Vol. 4 Chapter 1 – Part 2

When they got out the forest to the south, some plains appeared for a moment. They then further advanced for 30 more minutes. From there, the wagon was taken out and they advanced on the main road.

There were no particular events except for when Cuore was surprised at the speed of the wagon that Kagerou pulled.

Shin and his party finally arrived at Larua Grands Wood.

It was at the hill where Schnee and the others previously watched the duel between Shin and Girard, that they got off of the wagon.

“Amazing. Even after all of the flashy blows, this doesn’t look the right place.”

Shin, who looked at the forest while standing on top of the hill, was surprised about not seeing any traces of destruction.  At the start of the fight with Girard,  the exchange of skills from the【Cannon Wave】 had mowed down a lot of trees. Though boulders and big trees were blown away due to the after-effects of the fighting, damages were magnified as they were thrown onto the other trees on the ground. Shin had also caught a glimpse of the changes before.

However, now within the range of Shin’s field of vision, he couldn’t find any evidence of it.

“After seeing it, the vegetation from before and after the fight doesn’t change, huh? Rather than restored as before, I think that the rapid growing plants covered the scars or something like that.”

“Yeah. When I look at it closely, I can see a few young trees in several places.”

When Schnee explained the state of the forest, Tiera also had the same opinion. While pointing at a portion of the forest, Tiera said “That is the place where it is growing, around the original forest.” to Shin.

“It’s just like Larua Grand Woods. Unfortunately, I don’t understand it even if you tell me.”

Shin was staring hard at the direction Tiera pointed at, but he wasn’t able to distinguish the differences in the end.

To begin with, naturally other than the size, there was no distinction between the young and old trees.

“As one would expect from Schnee-dono and Tiera-dono. It took me about 10 years until I finally understood the differences.”

“It couldn’t be helped I guess, since the sense related to forests are prominently keen for elves and pixies. But to be able to tell the difference by yourself is a great thing.”

Schnee praised Cuore, while smiling. She seemed to have directly taught Cuore how to tell them apart before. She was probably happy that Cuore could master it properly.

“Thank you very much.”

Cuore replied with a smile. As if she couldn’t bear the joy of it, her tail was wagging left and right in a big way.

“And, what should we do after this? We are doing the investigation, right?”

Shin asked Cuore, because he didn’t know what kind of method the investigation was going to use.

“For the investigation about the regeneration of the trees, we check whether or not there are unnatural plants that shouldn’t grow in these surroundings. Because it’s indeed impossible to look all around, the range is divided roughly, and I decide some points based on that.”

As Cuore said that, she took out a card from her pocket and materialized it. In the next moment, a map of Larua Grands Woods appeared. There were big trees, like  landmarks, and other peculiar characteristics and so on that were drawn.

“With this tree as a mark in the a middle, the forest is divided. Because these landmarks do not change after they have regenerated, we should not lose sight of them.”

If ordinary adventurers were here, they would have to be cautious about not going too deep into the forest, but she didn’t have to worry about that if it was Shin and his party.

“…I feel guilty for me asking to accompany you, since I don’t seem to be helpful.”

To begin with, differentiating between trees that have been restored couldn’t be assigned to Shin. Because he couldn’t understand it even if Tiera taught him.

“Then, how about going together with Tiera? Tiera can harvest any plants that are found, and Shin can put them into the Item Box, so it will be efficient.”

Looking at Shin, who was sulking and feeling bad, Schnee made a suggestion.

“…That’s right. I think it will be most suitable for you two to pair, because I and Schnee-dono are able to use the Item Box.”

Cuore also agreed.

As for Shin, he could only answer yes because that was at least the only way he could be useful. It was completely reasonable that an Item Box member would be essential.

And though it was heard just now, Cuore was also able to use the Item Box. As for the card she pulled out from her pocket not too long ago, it was actually her using the Item Box.

On that subject, he remembered that Tiera talked about royal families and elders having the Item Box.

Cuore was a daughter of the Beast King, in short, a royalty. It was understandable that she could use Item Box, if she inherited the abilities as Girard’s descendant.

“Then, let’s divide into three sides. Just to confirm, have any changes taken place except the unnatural plant that appeared so far?”

Did something concern her mind on the harvesting? Schnee asked Cuore.

