Vol. 6 Chapter 1 – Part 1

Several days passed after the party, in which they celebrated the victory over the annihilation of the monster hordes that marched toward the fort city Balmel.

Shin and others were still in Balmel to help with matters after the ‘Great Flood’.

Besides the other remains that had been scattered around the plains, Schnee’s magic skill 【Blue Judge】 and Shin and the others’ 【Complete Destruction Palm】 caused many monsters to be turned to charcoal.

Cleaning up the bodies had started before the celebration party, but it has been taking time because of its unusual number.


“Anyway, it’s amazing. The monsters’ bodies around here were killed by a guy whose name is Red, right?”

“Yeah, I could see it very well as I was on the city wall. There are many who saw it as well. He killed the monster hordes that looked like a black wave all by himself. Whoever he was, he was really amazing.”

These conversations reached Shin’s ears.

Some people in the crowd who were heading to the gate after cleaning up bodies were talking about the mysterious person “Red”.

Even in the castle, various rumors were spreading and people were exchanging their opinion about the identity. Some opinions were reasonable but others were far from the truth.

For example, he probably served under a High Human, or he probably was one of the heroes who remained in this world, or he might be the incarnation of the god of fire Iira Suura and so on.

In fact, because Schnee or Shibaid, who were Shin’s support characters, could do it, the “Serving under a High Human” theory was the most dominant.

As for the third theory, it seems like people thought the god of fire Iira Suura who appears in myths joined the battle, as the armor’s color was red. It was one of the gods of war and people somehow believe it.

(So a God joined in huh? In the game world, Iira Suura was a boss monster…)

In the game, they could fight against the incarnation as part of a trial. Perhaps because of it, Iira Suura was known by people in this world as well.

Additionally, the boss monster ’s appearance was a human form holding a long fire sword.

It might be close to the scythe that Shin, or Red in this matter, used.

“But, why is his name Red?”

“Maybe it’s because his body is red, isn’t it?”

“That’s too simple. Don’t you think there should be a better nickname?”


Shin was quietly hurt. It was just made up on the spot, but was it really that weird?

“(Is the name “Red” that strange?)”

Yuzuha asked from overhead.

“(I don’t think that it’s a strange name.)”

It should not be strange, though there was no objection against the people who had said it was simple.

By the way, there was a plan to invite Red to the party but there was no way to make contact with him, of course. Schnee had been inquired regarding Red, but Shin asked her to answer that she didn’t know where Red was.

Shin was chatting with the middle age adventurer Rahl Ratt whom he got along with through working together everyday.

“Nevertheless, it’s harder to clean up than to fight.”

“Well, that’s a first world problem. There were no people killed in that tough battle. If we complain more than that, we would be punished.”

“I understand it, but I feel depressed if the number is that big. Besides, you didn’t fight that much. Some guys said they didn’t know why you were there.”

“Oh no, they found out. Hahaha!!”

Shin was talking with him using polite speech but started talking casually after he heard Rahl didn’t like to use polite speech.

Rahl was a rank B adventurer, so he didn’t know the word “Chosen One”. It seemed like he thought the adventurers who were fighting in the front line were from higher ranks.

As Shin said, there were no opportunities to join the fight for the adventurers of the raid.

Because they didn’t have coordination similar to the knights, they couldn’t charge into the monster hordes just like that.

Besides that, their position at the battlefield was right in front where monsters were rounded up by the magic of Schnee and Guile. If they had assaulted, they would just get mixed in and vanish.

It seemed like they guarded Guile and others to some extent, but it was hardly a battle.

“At any rate, Schnee Raizar is really amazing. No matter how hard we try, we would never be like her.”

“She is a monster to the general people. If she felt like it, she could erase a country. Are you scared of her?”

“Of course Shin! I don’t want to deal with her, though I think it’s okay to be killed by such a beauty!”

“…Well, I can understand your feelings.”

