Vol. 1 Chapter 2 – Part 3(WN)

Shin came out of Tsuki no Hokora and crossed the woods until he was in front of the ramparts and started to walk along it. Since he didn’t know which way the town entrance was, he went along with his feeling. He somehow knew that he would reach the town entrance sooner or later if he just walked while following the ramparts.

“Anyway, these ramparts look really sturdy. “

Shin thought as he saw the ramparts again. Because【Analyze】 was originally a skill to see the details of players and monsters, he didn’t know much about its magic bestowal beyond skill level Ⅴ. But from Tiera’s story, all skills were valuable and he could guess that there were excellent skill successors out there.

After walking for around 15 minutes, he could see a line formed in front of the rampart. It seemed like there was a town gate nearby.

And there were various people wearing all kinds of clothes. Furthermore, there was a human boy who wore tattered clothing, a female beast equipped with an armor and a dwarf who was accompanied by a small dragon. The person who wore a robe might be a magician, and the guy with a big wagon might be a merchant. Shin looked around while seeing the line moving slowly. Since all players in the game had a neat appearance (though there were some people who dressed in strange clothes), Shin was astonished by the scenery.

A soldier who was equipped with an armor just like a townsguard, was checking something like an identification card. Besides that, they also checked the luggage in the wagon briefly. Shin walked straight to the gate since he had a letter of introduction from Tiera.

About 20 mels from the gate, a guard noticed Shin who wasn’t waiting in line, and Shin had a suspicious look on his face.

One of the guards approached Shin as he was about 10 mels from the gate.

“Hey you! If you want to get into the town, get in the line! I can’t let you enter if you don’t line up.”

Said the guard, while pointing at the end of the line. The line was so long that the end of the line couldn’t be seen.

“Well, um, I was told I could enter the town if I show this.”

He took out the letter of introduction from Item Box, while pretending to take it out from his chest pocket.

The guard took the letter from Shin, looked at the contents, and revealed a shocked look. Not to mention, his hands were trembling afterward.

“…Letter of introduction…from Tsuki no Hokora…”

“Yes, I got it from the sales clerk.”

Shin didn’t know why the guard was surprised, or what were the effects of a letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora.

He was even worried about the guard whose hands were trembling.

“I need to confirm whether this is the real thing. Come with me.”


The guard gathered other guards and began to discuss something like ‘Is it genuine?’ Or ‘how do we decide whether it’s the real thing?’

At the same time, Shin saw a horse that was 1.5 times bigger than a normal horse, stopped at the front gate.

While Shin was looking at the horse, the guard returned.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. This way.”

“Ah, I understand.”

The guard’s manners changed completely and he became very polite. It was so sudden that it felt out of place.

(Is the letter of introduction that great?)

The road was opened for them while Shin felt stares from the people in the line. Besides that, the place was filled with people and several large wagons going in and out. Along the edge of the street, there were various stalls standing in a row, selling things like food, armor, accessories, strange items, and so on.

“I will be your guide to the adventurers’ guild. Will that be all right for you?”

“Huh? Oh, yes. Thank you very much.”

Another guard talked to Shin. It seemed like he took over the task of the guard who spoke to Shin previously.

“Do you have any plans to go somewhere else beside the guild? I’ll guide you if you don’t mind.”

“No, because there is no other plan, I would like to head toward the adventurers’ guild, and please don’t use honorifics with me.”

“Still…to be rude to those with a letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora.”

“No problem, just act like usual.”

“…Well, if you said so. I underst…”


“I understand, I understand, it’s just hard to adjust.” (T/N: The guard actually said “understand” in a polite tone. Then said it again in an informal tone.)

Shin didn’t mean to act big just because he got the letter of introduction by chance. Meanwhile, the guard with the guide’s role, mixed up the formal and informal tone in his speech.

“I’m glad you understand.”

“Geez, for someone to have a letter of introduction and not wanting me to be polite?”

“Well, it just felt wrong. By the way, I’m Shin. Nice to meet you.”

Shin was formerly a student. He wasn’t accustomed by an older man using honorifics toward him.

“I’m Beid. I’ve lived in this town my whole life. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.”

Beid laughed after saying that. He gave an impression of a bear because of his brown hair and beard. According to 【Analyze • Ⅹ】, Beid was level 100. It was said that the strongest knight was level 158, so Shin couldn’t judge whether Beid was strong or not.

“Then, I want to ask you something. Why was I being led to an adventurers’ guild?”

Even though he intended to go to the adventurers’ guild, he didn’t remember saying it to the guard. But then he recalled where he had asked Tiera for any good places to gather information.

“It was written in the introduction letter. I have to do it since it is stated in the letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora.”

“I see. Ah, just to confirm, is the letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora such a big deal?”

“Did you show it without knowing about it!?”

For some reason he was surprised.

“No, this is my first time coming to this country and it was a coincidence that I went to Tsuki no Hokora.”

“Coincidence? And got a letter of introduction? You are something…”

“I’m just a wanderer.”