“As far as what has been confirmed, there’s no such things. In fact, plants that don’t grow naturally were discovered only twice in the past, when strong people fought in a duel. The first, that was found was after the duel between a Dragnil and Beast, was ‘Fairy Grass’. The second that was discovered,  after the duel between a Lord and Elf, was ‘Phantom Grass’. That was the only two which were recorded. Because both were found at several places, I think someone will find something this time too.”

However, it was said that because the numbers of growing plants increased, it wouldn’t remain intact. It was only a temporary thing.

“How do you split the works? Is it good to divide it into 3 equal parts?”

Shin moved his finger to form 3 circular ranges on the map while Cuore listened.

As Cuore said, it was impossible to examine Larua Grand Woods with such a small number of people, so the scope of investigation must be narrowed to some degree.

Though the others didn’t take note of the drawing, all of the members understood the approximate ranges.

“Everyone might be unfamiliar with Larua Grand Woods, so I don’t mind if my area of responsibility increases.”

Toward Cuore who said that, Schnee disagreed.

“Because the investigation like this time was requested of me too, there is no problem as it is either. It’s better for you and me to increase our area of responsibility, and decrease the area that Tiera’s and Shin’s are in charge of instead. Even though Tiera is able to tell the difference, she hasn’t handled this kind of request before, so it might take more time than us.”

“I agree. I’d appreciate it if you could do that.”

Tiera agreed to Schnee’s proposal.

Tiera was hardly able to enter the forest for about 100 years. Even though she was an elf, the fact that she didn’t spend time going to the forest was undeniable.

In addition, Shin was going together with her. Schnee thought if there was only one beginner, the work would be delayed. At the same time, she considered this as a training in order to restore Tiera’s intuition.

Meanwhile, Shin, in front of Schnee and Tiera who were able to differentiate the plants intuitively as elves, was reminded yet again about not being useful although he was the who had one who suggested they work together. Once again, his shoulders dropped.

“I’m sorry for being a burden…”

“I’ll tell you how to spot the differences~”

Tiera patted Shin’s shoulder in order to console him.

“It’s alright, Shin-dono. I didn’t know what’s the differences were at first too.”

While Cuore was a beast, she possessed the knowledges and experiences that could sense the changes in the forest quickly. However, that was the result of years of effort. If Shin could do it from the beginning, nobody would have a hard time.

“Well then, let’s copy the map. It will be a troublesome if there is slip of memory.”

Schnee who spoke, activated a non-system skill 【Transcription】. It was literally a copying skill, as patterns and characters were drawn on the paper.

In the game era, it was also a skill that was used to share map data among the players. Shin also learnt how to use it, but he was impressed as he thought ‘It can be used like this, huh?’.

“Okay then, shall we start?”

In case a person finished quicker than assumed, they would join a person who hasn’t finished yet, and the restrictions and the meeting place in case it didn’t end was decided. Afterward, all members were scattered in the forest.


“Now quickly, which one is irregular?”

“The place is a little bit ahead, right? Since you’ll lead the way, I’ll learn it while actually seeing it.”

While moving through the forest, Shin received guidance about the names and the medicinal effect of flower plants, which were not counted as items in the game, as well as the distinction between the old and young trees from Tiera.

There was no grasses named ‘weed’; Even if there was such a word, the grass that looked identical to Shin had their own respective names. It was a different plant from other things, such as how its flower bloomed or how it dispersed seeds.

Tiera talked about the development of those flowering plants and its item utilisation in this world too. Shin was a little excited with the possibility of something new being made, if combined with his own techniques.

“Shin, is this a young or an old tree?”

“…Old tree?”

“Wrong, it’s a young tree.”


“It’s the truth.”

However, it was another question whether or not Shin could tell the difference, even if he understood. Even Cuore took 10 years to accomplish such a feat. There’s no way the amateur Shin could easily do it.


Shin followed after Tiera’s example and along the way, the same questions were repeated, although most of them were correct only by chance. Even if Shin opened his eyes wide while looking at it, he couldn’t distinguish it at all.

“I cannot do it easily after all.”

“It’s difficult even for a High Human. huh?”

“Materials in the old days could have been distinguished with【Analyze】 and 【Appraisal】, but for such grass, it was treated as an ordinary weed.”

