TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 12 Part 2


The presence being released was extraordinary, and I could predict that it would be a fierce battle, just like the one with Schwartz in the Holy City.

Just as I regained my composure, the cocoon burst.

Then, with a loud roar, a black dragon appeared.

The dragon flapped its wings and spread them wide.

It was even bigger than the six dragons Damnatio had brought along.

Damnatio, the dragon floating in the air, looked at me and opened his mouth.

“Now that I have taken this form, I will definitely kill you… No, killing you is not enough, I won’t kill you until I tear off your limbs, gouge out your eyeballs and make you beg death.”

Damnatio’s face seemed to twist into a smile.

“What’s the matter? Are you afraid of this form of mine?”

It was a cheap provocation, but I took the opportunity and fired back at him.

“Ha, is that how you see it? Then you must be blind. Well, do demons only have that level of observation? No, you’re not a demon anymore, you’re a lizard.”

“What a cheap taunt.”

“Thank you for that.”

I activated my skill, Pandemonium, and then added Physical Boost to it.

It was possible to strengthen it further, but for now, let’s see how it goes.

Damnatio noticed the change in me.

“That looks a bit more enticing…”

“Thank you very much.”

A few seconds, maybe a few minutes? Damnatio and I stared at each other in silence, and it was Damnatio who made the first move.

In an instant, countless magic circles unfolded around Damnatio and the magic was unleashed.

I ran towards Damnatio without a care in the world, dodging the flying magic attacks one by one as I approached him.

Then I detected several reactions behind me using my magic sensing.

He must have created a magic circle behind me as well.

I was now surrounded by magic circles. However, I did not want to be underestimated.

“Don’t be so soft.”

I blocked the magic approaching from behind with a wall that rose from the ground.

The wall was soon destroyed, but I took the opportunity to leap in front of Damnatio.

Swinging a sword filled with light attribute magic, I slashed at Damnatio, cutting through the magic.

However, Damnatio calmly swung his claws down, and three slashes were launched, negating my attack as they approached me. 

I parried them with another slash and landed to adjust my stance.

At that moment, a Breath was released, so I hastily deployed Aegis to defend against it.

I used Ground Shrink to take advantage of the gap in the Breath, and while sheathing the sword, I dove into Damnatio’s chest.

“When did you do that?”

As Damnatio screamed in surprise, I lowered my hips and drew my sword.

At the same time as the sound of the sword being drawn echoed throughout the silent arena, Damnatio’s right arm was sliced into pieces.


I had intended to cut his entire body into pieces, but it seems he somehow managed to avoid that.

Still, the loss of an arm must have been a great blow to him.

“I’ll give you an arm! But you must pay its price!”


Before I could even ask, it happened.

Suddenly, the ground cracked beneath my feet.

I didn’t panic and jumped out of the way, but something like black tentacles began to grow out of the cracked ground.

“What is that…?”

I looked down and used my God’s Eye, but I couldn’t see anything.


The magic I fired hit the tentacles directly, but it disappeared as if it was absorbed.

“It’s gone!?”

I was surprised by this unexpected situation, but Damnatio explained.

“Darkness Invitation. This magic I created has never been broken by anyone. I’m sure that even you won’t be able to handle it.”

I see. So it was an original magic. No wonder God’s Eye didn’t react.

I dodged the tentacles coming at me one by one, without touching them.

Their speed was not that fast, so it was possible to dodge them.


“Are you following me…!”

Even if I dodged it, it would still follow me.

It was extremely annoying.

I didn’t even know what would happen if I touched it, so I had no choice but to avoid it.

“There is no point in avoiding it. This magic will pursue anyone it recognizes as an enemy. Besides…”

The tracking speed had increased.

It was about twice as fast as before, but it’s still at a speed I could keep up with.

“Oh, so you can dodge that too? But you can’t handle it, can you?”

Damnatio seemed satisfied, but that did not mean I could not handle it. There were many ways.

“You think so?”

I smiled fearlessly.

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