“Unbelievable! No, never mind then. I don’t know about other countries, but with the letter of introduction, it’s possible to have an audience with the King. Some people have even tried to forge the letter of introduction.”

It seemed the letter of introduction was a rather big deal around here.

“Tiera…this is more than an extra service…”

Shin murmured as he regretted not knowing this awesome stuff earlier. Actually, he thought it was just a simple border pass. If Beid’s story was true, it was only natural that the guards were surprised.

“I’d say, it would be a problem if it got lost…”

“…Just now, someone passed it to the other guard.”

Shin who just realized it, tried to get it back. But as Shin made a U-turn, he was stopped by Beid.

“It’s okay, if it is the letter of introduction, I have it. How many guards can even carry it normally. It was returned before it could be left to idiots who are up to no good.”

“Beid, good job!!”

Shin unconsciously gave Beid a thumbs-up. Shin’s original image of him as a crude person was instantly erased, giving him a better impression of Beid.

Shin then placed the letter of introduction in the 『Important Things』 zone in the Item Box. This zone had an anti-theft function attached . Skills like 【Steal】 or 【Robbery】 were not effective in this zone, so Shin didn’t have to worry about it getting stolen or robbed.

“Oh, I almost forgot, when you arrive at the adventurers’ guild, give the letter of introduction to a receptionist named Els.”


“The miss receptionist of the guild, and at the same time, an elf adventurer. There are some kind of ancient elven runes written on that letter. And she is the only elf in the adventurers’ guild. So it is probably addressed to her.”

“I understand. I’ll give it to her in the guild.”

Shin didn’t know that Tiera had another elf as acquaintance, yet he firmly memorized her name.

As the matter of the introduction letter was settled, Shin heard Beid’s explanation about the town.

“That reminds me, this is your first time coming to this country. I will explain to you about this town. So first, this street is the rough division of the town. The gate you entered just now is the south gate. There are gates in the south, north, east and west, but only the south gate is used most often.”

“Why is the south gate used mostly?”

“The reason is that the south gate is the connecting point of the districts. There is also a commercial district in front of the south gate. Besides that, the king’s castle is in the center of this country, and the wealthy town residents, such as nobles and rich merchants, surround it. It is surrounded by the four districts.”

“Hmm…I see…”

“The south commercial district, as said just now, generally has everything you need like foods, items, miscellaneous goods and so forth. The guilds are in the east district. Many headquarters of guilds are located there, such as adventurers’ guild, merchants guild, blacksmiths guild and so on.

The west is a residential district. Almost all of the town’s population live there. The inn is also a place for adventurers to replenish their stock from merchants, besides being the place to stay overnight. Finally, the north district…is in development for the time being.”

Beid hesitated as he talked about the north district. Shin had an idea about it, so he asked Beid daringly.

“Is the development only a name, or is it a slum area?”

“As expected, you understand indeed. Yes, it is. Although I said it’s in a development zone, eventually those with no place to go started to move in one after another. Though each of them have their own motives. Anyway, its security is at the worst, and it’s better to stay away from there.”

Beid advised Shin with a bitter expression.

However, it was not only this country, but most big countries also have such places.

Meanwhile, Shin observed the town situation as he listened to Beid. In the commercial district, various people were coming and going, Shin saw a man with an appearance of an adventurer. The man was carrying a large sword and wore a full body armor.

Shin was excited and almost called out to him , especially after he saw the man was carrying a Dragon Sword. Beid said it was a weapon from an island country called ‘Hinomoto’, which is in the east of the continent.

In the meantime, Shin arrived at the adventurers’ guild. The building was larger than the neighboring building, and had a signboard with a sword and a spear crossed were painted. Somehow, this was the representation of the adventurers’ guild.

“My duty ends here. Don’t work yourself too hard in there.”

“Oh, thank you for guiding me here, and for the information as well.”

Shin went into the adventurers’ guild building after seeing off Beid who lightly waved his hand.

He opened the guild’s door and entered.

From the entrance door, the receptionist desk could be seen on the right side, and the bar on the left side. At the center hall, there was a bulletin board which had many requests posted on it.

Since rowdy NPCs often hung around in adventurers’ guilds when he played the game, Shin had that image when entering the guild. Nevertheless, no garbage could be seen on the floor, nor adventurers shouting at each other, nor glares from other adventurers.

It was merely a group of adventurers who had just finished their tasks and were having a toast. The bar seemed to be just a normal bar.

Shin went straight toward the receptionist desk, even though he felt hungry after seeing the bar.

“Welcome to the adventurers’ guild, how can I help you today?”

The beautiful woman who was the receptionist greeted Shin as he approached. She had light brown hair that reached her shoulders. Apparently, the reception desk of guilds were always filled with beautiful women.

There was also a tall man with a height of about 2 mels and scars on his face next to the receptionist. It goes without saying, Shin casually detoured to the woman’s side at the reception.

“I would like to register as an adventurer.”

“For that, please go upstairs on your left and head over to the second room. One J silver coin is required for the initial registration, is that alright with you?”

“Yes, it’s alright. Thank you.”