To Tiera who was only reassured a little, Shin picked up the grass he was taught about a moment ago and answered.

The grass that Shin held, might be usable if he intended to use it as material. But if they had additional effects, the rate of failure might rise in some cases. And there was no reason to check or to use the grass either.

“But if you can distinguish it easily, that would leave me in a fix. However, I can see the name of this medicinal herb with my【Analyze】 too. Something like this and this, shouldn’t have grown in this area around here.”


Shin stopped moving at Tiera’s statement. As far as Shin knows, it was appraisal that identifies an item. No matter how much he analyzed it closely, only information of “Grass A” was displayed.

By the way, what Tiera picked up just now was ‘Golden Grass’ and ‘Pure White Flower’, each of them were one of the ingredients for Potion One and Ether One. It was material with a prospect of recovery that was higher than a potion of low rank, even without being changed.

“The duel between me and Girard brought some kind of effect, huh?…That’s right, is there any difference between my 【Analyze】and Tiera’s? No, but she learnt it from ‘Secret Book’ I gave…”

While storing the golden grass in the Item Box, Shin voiced his doubt.

“I don’t know. But only up to the name was displayed, when viewed with my【Analyze】. Though I heard it from master, I think detailed information will be displayed when appraisal is used, right? But there’s nothing like that.”

As Tiera said, if the conditions were met, the hints of compound and detailed effects of the item were displayed when appraisal was activated. However for Tiera, such information didn’t appear.


Shin attempted to learn the name of the nearby grass by staring at it closely. But as expected, he couldn’t find anything. At the same time, next to his view, he noticed something dark.

“Is this, black iron?”

What appeared on the ground, was a material that blacksmiths are familiar with.

Looking at its state, it might appear naturally from ground dug up by animals, or it came up to the surface as the soil was washed up by rains.

“…With only【Analyze】…”

Suddenly it occurred to Shin’s mind, that he viewed the ore with an appraisal skill. And then, he looked at the black iron with nothing but 【Analyze】.

“…I can see it. Hey, really, I can see it”

“What’s wrong?”

“Though I only looked at the metallic material with 【Analyze】 as an experiment, I can see its name. But it was something like ‘Iron A’ or ‘Ore A’ before though.”

Shin’s guess, where he thought the race characteristics and the occupation might be related, seemed to hit the mark. The name that was related to the metal was displayed as if it was natural.

In ability standpoint, Shin was at the pinnacle of blacksmithing, even though it was not his race characteristic. As a result, the name of things relevant for blacksmithing might be displayed.

“I wonder if there’s some kind of meaning?”

“Eh? Wait a minute, don’t you understand it on your own!”

Tiera said with a sullen expression at Shin who nodded his agreement.

“Sorry sorry. The job I do might be also similar to a dwarf I guess. So things like individual skills and race characteristics might have some sort of effect on analysis, don’t you think?”

“I am elf so I can see plant-related things, and because Shin is a blacksmith you can see metal-related things?”

“Yeah, probably. Though it’s only an inference, it’s not off the mark I think.”

Shin thought he would confirm it with Schnee and Cuore later.

“So, besides seeing Golden Grass and Pure White Flower, do you feel anything abnormal?”

“Oh, well. There’s nothing special besides that. The only thing left is whether or not it will regenerate afterwards. But we don’t need to worry about that.”

Tiera’s sense didn’t seem to become dull. From her affirmation, without a doubt, it didn’t feel as though there was any harm from her not entering the forest for a long time.

The investigation afterward was quick, partly because Shin’s understanding of golden grass and so on as the materials.

Just in case, while Shin gathered it, Tiera examined whether there were changes elsewhere, and then moved away immediately if there was nothing.

Though Schnee and Cuore joined along the way, at that time, Shin and Tiera were almost finished examining the range entrusted to them.


After the investigation, Cuore reported the results.

“We discovered Golden Grass and Pure White Flowers here. How about everyone else?”

“I also saw the same. There are a large quantity of them too.”

Schnee also seemed to have made a similar discovery.

“Here too, but the quantity was not so much.”

“Well, it must not be growing at both places in large quantities.”

Shin’s remark was confirmed, as Tiera knew the detail of the materials too.

