TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 7 Part 2

After a fierce battle, we managed to defeat Fance’s team and finally advanced to the finals.

Our opponents in the finals were the team consisting of “Seven Royal Guards” led by Reid.

I braced myself, knowing it’s going to be a tough battle.

However, since the semi-finals had just ended and we couldn’t start the match right away, we headed to the waiting room for a break.

After using potions and recovery magic to completely recover, we were relaxing in the waiting room.

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

Kuzel was standing next to me with an enthusiastic expression on her face.

Finne and Iris had similar expressions.

Finne asked me.

“Haruto-san, is this strategy the same as last time?”

“That’s probably the case. It’ll be easier to fight that way, and their coordination will probably be better than ours, so I’d like to at least make it into individual battles.”

After all, there were three knights of the same rank as Reid, who fought on an equal footing with Fance in the final of the individual tournament.

I think it will be a tough battle for the three of them, but I want them to do their best.

Once this tournament was over, we planned to return to the Kingdom of Perdis, so I wanted to win, to make the trip memorable.

That’s right, on the way back home, I’m thinking of stopping by the Holy State of Belifaire and meeting Illmina. I also made a promise with her.

“I’m going to win the tournament, and I’m going to deliver the good news to Ilmina.”

Iris responded to my words.

“Are you going to see Illmina?”

“Well, I promised.”


We smiled at Iris, who was bubbling with childlike excitement.

After a while, we were called to the arena entrance gate.

There we heard Nina’s enthusiastic commentary.

‘‘Well, it has begun, the last match of this tournament, the finals! Will the team that will take first place be the ‘Seven Royal Guards’ team led by Reid! Or will it be the team led by the world’s strongest adventurer, the ‘Demon King’ Haruto!! This will be a battle you can’t take your eyes off for even a moment! Now it’s time for both teams to enter!’’

When I said, “Let’s go,” and turned around, I saw Finne and Iris looking nervous, their faces tense.

“Don’t be nervous. Just take it easy as usual.”


“That’s what I intend to do!”

Then we proceeded to the stage and met Reid and the others.

“Haruto-dono, I saw the fight just now, and it was a great fight.”

“Thank you. You put up a pretty good fight too.”

“Of course. I can’t let His Majesty see me in such a bad state.”

“I see. Ah, that’s right. Who’s the second strongest one in your team?”

“Hmm? What are you going to do when you hear that?”

Well, they’re going to find out soon enough anyway, so I might as well tell them what I’m after first.

I explain to the pondering Reid that I want to start out fighting one-on-one and that I want the second strongest guy to fight Kuzel.

“One on one, huh? I don’t mind this… Well, the second strongest one is Gaiz. Gaiz, you take care of Kuzel-dono.”

“Leave it to me. I’ve always wanted to fight her.”

Gaiz opened his mouth to Kuzel.

“I’m looking forward to it, Kuzel-dono.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be a good fight.”

Then Reid and I talked it over, and it was decided that Iris would fight Sentes and Finne would fight Ash.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t worry about it. In fact, I was just wondering if I’d have to deal with you alone or against four people. I’d really appreciate one-on-one fights… That being said, I would like to ask Her Royal Highness Princess Iris to meet me when she gets a chance.” Reid said.

“You got that, Iris?”

“I don’t mind. Just be careful not to get hurt.”

No, if anything, I think Iris will be the one who gets hurt…

However, Reid laughed and said, “I’ll be careful.”

Finally, he turned to Finne.

“Although the opponent is different, I’m happy to be able to fight against Finne-dono again like this. I look forward to it.”

“I’m honored too. Thank you!”

“Then, Reid, let’s begin!”

“Yes. Shall we start?”

We moved away from each other and readied our weapons.

‘‘Looks like both teams are ready! Well then, let’s begin the last match of this tournament!’’

Nina’s voice rang out loud and clear, but neither of the teams made a move, and they were still staring at each other.

It was Iris who broke the standoff.

Accelerating in an instant, Iris swung her magic sword Tortonis* at Sentes. 

(TL/N: Changed from Tonitrus to Tortonis)

And as Iris made her move, we began to move as well.

Each of us went toward our opponents, and I approached Reid and attacked him.

A clash of techniques. The sound of metal hitting metal echoed throughout the arena.

After exchanging blows with Reid for a while, I glanced over at the others and saw that they were putting up a better fight than I had expected.

Reid, like me, checked the situation of his teammates, then turned to me and opened his mouth.

“As expected, everyone is strong. We are also one of the best knights in the empire… as expected from the Demon King’s team.”

“Stop calling me that title…”

“Then, would you rather be called Annihilator?”

“That’s not good either —yosh!” 


I put in all my strength and blew away Reid.

Before he landed and adjusted his stance, I checked in with Finne and the others to see if they needed support.

“Everyone else—”

“Don’t look away!”

Reid, however, released a magic spell while he was in mid-air. The magic used was Fire Wave.

“No, I didn’t look away.”

I said and released a Water Wave.

The magic collided with each other, but because the amount of magic I put into my spell was greater, the water swallowed the fire and went straight at Reid.


But Reid swung down with his sword covered in flames, splitting the Water Wave in two.

Was it even possible to do something like that?


“Did you think you’ve stopped it?”


Reid must have noticed. His feet were hardened with dirt and he was unable to move.

I fired a barrage of fireballs at Reid.

“—Fire Wall!”

A wall of fire formed in front of Reid.

At the same time as the firewall appeared, it landed and exploded.

However, the firewall was destroyed before it could block the multiple fireballs I released.

The smoke from the explosion makes Reid’s figure invisible, but I knew he was not there. Because —he’s behind me.

My presence detection and crisis detection were triggered, and at the same time, I pointed my sword backwards.

Then, a high-pitched metallic sound was heard.


I smile at Reid, who has a shocked expression on his face.

“I knew you ran away right after the wall was conjured.”


I then delivered a roundhouse kick to Reid’s stomach, sending him flying towards the place where Finne and Ash were fighting.

Reid rolled around on the arena ground, with Ash caught in his path.


Finne, who had been distracted by the explosion and had lost her concentration, was almost knocked out of the fight.

However, Finne was spared when Ash was caught up with Reid and blown away.

“I’m good here, so focus on what’s in front of you.”


Well, I guess she lost her concentration as a result from using Fleeting Illusion and Clear Tranquility at the same time.

Kuzel and Iris must have also lost their concentration, and the number of times they were being attacked gradually increased.

Hmmm, it looked like all three of them were in trouble, so let’s help them out a little here.

“All three of you, stand back!”

At my word, the three of them fell back at once.

Reid yelled his companions with a grave look on his face, “Take defensive positions!”


Immediately, four large fireballs appeared above my head and shot at Reid and the others.

Reid and the others tried to intercept them, but were blown away by the impact of the explosion.

They barely managed to stay on the edge of the stage.

Reid and the others stood up and looked at me.

“Damn, it’s more powerful than I expected.”

“But now it’s starting to get interesting!”

“That’s right.”

“This is the last one. We’re going to win this thing with everything we’ve got!”

Ash, Gaiz, and Sentes said with smiles on their faces, and finally, Reid’s inspirational bumps fired up each of them.

“Let’s keep our spirits up to the end too, shall we?”

“Got it!”

“I’m on it!”

“Give it your all!”

As soon as Finne, Iris, and Kuzel readied their weapons at my words, a huge magical reaction suddenly appeared in the sky above us.

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