He voiced his gratitude and went up the stairs. Without stopping, Shin was thinking that there was no such procedure during the game. Then he saw the second room and entered it.

Shin approached the desk on the middle, as there were only three desks.

“We provide registration for adventurers here. You want to register as an adventurer, is that correct?”

“Ah, yes, I want to register as an adventurer.”

He replied to the receptionist with a bewildered look. Shin was confused, as the receptionist’s face and that of the receptionist below, were like two peas in a pod. The only difference was that this receptionist had her hair in a ponytail.

“Is something the matter?”

“No, you just look identical to the receptionist below.”

“That is my older sister. Because we are twins, I am often mistaken as her. I will be helping you register today. My name is Cilica Lindt. Please treat me well.”

“I am Shin. Please take care of me as well.”

“First, you will need to pay the initial cost of one J silver coin.”


He took out one J silver coin from Item Box. Shin thought it looked a little unnatural since he took it out from his chest, but Cilica received the coin without any suspicion.

“Then, please fill out this form.”

In the document, there were entries to be filled up such as name, race, main weapon, able to use magic or not, and so on.

“Do I have to fill out everything?”

“No, only your name and race are required. While it would be easier to receive support if you fill it all out, we won’t force you as this is not compulsory. No one will treat you differently because of it. So please rest assured.”


Since there was an entry for place of birth, Shin just had to skip it, because he was not from this world. The race was filled as a human just in case.

Main weapon was sword, able to use magic, and because there was entry for age, one year of the death game was added in his true age, so he wrote down as 21 years old.

It was a bit late to bring it up now, but the document was written in Japanese. The spoken language was Japanese, so it was only natural that it was also being used in the document. Shin was thankful because of it. He was worried in the beginning, as he thought it would be written with characters like wriggling earthworms.

After that, he gave the document to Cilica, and she just skimmed it through. She was probably checking if it was incomplete.

“Your name is Shin-sama, is that right?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“Then the document is complete. Next, please drip one drop of blood on this card.

Cilica handed Shin a needle and a silver card.

Shin pricked the tip of his finger and dripped the blood on the card. The card didn’t reject the blood and absorbed it like a sponge.

“With this, the procedure is complete. The card will take one day to process, so it will be ready by tomorrow.”


It seemed that he would need to wait until tomorrow before receiving his card.

“Would you like hear more information about the guild?”

“Yes, please.”

“First of all, adventurers are divided by ranks, from the highest SS to S, A, B, C, D, E, F, and the lowest G rank. Because Shin-sama just registered, your rank is G. Whenever a request is completed, the point is added and your rank will rise accordingly. If a request is failed or abandoned, the point for the request is subtracted from the current point. The rank will drop if the points are below a certain standard. In addition, you must pay the cancellation fee twice of the reward offered. You can receive requests up to two ranks above you. You can only receive requests one rank above you if you become rank C and above. You can form a party with two or more members. It is also possible to participate in the request of the top three or more rank. Depending on the members, you will receive the request according to the members of the top rank.”

“What is the maximum number of members allowed in a party?”

Shin asked since he was interested. The maximum number of people in a party was six people during the game.

“One party can be formed by up to six members. It becomes a form called joint work, where you cross multiple parties when you receive a request for further numbers of people. This is usually seen on subjugation requests of strong monsters, or fairly large-scale requests.”

It seemed that the number of party members remained unchanged. However, the request (it was called Quest in the game) for further numbers of people seemed different from the game, there was no joint work or multiple parties.

“There are various kinds of requests such as miscellaneous duties, fishing, subjugation, escort, and so forth. Please be warned that the guild won’t take responsibility for taking a request without the guild’s approval. An unsuitable request for your ability is likely to receive or sustain severe injuries or even death.”

“What will happen if the request and the contents are different? If a subjugation request is received and upon getting there, the monster is stronger than the request said.”

“In such case, it’s fine to abandon the request. You need to report it, so that the penalty will not occur. Even if the guild verifies all the risky requests, please do not take it without precautions, as not all requests can be covered.”

‘The management seemed to lack of efficiency. But since the information network wasn’t developed, it couldn’t be helped’, Shin thought.

“The guild will buy the raw materials from subjugated monster. It’s a good source for extra income. Next――”

The explanation from Cilica lasted for about 20 minutes. Even if Shin heard everything, he could not memorize all of it.

“――That’s all for today. I’ll explain again about the guild card tomorrow when you receive it. Do you have any questions?”

“Can I receive requests now?”

“After the guild card is issued, you can accept requests right away. Because the guild card also acts as a border pass, I advise that you spend the night in the town.”

“I see. I don’t have any more questions.”

“Well, that’s it for today. I wish for Shin-sama’s success.”

Cilica executed a graceful bow, and Shin left the counter.

Shin went down the stairs and spoke with the receptionist who guided him before.

“Thank you for the help a little while ago.”

“The procedure was completed, I see. Well then, again, Welcome to the Adventurers’ Guild. My name is Celica Lindt, I am responsible for the request procedures. My best regards in the future.”

“I am Shin. Same here. Are you the elder sister of Cilica from the registration counter?”

