon-shaped wind wrapped around her magic sword Tempest.

Shock ran through the dragon’s body.

As soon as Iris shook off the blood on the swords and sheathed them, the dragon slowly fell to the ground and ceased its breath.


“That was brilliant, Iris!”

Finne and Kuzel rushed to Iris and praised her for defeating the dragon.

“Of course! I’ve been training too! I wanted to use this technique in the finals, it was special♪”

Iris puffed out her small chest and had a very smug look on her face.

“But I couldn’t defeat it alone, and that’s all thanks to Finne and Kuzel.”

“It’s the result of everyone working together.”

“That’s right. Next time, I’ll defeat them by myself, so leave it to me.”

In this way, Iris, Finne, and Kuzel succeeded in defeating the dragon.

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