“By the way, though it had nothing to do with the investigation, when a non-appraisal item was checked with analysis, does it show the name of the things that are related to jobs and race?”

Shin confirmed what was on his mind with Schnee and Cuore.

“For me, if it were daggers and bows, I can see the name of magic items before the appraisal. Perhaps, it’s because I have used such weapons for a long time, no?”

Cuore displayed her own dagger and bow as she materialized it. Even from Shin’s eyes, it was understood that the items were maintained properly.

“I am similar with Tiera. I can see if it’s plant-related. A few ores and metals too, if it’s of the lower ranking ones.”

About the ores group, it might because of her watching Shin’s blacksmithing for a long time, was what Schnee said.

“Things, different from the game era, seem to appear steadily, huh?”

“Because we also don’t fully understand it.”

Schnee answered, to Shin who muttered small.


There were no particular troubles afterward, and the party returned to Elden.

It could be said it was already evening time. When they arrived at the guild, they headed straight towards the reception.

“The request has been completed. Please confirm it.”

“Understood--Yes, there’s no mistake for the the subjugation’s parts. The request is complete. Please take this paper here to the reward recipient counter over there.”

The receptionist who confirmed the goblin’s ears, wrote something on a paper and presented it to Shin. Like in Bayreuth’s guild, the rewards were not handed over at the reception desk.

“Also, I have one more thing to tell you.”

Before Shin who received the paper moved, the receptionist spoke.

“Yes, what is it?”

“To Shin-sama, we received a message from the guild master of the Bayreuth branch adventurers’ guild, Barlux-sama.”


“Yes. The same message was conveyed to each branch office. The contents are inside here.”

The receptionist handed a piece of envelope after saying so.  The transmission was likely to have been written down via the Mind Chat.

“If it’s for Shin, there are other adventurers with similar names too, right?”

“Guild Cards can be used for identification. Because the magic reaction issued is peculiar to each card, unless it was forged, I would never mistake it with another person.”

“I see. I understand.”

Shin left the reception desk, and joined the others.

“Is it from Barlux?”

“It seems so.”

He nodded to Schnee who asked, and unsealed the envelope. There was a letter inside, and only some brief information was written. The content was “Greetings, Shin. There is a summons for you from the royal palace. I want you to return as soon as possible”.

“Why did you receive a summon from the royal palace?”

“Well, I have no idea.”

“It is something you don’t have knowledge of?”

“No…No, there’s not,… maybe?”

Though he quickly responded that he didn’t know to Tiera who was amazed, something came to his mind followed by Schnee’s remark.

(Don’t tell me, it’s about the Skull Face sword which flew into the royal castle?)

Besides that, he couldn’t think of anything else.

He thought about whether he had done anything that could relate him with the sword, then he recalled that he talked about the greatsword to Celica and Els.

The battle where he fought against a high-level Skull Face with a powerful weapon, was likely to have been circulated.

Since it was not written in the contents of the summon, he had no choice but to confirm it when he met Barlux afterward.

“Prior to rank up, shall I straighten up this one?”

No matter how much an adventurer was said to be have freedom, ignoring a summon from the royal palace was unthinkable.

Of course, even if  Shin and the others ignored Bayreuth, they couldn’t be brought immediately.

However, there was no benefit even if they made trouble on their own accord. Even now, Shin still intended to act as a mere adventurer. The interference of the country would be troublesome if he, a High Human, was revealed.

To break off from the country, Shin didn’t know much about this world yet. Acting by common sense of the game and former world was a bad plan at this current stage.

“I’ll go together with you.”

“Me too.”

Schnee and Tiera declared as if it was natural to say. Cuore couldn’t afford to go together as expected, and they parted momentarily here.


“Well, don’t make such gloomy face. For the time being, tell me when Wolfgang is available, because I have to hand over something.”

Shin calmed down Cuore, who was suppressing her desire to go with them, which was reflected on her face with of all her heart. And then, he confirmed Wolfgang’s schedule.

Since Wolfgang was busy, he thought maybe it was good after the investigation matter here was over, but it didn’t go so well.

“Though the conference may be prolonged, because it should be paperwork after that, I think it’s better for us to wait for the opportunity in the residence. So we won’t be passing each other and so have to chase after him.”



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