“So it was Cilica in charge. Well, yes, I am the older sister of Cilica. Because we are twins, we look very alike.”

“I was surprised. I thought you could teleport instantly.”

“It is possible for a person coming here for the first time to have that curious look on their face when they return, just like that person over there.”

Shin followed Celica’s gaze after she said that. It was the figure of a new adventurer, who left the guild while tilting his head. He was the person next to Shin when he received an explanation earlier.

“And I often get mistaken for my sister, even in the guild. I hope Shin-sama won’t mix us up, too.”

Shin momentarily felt the pressure from Celica’s smile. As a matter of fact, Shin probably thought it was troublesome to pay attention to it.

“Still, I will do my best. Ah, can I ask you a question?”

Shin asked as he just recalled what Beid said to him. However, the big man next to Celica threw a glance at Shin a couple of times for some reason. Shin’s intuition was sounding alarms, but he decided to ignore it for now.

“Yes, feel free to ask.”

“I heard that adventurer named Els works here as receptionist.”

There were only two people (Celica and the big man) in the receptionist desk. Shin wanted to say ‘Miss’ before the receptionist, but was unable to, due to the big man next to Celica.

“I’m sorry, Els just received a request and is out-of-town right now. She will return today if no trouble occurs. Please ask again when you receive the guild card tomorrow. If she is not available, then I will pass her a message.”

Apparently, Shin got the wrong timing. Since she was an adventurer, she might not always here.

Shin was hoping for a better luck tomorrow.

“I see, then I will come again tomorrow.”

Celica bowed slightly and then Shin headed to the bar. He hadn’t eaten since he was transported to this world.

There were several guests in the bar besides the group of adventurers before. The average level was around 90.

Shin found a seat in a less crowded area. He then read the menu. Although the menu was written in Japanese, he didn’t understand what kind of dish would be served, so he just asked for today’s recommended set.

“Today’s recommended set, Shin-sama.”

“Oh, ah, yes…?”

Shin turned around and faced the waitress. He didn’t know why the waitress knew his name, then he saw the waitress’s face.

It was Celica with whom he just parted a while ago.

“EH!…weren’t you the receptionist just now?”


“But you are wearing a different dress.”

“Yes, I wear the uniform of the guild at the reception desk.”

“Did you change your clothes?”

“Of course.”

“Isn’t that too fast? And why a waitress?”

“It’s normal to change clothes like this. Sometimes, I work here to help when the receptionist desk isn’t crowded.”

That’s not normal…Shin wanted to retort. It had only been 3 minutes since he left the receptionist desk, and then Celica appeared. He couldn’t help but think it was impossible.

After a while, a dish was served which consisted of a steak with a thickness of about 3 cemels, a salad of raw vegetables, and a soup. It was not a dish that could be cooked in a short time.

In the meantime, no one seemed to go to the receptionist desk since Celica left, so only the big man was there. Shin could sympathize with the adventurers who were taking requests at this time.

“Please help yourself to the dish.”

“Well, itadakimasu.”

Shin said so and started eating. For some reason, Celica settled herself on the seat in front of Shin.

(Wha…what is this development?…)

It couldn’t be helped, but it was uncomfortable to eat while being stared at.

Anyway, the dish was delicious, especially the steak. The salad had a pleasant texture, the stewed chicken meat was crispy and the soup was quite good.

However, the situation was quite uncomfortable. He couldn’t enjoy his meal.

“Is it okay for other customers to be left waiting, Celica-san?”

“It’s alright, another waitresses can serve them.”

It seemed that she didn’t want to leave.

“Though it’s hard to eat while being stared at…”

“Please don’t mind me.”

“That’s impossible, you know…”

She just replied with a smile. She said not to mind her, but Shin still felt uncomfortable.

“Haa, what is it, really? Is this harassment against newcomers?”

“Actually, there is something I want to confirm.”

“Then please say so from the beginning.”

“I just wanted to see what kind of person you are before that.”

Still, Shin thought he was being made fun of.

“Well? What is it that you want to confirm?”

Shin said so, and Celica answered in a lowered voice.

“Yes, I received a report that Shin-sama has a letter of introduction from a certain place.”

Shin only heard the words ‘letter of introduction’, and he could understand. Apparently, this was more important than Shin thought.

“Ah, is that so? I certainly have it.”

“Would it be okay for you if we go to another room to confirm the letter of introduction?”

“If I can finish my meal first, then it’s okay. Although I have to decline unless the guild master is there.”


Shin said that as a joke, however Celica had become silent unexpectedly. In addition, he could felt her gaze wander around.

“…Well, it was a joke”

“…I’m sorry, I was asked by the guild master to take you there.”



From her firm voice, Shin could confirm that it was the truth. He felt disheartened, as he had to meet the highest authority in the guild on his first day.

“…Can’t we do it tomorrow?”

He secretly sighed, because it was an abnormal event to meet a guild master on his first day after coming to this world.

“Again, I’m sorry, but…”

Celica looked behind Shin after she said that.

The guild master was there behind Shin.

