TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 9 Part 1

Chapter 9 – Fighting the Dragons (1)

While Haruto was trying to talk with Damnatio, Oskar was fighting against a dragon. 

However, due to the dragon’s magical and physical resistance, he was unable to inflict any significant damage and lacked the decisive blow.

Oskar dodged the dragon’s Breath and tried to attack, but the dragon’s tough skin repelled his sword.

There was no way the dragon would let this opportunity slip away, and it swung its sharp and ferocious claws down.


Oskar was unable to parry the blow and received a wound on his upper left arm, but he was able to avoid a fatal blow by forcibly twisting his body.

If he had been a little slower, he would have lost his left arm.

Then, as soon as the dragon spread its wings, several magic circles appeared in front of it.

One after another, magic was released from these magic circles, not letting Oskar catch his breath.

The magic released was fire lance, but there were more than 20 of them.

Still, it was not an impossible number for Oskar to block.

“Don’t underestimate me! —Grand Wall!”

Oskar erected a massive earthen wall in front of him.

Of course, he understood that the attack was not so easy to defend with just that one wall, so he created several more walls.

Then the fire lance struck, and the explosion rumbled through the air. 

None of the walls could withstand it, and they were all destroyed. 

When the dragon saw a human figure in the smoke among the collapsed walls, it opened its mouth, concentrated its magic power, and released a powerful breath.

The breath exploded, engulfing the figure in the blink of an eye.

When the blast cleared the dust cloud, all that was left was the bare ground, which had melted into a sludge.

The dragon was about to let out a roar of triumph when it caught sight of a figure approaching…

The figure was Oskar, whom the dragon thought it had just obliterated.

In his hand was a crimson magic sword.

When the dragon saw Oskar, it froze.

“Huh, that’s just a dummy made of clay… Still, dragons are just as easily surprised as humans are. I’ll keep that in mind.”

However, the dragon only froze for a moment, and immediately swiped at Oscar with its thick, log-like tail.


Oskar was able to absorb most of the impact with his sword and flew backwards, but he crashed into the wall and coughed up blood from his mouth.

Then, simultaneously, a fireball of at least one-meter in radius was fired by the dragon. 

“—Fire Dragon!”

Flames erupted around Oskar, taking the form of a dragon and engulfed the fireball.

The flames continued to rush towards the dragon, but were cut apart by the claws that swung down.

But Oskar was not finished.

Oskar had already moved in front of the dragon and raised his magic sword.

The dragon tried to attack to defend itself, but Oskar was quicker.


With a merciless declaration, Oskar raised his magic sword to the heavens.

“Burn it down—Inferno!”

Reddish-black flames engulfed the magic sword held by Oskar, and as it was swung down, it became a slash and was unleashed at the dragon.

At such a close range and with the dragon’s huge body, there was no way to avoid it, allowing the slash to cut deep into the dragon’s chest.

Black flames spread from the wound and engulfed the dragon’s entire body.

The dragon screamed, but its roar gradually diminished.

The dragon eventually turned to dust and vanished.

“Phew, it seems like I’m still in the game.”

Oskar sheathed his sword and let out these words.


Shortly before Oskar slayed the dragon.

Finne, Iris, and Kuzel were fighting a dragon at the edge of the arena.

Suzuno, Asha, and Ephyr were standing a little distance away, with Suzuno occasionally casting recovery magic.


Finne’s magic was activated, and it struck the dragon in the sky above.

Ice gradually covered the surface of the dragon’s body, as it was unable to respond to the magic and after a few seconds, it fell to the ground.


“Leave it to me!”

Iris, holding the magic sword Tortonis and the magic sword Tempest, approached the frozen dragon.

“Shiden Issen Kamikaze!”

Iris swung two swords while uttering the name of the technique.

The lightning and wind combined into a single slash, amplifying its power as it struck the dragon directly.

A cloud of smoke filled the air as the direct hit was delivered.


However, when the dust cloud cleared, there stood a dragon with a deep wound on its chest, freed from the ice.

Sharp long eyes glared at Iris, and magical power converged on the opened jaw gate.

The dragon’s head was facing Iris, but…

“No way I’m letting you do that!”

Kuzel closed in on the dragon, who was about to spit out its Breath.

The dragon took one look at her and swung its claws down with enough force to crush anyone who got in its way.

“I won’t let you!”

But Finne leapt in front of the claws.

“Hey, Finne!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll take care of this!”

Finne drew her sword at the very claws that were about to be swung down on her.

The blade entered the gap between the dragon’s claws and tore deeply into the skin, causing the dragon to roar in agony.

The dragon’s wounds were frozen by the effect of Finne’s sword, Gentoh Suigetsu, hence no blood flowed out.

“Kuzel, now!”

“Okay! Leave this to me!”

Kuzel jumped up and thrust her sword into the dragon’s eye.

The dragon closed its jaws in pain, and the converging magic exploded in its mouth.

Kuzel let go of the sword and retreated from the scene along with Finne, to gather with Iris.

The dragon had not yet fallen, its remaining one eye was filled with resentment, and fixed on Finne and the others.

“Are you okay, Iris?”

“You saved me. I’m okay now!”

“Okay, then I’ll go first!”

After seeing Iris nodding to Kuzel’s question, Finne stepped forward.


Kuzel tried to stop her.

“Don’t worry. Even though I look like this, I’ve become quite strong!”

At Finne’s confident statement, Kuzel suddenly smiled at her.

“I’m sorry I tried to stop you. Then I’ll support you and create an opening.”

“I’ll be the one to finish the job, I guess. I’ll take care of the end! We’re all going to slay the dragon and show off to mom and dad♪”

“Then… let’s go!”

Finne ran toward the dragon.

The dragon fired countless fire lances at Finne as she ran toward it.

However, Finne was undaunted and muttered quietly.

“Fleeting Illusion.”

She activated her unique skill and lunged toward the dragon.

Then, she was directly hit by the fire lance— immediately afterwards, her figure fizzled out.

The dragon was startled and launched the fire lance again at Finne, who appeared nearby.

Again a direct hit, but then again Finne’s figure was scattered away, and by the time the dragon realized what was happening, she was right in front of the dragon.

The dragon quickly released Breath, and the light engulfed Finne’s figure.


Iris and Kuzel shouted out.

It was a spur-of-the-moment shot, so not much magic power was put into it, but it was still a dragon’s Breath.

And when the Breath was cut off, there was no one to be seen.


“Tell me it’s a lie…”

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