TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 6 Part 2

The next day, I was watching the first match of the day with everyone else while sitting in the audience.

I had not noticed it earlier, but Fance and his party faced a team led by Haganar, the mercenary who had beaten Iris in the main stage of the individual matches.

Haganar was a skilled fighter, but he could not defeat Fance and was knocked out of the battle and the rest of the members of Haganar’s team were beaten by the other members of Fance’s party.

Fance’s team was more skilled than we all thought.

After watching the result of the match, I got up from my seat.

“Well, I guess it’s our turn next. Shall we go?”


“We’re going to win!”

“Of course!”

As I said that, Finne, Iris, and Kuzel stood up.

“Suzuno, Epyhr, Asha, we’re off.”

“Be careful… but I’m sure Haruto-kun will be fine.”

“I wish you all the best.”

“I’ll be rooting for you!”

“Thank you.”

Suzuno, Epyhr, and Asha each gave encouragement to my words.

I nodded and turned to Zero.

“Zero, I’ll leave it to you to guard them.”

“Leave it to me.”

With Zero watching over them, there would be no problem.

Our opponents for the first round were a party of A-rank adventurers.

From the status checks, even if it was a one-on-one match, Finne and Iris would be able to win if they were not too careless.

We arrived at the entrance gate just as our introductions were about to be made.

‘‘Well, this is the other team in today’s second match, the fourth match of the first-round of the team competition… The three participants who had participated in the individual tournament are also noteworthy, but Haruto has not participated in the individual tournament, so… his abilities are unknown. Expectations are high as to whether he will show a fight worthy of the title of ‘Demon King’!’’

Nina’s commentary drew cheers from the audience.

I turned around and looked at Iris and the others.

“…Alright, everyone, let’s go. I’ll keep the most powerful ones in check, so everyone should use the opportunity to defeat each enemy individually.”


“If it gets dangerous, I’ll support you, so fight to your heart’s content.”

Everyone’s expression tightened at my words.

‘‘―Then both teams enter!!’’

Nina’s voice signaled us to go on stage.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, it’s my pleasure.”

After exchanging greetings at the center of the stage, we and the other team faced each other with our weapons at the ready.

‘‘Then let the fourth match of the first-round begin!’’

Nina gave the signal, and the match began.

At the same time, I fired fireballs at each of my opponents as they closed the distance between us.

Each opponent either defended, dodged to the side, or avoided it with a backstep; they were able to disperse the attack successfully.

“Okay, now! Don’t let your guard down!”


“Leave it to me!”


Finne, Iris, and Kuzel closed in on their respective targets, and I ran toward the one at the far end.

The opponent was trying to rendezvous with his team and coordinate with them when he saw an opening, but we defeated them without a hitch, and we made it through the first-round without incident.

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