(Fuh, want me to turn around…ehhhhh!!!)

Shin knew there was someone behind him, but he didn’t think it was the guild master. He turned around reluctantly, and regretted his futile decision.

The person who stood behind Shin was an unexpected person.


“I couldn’t wait anymore. I am sorry to disturb you while you’re eating. Hahaha”

It was the big man from the receptionist desk who just talked and laughed.

It was the big man who was throwing glances at Shin.

It was the big man who made Shin’s intuition send warning signs.

In other words, it was the big man.

“Hey, it’s you?!”

He was surprised that he used an informal tone unconsciously.

“I heard the report and I wanted to meet you immediately.”

The big man, who was said to be the guild master, talked with a smile.

“Barlux-sama. If you could just wait a little longer…”

“Not this one. After all, this is a thing to be worried about. Shin-kun, right? I’m Barlux. It may be a bit sudden, but can you come to my room?”

Apparently, Barlux was the name of the guild master. Speaking of guild master, Shin was surprised as he imagined a person of old age. The guild master’s appearance looked like a man in his late 30s to early 40s. There was a big scar on his face, if combined with his large stature, he gave of the feeling of intimidation right away. Despite that, he had this friendly smile which reduced the intimidating feeling by half.

Yet, his level was 228, the highest level he had seen in this world.

“Haa, though I don’t mind, please let me finish my meal first.”

“Of course, sorry about that. I’ll be waiting in my room.”

Barlux went back to his room after he said that.

“As a guild master, he looks pretty young. I thought some old man would be the leader in this place. Ah, so in this case, is an old man’s experiences not significant here?”

Shin talked based on the images he had in games and novels.

“I understand your thought. What Shin-sama said is not entirely wrong. In fact, most of the guild masters in other cities are elderly persons. Nevertheless, Barlux-sama is a former S rank adventurer, so his experience and connections are not inferior to the other guild masters.

“Former S rank, huh?”

Shin was still ignorant about this world’s common sense, but he could still imagine that the road to rank S wasn’t easy. If viewed from that level, that person would be considered a guild master.

He finished his meal while thinking about such things.

At the same time, he felt glances from everywhere after the appearance of the guild master. And then, he proceeded to the reception desk, guided by Celica.

There were rooms behind the reception desk, the room which Shin was guided to had complete furniture for a guest such as sofa, table, desk and bookshelf. Although Shin didn’t know its price, it gave the impression of first-class goods.

“Welcome to the adventurers’ guild. I’m sorry, I was rude earlier. I am Barlux Heim, the guild master.”

When Shin entered the room, Barlux shook Shin’s hand while he introduced himself.

“I am Shin. My best regards to you.”

Shin could feel that the hand he shook was stiff and rugged, and it was definitely powerful.

“Please take a seat.”

Shin sat on the sofa while Celica served tea on the table.

“Shin-kun. Although it’s a bit sudden, I want to see the letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora.”


The letter of introduction was taken out from Item Box, and he gave it to Barlux. At the same time, Barlux placed another paper on the table. Then, a pattern of a crescent moon that was drawn on the center of the letter, shined in silver.

“This is…?”

“The letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora is a little special. The magic of the introduction letters will resonate if brought near each other. The crest will shine like this. In other words, this letter of introduction is genuine.”

From Barlux’s explanation, it seemed to be the method of confirmation for the letter of introduction. And it appeared to be impossible to produce an imitation, as it would be found out right away.

“So it had this feature…”

Although he was astonished at the unexpected function, Shin couldn’t help but think that he should had gotten an explanation when he received it.

“No one told you about it?”

“I received it as an extra service, as a border pass.”

“Service…? Was it Schnee who gave it to you, or Tiera?”

“It was Tiera. Schnee was away.”

“Tiera huh. I think something outstanding must have happened, that she forgot to explain this, but she has good eyes for people though. Even I too, have seen a lot of people but she is always one step ahead.”

Barlux said as he laughed.

And it was true that something outstanding happened to Tiera, like a more than 100 years old curse was dispelled.

Still, were the eyes for people acquired through the wisdom of age?


As Shin thought about age, dread chilled up his spine.

The smiling face of Tiera with a background of flames came into his mind.

(Let’s stop thinking about age, I think it will be fatal…)

Because he had a bad premonition, he stopped thinking about it.

“? What’s the matter?”

“Ah, nothing.”

“Is that so? Then let’s continue the story from where I left off before.”

Said Barlux as he corrected his posture. It looked like this would be where the main subject would start.

“Because you haven’t heard the explanation, I’ll explain the uses of the letter myself. With the letter of introduction, it is possible to enter most countries without inspection. If it has information, it will be treated as final information. Each guild will even accommodate it differently. Also, in Bayreuth, you can even have an audience with the king. It will also serve as reliable identification.”

There was no doubt that what Beid was saying before was true. Although he didn’t talk about the guild or the information.

“The letter of introduction has that many uses. So naturally, there will be someone who will intend to snatch or steal it from you.”

