TWEM Vol. 7 Chapter 1 Part 2


Ilmina was there when I looked back.

Ilmina had tears in the corners of her eyes.

“I came back as promised.”

“Yes, as you promised.”

I was at ease with Ilmina’s happy appearance, but I noticed that the gazes of those around me were lukewarm for some reason.

“Well, why don’t we talk in a different place for now? The gazes around us are…”

It was hard to talk under such stares.

“~~!? Oh, that’s right! What about everyone else?”

“Suzuno, Kuzel, Ephyr, and Zero are looking around somewhere.”

“I see. I’ll have to say hello to them later. Let’s move on.”

Ilmina led us to a room.

When she entered the room and took a seat, the nun prepared tea for everyone.


Ilmina looked at Char who was with us and tilted her head.

“It’s a little late for this, but why is Charlotte-sama with Haruto-san…?”

This was a very natural question.

After I went to the Empire for a tournament and returned, she saw that there was one more person.

I was about to open my mouth to explain when Charlotte bowed her head.

“It has been a long time, Ilmina-sama.”

“Long time no see, Charlotte-sama. May I ask you something?”


In response to Ilmina’s question, Char answered firmly even though her face had turned red.

“I’m engaged…”

Char replied in a small voice.

Those words had definitely reached Ilmina’s ears…

“W-With whom…?”

“It’s H-Haruto…”

Char replied in a voice so soft that it seemed to fade away.

The expression on Ilmina’s face was one of pure astonishment.

“Um, Ilmina…?”

As if she was frozen, she didn’t respond when I called out to her. 

When I waved my hand in front of her, she didn’t respond either.

And when I clapped her hand and made a sound, Ilmina got startled.

And then she looked at me and asked.

“D-Did I mishear…?”

“No, it’s true.”

I looked away awkwardly.

I felt like a husband who was caught cheating on his wife.

I’m sure Ilmina would have agreed with me that polygamy was fine. It should have been…

“Haruto always gets a fiancée whenever he goes somewhere, doesn’t he?”

At Iris’ words, Finne and Asha nodded and said, “Yes, indeed.”

It’s not that I was increasing the number of fiancées because I wanted to. It increases naturally.

That said, it was true that the number had increased, so I bowed my head and said, “I’m sorry…”

I talked to Ilmina about the events that took place in the Imperial Capital for a while, and then Liebert, who seemed to have finished his work, came in.

So we spoke about  the events that took place in the Imperial Capital again, and then I explained my future plans to him.

“—Then, Haruto-dono, are you going to the demon territory?”

Liebert looked me straight in the face and asked.

“Oh, Emperor Galzio asked me to do that as well. However, I don’t want to put everyone in danger. I would like to go alone, but I decided to bring a hero with me.”

“Do you mean Tendo-dono…?”

“He’s the leader of the heroes summoned by Glicente. His strength is impeccable. I think it’s a good idea to train him along the way.”

“I’m sure there won’t be any problems with the one you approved of. So, are you really going to go there with just the two of you, Haruto-dono?”

“That’s what I intend to do.”

While Liebert and I were talking, Finne seemed to be unable to hold back anymore and spoke up.


“No. There is no information about the Demon King. Only the hero, Tendo and I are going.”

“I understand…”

Finne looked down with regret.

“If the Demon King wants to cause harm to humanity, we will subdue him. If he wants peace, we will engage in dialogue or negotiation.”

Ilmina raised her voice at those words.

“Is it possible that the Demon King, an enemy of mankind, would desire peace?”

I shook my head at Ilmina’s words.

“It’s true that history shows that the Demon King is an enemy of mankind.”

“If that’s the case—”

“But it seems a bit strange.”

“What do you mean?”

“The first member of the Four Heavenly Kings I came across, Gheel, said that the Demon King had nothing to do with the attack on Perdis. It seems that Damnatio was aiming to become the Demon King. In other words, there is a possibility that the Demon King himself has no intention of invading, and that only his subordinates, the Four Heavenly Kings, are acting out of control.”

“So that’s why you’re heading out to investigate?”

I nodded at Liebert’s words.

“Yeah. I hope we can negotiate with him if possible.”

“I understand. As the Pope, I will leave this matter to Haruto-dono and the Hero-dono.”

“Thank you.”

“So, how long do you plan to stay in Belifaire this time?”

“Well, since I’m going to the demon territory, I plan on staying for a few more days and then return to Perdis.”

“I see…”

Ilmina looked down.

I put my hand on Ilmina’s head.

“Well, I guess it’s fine if you want to come to Perdis with me. Please talk to Mr. Liebert about that.”


Ilmina had a big smile on her face.

On the day of our departure.

Ilmina and Liebert came to see me off.

“Well then, Haruto-dono. Please give my regards to King Perdis.”

“Okay. I’ll make sure to let him know.”


When I finished talking to Liebert, Ilmina called my name.

“Ilmina, what’s wrong?

“I was able to convince my father, so I’m going to the Kingdom of Perdis as well! However, since I still have work to do as a saintess, I won’t be able to accompany you right away…”

As Ilmina said this, I looked at Liebert.

“Yes, since she insists…Haruto-dono, please take care of her.”

“Ah, I see. Well then, Ilmina, I’ll be waiting for you in the Kingdom of Perdis.”

“Yes! I’ll be ready to leave right away.”

I nodded to Ilmina, got on the carriage, and called out to everyone.

“Everyone—let’s go home.”

Without looking back, I drove the carriage towards the Kingdom of Perdis.

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