TWEM Vol. 7 Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2 – Changes in the Kingdom of Perdis

On the way home, I made Asha’s exclusive weapon, “Dagger of Darkness”, and Iris became grumpy when she saw it.

There were a lot of other things going on as well, like making “Storage Bracelets” and handing them out to everyone.

Nevertheless, we safely arrived at the capital of Perdis Kingdom, without encountering bandits or monsters.

After entering the capital, we decided to head to my mansion before going to see the king, Dilllan.

I had forgotten to inform Sebas – to whom I had entrusted the mansion – that I was returning.

I hurriedly used my magic tool for communication to contact Sebas.

This was a great tool that, when held and infused with magic power, allowed me to communicate telepathically with the target.

“(Sebas, it’s me.)”

After a while, a response came back.

“(Haruto-sama, how can I help you?)”

“(Due to various reasons, I have returned to the capital of the Kingdom of Perdis, so I will be returning to the mansion now. Sorry for the delay in informing you.)”

“(Understood. So you’re going to arrive at the mansion soon, right?)”

“(Yeah. Also, there is someone I would like to introduce to you all.)”

“(I understand. I look forward to seeing you.)”

I cut off communication with Sebas and turned to Finne and the others.

“It seems like there are no problems at the mansion, so let’s continue on our way.”

“Okay… Hehe, everyone will be surprised.”

Iris, Asha, Ephyr, Kuzel, and Suzuno laughed at Finne’s words. Zero was still reading.

Char, the person I was going to introduce, seemed to be a little nervous.

She should be able to get to know everyone in the mansion soon, so I guess it’ll be okay.

“Maguro, please continue to the mansion.”

When I said that, my beloved horse, Maguro, who pulled the carriage, neighed, “Heehee!”

“It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been back to the mansion.”

“That’s right. I hope Sebas and everyone else are doing well.”


As Finne and I were chatting casually as the carriage moved forward, Char leaned out from the driver’s seat, and opened her mouth as she looked out at the cityscape of the royal capital.

“It’s very different from the Empire.”

“That’s true. The royal capital is well-zoned, and the places where houses are built are pre-determined.”

Iris said proudly.

“That’s right. It’s certainly well maintained. I haven’t seen anything like a slum on the road so far…I think the Empire should learn from this as well.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I think the Galzio Empire and the Kingdom of Perdis have different strengths.”

“Iris is right.”

While we were having this conversation, we arrived at the mansion.

Char’s first reaction when she saw the mansion was, “This is more normal than I thought.”

What did you think of me?

But the interior had been remodeled, and there was a vast training ground or it could be even called an arena in the basement.

I’m sure she would be surprised.

While thinking that, we got off the carriage and entered the mansion…

“““Welcome home, ladies and gentlemen.”””

The maids and butlers lined up in rows. Obviously, there were more people than before.

“I-I’m home?”

I was a little surprised when I replied, but there were currently more than double the number of people than when I left the mansion, so I had a hard time reacting.

“It’s great that Sebas, Lyla, and Mia are also working hard.”

I said so to Sebas and to Lyla and Mia, who were organizing the maids.

In response to my words of kindness, the three of them bowed and said, “Thank you.”

Then, I was curious about the increased number of maids, so I asked Sebas.

“Sebas, the number of maids…by how many did they increase while we were out?”


Sebas thought for a moment before answering.

“There are about 150 maids at the moment.”


I was so surprised that I let out a voice like that.

It was the same for everyone else, including Finne and Iris.

I did ask them to hire more employees, but I had no idea the maids had increased by this much.

“Wait. It’s great that the number of people have increased so much, but what are you making them do?”

“Currently, I am managing the trading company.”

Ah, the trading company. The Ashtaroth Trading Company, which I founded, was entrusted to a merchant named Bohbee and Sebas.


“The trading company only has one store, right?”

It was Lyla, not Sebas, who answered my question.

“No, Haruto-sama. Currently, the company has three stores in the capital.”

“Three stores!?”

“Yes. Sales have continued rising since the main store opened.”

Bohbee, are you working that hard?

I guess I’ll have to give him a little extra bonus later on.

Mia continued.

“Ashtaroth Trading Company has joined the ranks of the big trading companies and now we are preparing to set up stores in other countries as well.”

I had nothing more to say.

After all, the company I started had turned into a large company before I knew it.

“I-I see. Do so in moderation, alright?”

“Yes. So… is that person the one Haruto-sama was talking about?”

The person who wasn’t there before we left Perdis, Char, was right before the gazes of Sebas and the others.

Realizing that they were talking about her, Char stepped forward and introduced herself.

“I am Charlotte von Galzio, Second Princess of the Galzio Empire. I have just become Haruto’s fiancée. I look forward to working with you.”

Sebas, Lyla, and Mia froze for a moment at this unexpected title.

However, after a moment, Sebas and the others came to their senses and introduced themselves.

“My name is Sebastian. I am the head butler of this mansion.”

“My name is Lyla. I am the head maid of this mansion.”

“My name is Mia, I am also a maid.”

After the three of them introduced themselves, Char replied, “Nice to meet you,” and they shook hands.

“Haruto-sama. Why don’t you go to the bathhouse to relieve the fatigue from your journey?”

“Oh, that sounds good.”

Everyone agreed to Sebas’ suggestion.

Then Sebas turned to Zero.

“That’s right, Zero.”

“Yes. Sebas-sama.”

“Did you do it properly?”

“Yes, sir. I still need to work on it.”

“Okay. Good luck. The path of a butler is never ending, right?”

“I understand.”

Zero might be a dragon who has lived a long time, but he was under the tutelage of Sebas as my butler.

That’s why I couldn’t get my head around them.

Since we were all exhausted at the bathhouse, we decided not to go to the royal castle that day.

We were tired, so we decided to go tomorrow.

Then, Char was shown around the mansion by Iris, Asha, and Suzuno, and was talking passionately about the arena.

Then, Char and Kuzel hit it off and headed for the arena.

It’s great that she got along with Kuzel. It would be good training for Kuzel as well.

…Even though they just took a bath. Well, it’s fine because they could enter it as many times as they like.

“Haruto-san, what are you going to do today?”

I thought about Finne’s question.

I have nothing to do, so I have free time.

“I haven’t decided yet. What about the others?”

“Suzuno, Iris, and Asha are in the kitchen helping with dinner. Ephyr has gone to bed.”

“Iris is in the kitchen? Is everything okay…?”

I couldn’t help but ask this because I had been served “charcoal lumps that looked like sweets” before.

“Maybe? Asha and Suzuno are there.”

“I have no choice but to trust the two of them.”


In the end, Finne and I had nothing to do, so we set up chairs and a table in the garden and relaxed and chatted while drinking tea.

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