“That makes sense…”

It could be misused for terrorism, smuggling of dangerous material, assassination and so on. Judging from a criminal’s and a crime syndicate’s viewpoint, they would desire it very badly.

“Therefore, I want you to tell me if you have the capability to protect it. If you can’t protect it, I suggest that you destroy it now.”


Shin was thinking. With this letter of introduction, there would be advantages and disadvantages.

As for the advantages, it would become easier for him to cross the countries. And he could obtain trust from the country easily.

However, the disadvantage would be the danger from getting targeted of certain individuals or organizations.

At least, the advantages were indispensable for Shin. At the time of explanation of the guild by Cilica, he heard that entry to every country would become relatively easy if he had a guild card.

However, he considered that there was a difference in a moment of peril, and that there should be one that could strongly guarantee his identity in the case of an emergency.

There was also a demerit, as he was already known to the guards when he came to the town, and also to the people who were lining up at the southern gate. Besides, he was already known to the guild. He didn’t know the extent of protection of confidential information here, even if it was already exposed. Rather, it would be better if he acted just like normal.

(I will put it in the 『Important Things』 zone in my Item Box just in case, and avoid taking it out generously.)

From Tiera’s story, only a few people have an Item Box. In the 『Important Things』, even members of ‘Rokuten’ could not remove items he placed inside.

Although he didn’t have any way to confirm it.

“I can protect it.”

He concluded after thinking about it for a while.

“Is that your decision?”


“You won’t regret this, will you?”

“Of course I won’t. Though I know that if I make mistakes, it will be bad for me and the store. If I was entrusted with this important thing, then I’ll make sure to fulfill that trust.”

Shin said confidently.

After all, he had decided on the answer before he thought about the issue of advantages and disadvantages.

Some might think that what Shin was doing was reckless and dangerous, but unfortunately, Shin’s life was targeted a lot. Shin obtained experiences that could deal with assassination and surprise attacks from surviving one year in THE NEW GATE, which had turned into a death game.

Even though his true intention was that he didn’t want to destroy the letter.

“Whew, well said. As expected from someone who holds the letter of introduction.”

“Though it was a bit exaggerated.”

“Too much modesty is not good. Once you hesitate, you will lose in life.”

“What does that mean?”

That was the guild master’s view, it seemed. That person could not be made light of.

“Hmm, how high is your level? I had to overcome numerous battles myself, until I almost reached the limit, yet I still can’t declare what you just did. I can understand that you are considerably strong.”

Indeed, he was a former S rank. He seemed to possess the ability to see through other’s capability, even if he didn’t have the skills.

“…must I answer it?”

“I’m sorry, but the guild needs to have a grasp on the level of an adventurer. Just the range of your level is sufficient. I cannot allow low-level adventurers to do dangerous requests.”

It appeared that Barlux said that not just out of curiosity.

He might need to confirm it not only as a person, but also for the guild, as the expectation of ability correlates to some degree if the level was known.

“I understand. My level is more than 150.”

“Hmm. Shin-kun, as I said just now, modesty is prohibited.”

Barlux raised one eyebrow after hearing Shin’s level. As expected from the guild master, he seemed to know if the level was too low.

“Is it not good enough?”

“It is not good, the level you said just now is far lower than your original level.”

Even though he didn’t want to say it smoothly because he heard the No. 2 was level 158, he was unable to deceive him.

“So you can tell without using【Analyze】”

“I’ve seen many adventurers as a guild master.”

“There’s no helping it, huh. My level is more than 200.”

Still, Shin didn’t want to admit his true level. He just added 50 levels to what he declared earlier.



Barlux visibly showed an impressed smile as Shin told him his level again. Celica, who stood near the wall, unintentionally voiced her amazement.

“Is it something to be surprised about?”

Shin knew that Barlux was also above level 200, so that should not have surprised him.

“Although it was written in the document, you are 21 years old, correct?”


“It’s not very often you meet a person who surpasses level 200 in their youth like you. I wonder if you and this country’s no. 1 can fight evenly.”

Although level 150 seemed to be too low, 200 in contrast, seemed too high.

“What is the current no. 1 person’s level?”

“It’s 230. She is the second princess of this country.”

“Are you serious?”

A strong princess!!! Shin wanted to retort.

(The princess is stronger than the captain of the elite forces…)

Because Barlux said the No. 1 of the country, he thought it might be the king or prince, or even a royal guard, but never a second princess.

“Isn’t there too much of a level difference with the knights? I heard from Tiera that the captain of the elite forces is level 158.”

“Captain of elite forces? Ah, you mean the leader of the knights? His level rose to 188 now. Maybe Tiera hasn’t heard about it since she is in the store all the time.”

“Still, the princess is No. 1…”

“It is because the second princess is in the fighter faction. Besides, she is quite popular and often makes an appearance in the town.”

“Is it safe for a royal family member to come into town?”

“The levels of the hooligans around there can’t even be compared to her level.”

It seemed that the strongest in the kingdom wasn’t just for show. The Horn Dragon that went out with Tiera’s story would had been killed if she fought it.

“Well then, Shin-kun. Actually, there is one more thing I want to confirm, if it is okay with you?”

