TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 15 Part 2

“This is the audience chamber. Everyone’s position this time is that of a hero and his friends who saved the country. So there’s no problem with standing still. It’s His Majesty’s decision, and other ministers and nobles are also satisfied with it, so you can rest assured. However, please keep in mind that this is an official meeting.”

“I understand.”

I nodded at Reid’s words.

The door to the audience chamber, unlike the one in the Kingdom of Perdis, was black with gold dragon-shaped reliefs carved on both sides. 

From this door, one could sense strength and power.

I suppose the dragon could be a symbol of power and military might, and the gold of power and wealth.

Reid shouted through the door.

“Adventurer Haruto-dono and his party are entering!”

With these words as a cue, the massive doors were opened and we were greeted with applause.

A crimson carpet was laid out in a straight line toward the throne on which Oskar sat.

The carpet was flanked by knights on either side, with ministers and members of royalty standing behind them.

Behind Oskar were six knights. Gaiz, Ash, and Sentes were there, so I guess those six, plus Reid, were the “Seven Royal Guards”.

“Then please.”

Following Reid, we also walked towards Oskar.

When we reached the front of the throne, we stopped and Reid stood by the emperor’s side.

Oskar opened his mouth.

“You have done well, Haruto.”

“Thank you. I am extremely humbled and honored that you have invited us to a place like this.”

I said that and bowed my head. Finne and the others followed my example and bowed their heads.

“Raise your head, Haruto, you may speak as usual. I, the Emperor, will allow it. The same goes for everyone else. Let each of you speak as you see fit. Especially Haruto, you are a benefactor to our country. Don’t be so modest.”

“Huh… then I’ll do that. I guess I’ll just take your word for it.”

To be honest, I prefer not to speak in a formal manner.

Oskar smiled at my words as I looked up.

“That’s just like you.”

“So, why did you bring us to the audience chamber?”

“Well, to be honest, the main reason is so that we don’t want to lose face to the people or other countries.”

“Just as I thought.”

What Reid had said on the way here was true.

Everyone in the room laughed at Oskar’s words.

The Empire might be a good country, I thought.

“That’s why I called you this time. It’s a reward for the hero who saved the imperial city …no, the country.”

“Isn’t it a little exaggerated to say that we saved the country?”

“No, Haruto. You are our hero. As I said yesterday, without you, the Imperial City would have fallen into the hands of Damnatio and would have come under the control of the Demon King’s army.”

That would mean the death of the people of the Imperial City and the surrounding towns.

If viewed in that light, it was not an exaggeration.

“Indeed, it was quite possible that the city would have been destroyed.”

Oskar looked satisfied when he saw me nodding.

“That’s why I can’t afford to do nothing for the person who saved the country. So, is there anything you want? I’ll provide whatever I can.”

“I don’t need status or money at all, but that’s not enough, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“In that case, I would like some of the magic tools from the treasure room.”

“Magic tools, that’s fine. I’ll take you to the treasure room after this, so you can take a look at them while you’re there. However, I’ll also give you some money. Please forgive me for this.”


“That’s all for Haruto. The rest is for the others, but…”

Apparently there were rewards for others besides me.

Oskar asked Finne, Iris, Kuzel, Suzuno, Asha, Ephyr, and Zero about their desired rewards.

Iris declined because she herself was royalty, and Finne also declined because there was nothing she wanted. Asha and Ephyr declined because they had not done anything… but all four were given the money because they felt it would not be a good gesture to decline everything. 

Suzuno had also declined as well, but apparently she was not allowed to decline as a thank you for treating the injured during the evacuation, and was given the same magical items from the treasury as I was.

Kuzel wanted a magic tool from the treasure room to see if there was anything she wanted, and Zero wanted a book.

After the rewards were decided, Oskar looked around the audience chamber.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Haruto, the hero who saved the country!”

With Oscar’s voice, the audience chamber was filled with the sound of applause and voices of gratitude.

After the audience ended, we headed to the treasure room to receive our rewards.

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