“…It will depend on the subject”

Shin had an unpleasant foreboding about this.

“It’s simple. I want you to have a match with me.”

“I’m sorry, may I return now?”

“Unfortunately, you can’t.”

“I can’t?”

“It’s regrettable, but you don’t have the right to deny my request.”

Barlux told him plain and simple. He probably wanted to see Shin’s capability . He knew that it wasn’t necessary to be capable, even if Shin was a high level person.

“Somehow, my foreboding feeling came true.”

“I’m so sorry. I want to confirm it for the guild personally. No, I have to see it for myself.”

Shin frowned as his premonition came true.

Because of the glances he received at receptionist desk, he only felt a combative intention from Barlux’s eyes.

But somehow, he ignored Barlux’s intention. Though Shin also wanted to see the capability of a former S rank adventurer.

“…Yes, sir. I can understand that you won’t have a peace of mind if you don’t confirm my capability.”

When it was made public that Shin possessed a letter of introduction, Shin had to show that he had the capabilities to protect it.

“Where will we fight?”

“There is a training room that only guild members can use. That’s where we’re gonna fight. Do you need time to get ready?”

“No, I’m ready anytime.”

“Well then, let’s go there immediately.”

He arrived at a room about the same size as the one earlier after following Barlux. There was no furniture in the room, only a crystal about the size of a soccer ball, floating in the center of the room.

It resembled the transition point Shin often saw during the game.

“There is a training area in the basement. We can go there from this transition point.”

Apparently, the transition point seemed intact. It could be used by touching the crystal and saying the location.

Subsequently, they arrived in a place that had a considerable area like a Colosseum. It had a resting place, a training area inside the plaza, and an audience seating, except there were currently no adventurers around.

“There is no one here, is it always like this?”

“No, this is the second training area that is used for a special case like this. Common adventurers are training in first training area. Outsider can’t enter here without permission.”

“Is that so…”

It appeared that Shin didn’t have to worry about his surroundings. It was a great help, since Shin didn’t want to stand out.

“Then, shall we begin?”

As he said that, Barlux’s whole body was wrapped with blue light. The light disappeared after one second, and Barlux was equipped with light blue armor and gauntlets. The light blue armor appeared to be much thinner the a common light armor, it seemed to emphasize the easiness of movement. On the contrary, the gauntlets were heavy blue armor, that covered the fingers to the elbows.

It seemed that the equipment items for the arm showed a glove of Japanese style, the displayed gauntlet was of Western style. It might not be a significant difference, but there were slight additional bonuses for glove to AGI and gauntlet to VIT. The purpose of Barlux in wearing gauntlets might be to compensate for the thin armor.

According to 【Analyze】, Barlux’s job was, not surprisingly, a fist fighter. Shin was more surprised by the sudden equip of the armor and gauntlets, like a transformation hero.

In THE NEW GATE, the armor and gauntlets were equipped in the same way, too. The light formed and materialized after that. The reason was so it could perfectly fit into the avatar’s physique. Hence, this is why Shin had been avoiding wearing armor like Barlux, because it was flashy.

“…(There was such an item, huh?)”

“What the matter?”

“No, nothing.”

He had nothing to say about Barlux’s equipment scene, as it was a common scene anyway.

Shin didn’t have anything particularly to be equipped. To some extent, he wouldn’t use weapons since he understood the power of his opponent to some degree.

“Then, here I go!!”

In an instant, Barlux’s figure became blurry. Though the distances between the two of them was about 10 mels, he closed up to 5 mels in a blink and charged towards Shin.

“Those equipment are good and fast.”

If Shin had been without the bonus speed he obtained from Human reincarnation, he would lose against the equipment’ speed.



The sound of wind cutting could be heard as they unleashed their fists towards each other. Barlux’s equipment was confirmed.

Light armor 【Light Blue Crystal Armor】 and gauntlet【Blue Fang Gauntlet】, Shin thought. It was definitely not a mistake, as Shin had sold both of them in the store before.

“Those are good equipments.”

“I had a hard time…obtaining…and put it on as it is…!”

Barlux said, while frowning, as he unleashed his fists to Shin, but Shin eluded them.

【Light Blue Crystal Armor】 was a rare armor with high AGI.

And the 【Blue Fang Gauntlet】 was a special unique weapon with high offensive power. It was made from the raw material of a unique monster of Lv. 600 named Blue Mitt Hound. 【Blue Fang Gauntlet】 was often equipped by high level players that used bare hands martial arts.


“As expected, to be able to fend off my attacks easily.”

Barlux momentarily stopped his vigorous attack and distanced himself from Shin. He was talking while smiling wryly, but his eyes remained sharp to ascertain Shin’s next move.

Whereas, Shin didn’t actively attack the distanced Barlux, because he was wary about the ability of the gauntlet.

Besides high offensive power, its other ability was【When defending an attack using the gauntlet, the attacker receives 1/10 of his attack damage】. But there was a limitation in the gauntlet, it would only execute this ability if the wearer’s STR values was 100 or more, higher than the opponent’s.

Shin was watching the【Blue Fang Gauntlet】 and noticed the effect wasn’t activated.

(I might know his equipment better than he does. As both of our levels are more than 200, added with some bonuses, the STR didn’t reach the 100 difference. Besides, prying about it is troublesome. I want to end it in one shot.)

Shin was not in the mood to respond to the guild master’s talks.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking how to attack, since you are strong.”

“Fuh, just from the fighting just now, you seem to know my equipment already. Only a few people who know about it still remain.”

“Well, what to do.”

While they were exchanging banter, Shin was thinking what to do next.

What he understood from the earlier fight, was that Barlux was a bare handed type. Although his range of attack was short, Barlux’s bare handed style excelled in attack speed, and the attack speed would rise with the effect from 【Light Blue Crystal Armor】. Therefore making it more difficult to defeat him.

(That gauntlet is troublesome…should I give it a try?)

He checked his skills and took a stance.

Barlux reacted to his movement, but Shin stepped forward quicker.

Shin left an afterimage after dashing towards Barlux. His steps shattered the soil as Shin jumped onto the air.


In one breath, the distance of his right hand reached the target. Because it was an attack without a feint, Barlux reflexively defended with his gauntlet.

(He’s taking it!)

Shin began with conviction.

On the verge of his fist hitting the gauntlet, Shin changed the direction of his momentum and executed a sweep kick with his left leg.


Though Barlux tried to reduce the damage by moving to the left, his reaction was delayed by Shin’s fist.

As a result, Barlux flew into the air.

【Blue Fang Gauntlet】 effects didn’t activate, because Shin didn’t hit it directly, so he didn’t have to worry about his damage being reflected.

Shin gripped Barlux’s gauntlet, which was defenseless now, and used the martial art skill 【Willow Throw】.

【Willow Throw】 was a technique of super low damage for capturing monster. So Shin didn’t have to worry about Barlux receiving fatal wounds. He used the skill without any hesitation.

The body of Barlux was thrown in the air and slammed onto the ground almost instantly. And then, Shin locked Barlux’s joint so he could not move.

“Phew. For now let us stop this, shall we?”

After confirming that Barlux couldn’t move, Shin asked. The match would not end quickly if they had the same stats.

“No way, to be easily suppressed like this. Though, I wonder about the last technique you used?”

“That’s a secret. It’s not a good idea to reveal too much of one’s ability.”

“Hahaha, that is certainly right. It’s my defeat. You have shown me your abilities. And I don’t need to be worried anymore.”

Barlux stood up and extended his right hand to Shin.


“The handshake earlier was as a guild master. And this handshake is for the people who are recognized by Tsuki no Hokora.”

“I see.”

Shin nodded and returned his handshake. Although it should be the same hand, Shin felt somewhat different.

“If there is anything you want, let me know, and the guild will try to cooperate to a certain extent.”

“Is this okay? To favor an individual?”

“No problem. It is a cooperation, so even a rank G adventurer is still a member of the guild.”

Be it one individual or a guild, Barlux didn’t seem to have any trouble lending power personally.

Returning into the room with the transition point, Celica who waited, welcomed the two of them by giving them potions.

Shin tried to refuse at first because he was unhurt, but decided to get it as Barlux insisted he take it.

“I hope for your success as an adventurer. Well then, see you again.”

After separating from Barlux, Shin walked to the passage to return to the guild hall with Celica.

“How was the match with Barlux-sama?”

“It was tough. I pray that there will be no second match.”

Because they were walking silently, Celica brought up the match with Barlux as the topic. He was a little anxious because the match ended quicker than the desired time.

“Because it’s not that often that one is able to fight with a guild master, it should be okay.”

“I have a feeling that I will be invited the next time as a practice partner…”

Shin sighed, as he promised not to repeat the situation where he would fight with a guild master in the future. While walking with Celica, a warrior with a level about 200 passed by them.

High level adventurers often wore an intimidating atmosphere, different from a commoner’s. Even for Celica, who, because of her job, had met a lot of them, she still unconsciously would get tense. However, no such presence could be felt from Shin. Rather, Celica felt something like a sense of security.

(A mysterious person…)

Celica was thinking about such things as the two of them arrived at the hall.

“Thank you for your hard work. Please take your time, since you can get the guild card anytime after tomorrow.”

“I will do that. Ah, could you recommend me to a good inn? I just arrived today, so I don’t know the area well.”

Shin asked while lowering his head a little. He felt ashamed because he couldn’t differentiate between the good or bad inns in the area. But he didn’t want to stay in the poor quality inns from day one.

“There is a good inn in the residence district named Bear Point Pavilion. I think you will like it, because the meals are delicious. With the guild on your right hand side, go straight down the street, until you see a signboard with a bear’s paw painted on it.”

“I understand. Bear Point Pavilion it is.. Thank you very much.”

Though Shin had a slight uneasiness about the word ‘Bear’, he believed that it would be all right, because Celica recommended it to him.

After expressing his gratitude to Celica, he exited the guild’s building.

Then, Shin began to walk leisurely towards the inn.

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