“See? I used to think it was just an exaggeration from those who said Schnee is a goddess or a holy woman, but once I saw her in the flesh, I couldn’t help but agree with them. Young people who saw her looked soulless. Although seeing the massive magic right after the start of battle, we lost our soul in another sense.”

Rahl laughed while talking about how epic it was. Even the knights lost themselves, so it was no wonder that younger adventurers were lost for words as well.

Also, Schnee has gained more fans without Shin’s knowledge.

If it was about a big guy with an aggressive appearance, people would fear him, but as it was about Schnee, strength was just one of her charms.

“Moreover, we can’t measure the value of the person by their strength. I have seen so many people up till now, someone can be a hero or bullshit depending on their ability and character. Understanding what kind of person they are, can’t be judged from their strengths or weaknesses. Besides I know that having power isn’t always a good thing.”

Rahl has probably had many experiences going by his age.

What he said was a cliche, but it carried weight at the same time.

“Do you know somebody like that person since you asked me about it Shin?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“I see. If so, you should not be scared too much. I failed because of it.”

Rahl said mournfully which was unusual for his cheerful character.

“I will keep that in mind.”

“Yes, you should. Well, we’ll arrive at the gate soon.”

They parked the carriage carrying the monsters’ bodies at the side of the gate, then headed toward the guild to receive the reward.

In order to make the cleaning work smoother, guilds offered the job to the adventurers.

After Shin received the reward, he parted with Rahl who was meeting up with his friends, and looked around lightly.

Schnee and Tiera oversaw another workplace, but as their shifts were about the same, they were planning on meeting up here.

Shin was drinking fruit juice to kill time at the corner of the bar in the guild when Eliza, the guild’s receptionist, talked to him.

“Excuse me, Shin-sama. Do you have a moment?”

“Yes? Well, I’m good till my friends come. Is it okay to bring Yuzuha too?”

“Yes. Because in these past few days, I know Yuzuha wouldn’t cause trouble.”

The ‘Flood’ was over and Balmel returned to its peaceful state. Shin had no idea why he was called.

“I am sorry for asking you too much. Our staff will take care of your friends once they arrive here.”

Shin followed Eliza who led the way.

They gathered attention but he decided not to mind about it now. As he was fighting in the front line as a Chosen One, Shin’s name was widely known among a group of adventurers.

The place where Eliza led him was the room of the head of this guild. When they entered the room, they found the guild master, Baren, and the princess of Bayreuth, Rionne, waiting.

“I am sorry that we asked you to come so suddenly. A request designated for you has come, but we can’t talk about it in public.”

Shin could predict the contents as Rionne was standing next to Baren.

“…Is it perhaps, to be Rionne-sama’s bodyguard?”

“Yes, that’s right. By the way, you are close to Rionne-sama, aren’t you? The content of the request is to guard Rionne-sama until Bayreuth.”

There were no opportunities to see her after the party and since the ‘Flood’ was over at that time, he thought Rionne had left Balmel already. However, his expectations fell short.

“You helped me a lot since I was transferred to Kalkia. You will also receive a reward for that.”

It sounds like she will give a reward to him for the other day as well.

At this point, there were a few things Rionne had to give to Shin, so the reward for guarding was included in it.

“Well… I am sorry but I can’t accept this offer.”

“Does that mean you refuse the request from the royal family?”

“According to the law of the guild, it depends on the adventurer’s decision whether they accept the offer or not, am I wrong?”

There was a designation system that let the chosen adventurer receive the request in guild.

But the adventurers who were called had a right whether to accept or not. Of course, there was no penalty from the guild when the adventurer refuses.

In the past, the designation request was partly compulsory. But there was an incident where somebody took advantage of it and trapped a certain adventurer. It was a malicious trap where somebody requested an adventurer and made an assassin hide at the requested destination to kill the adventurer as if they were attacked by a monster. But the incident came to light after the adventurer turned the tables on the assassin and reported to the guild.

It was found out that there were similar incidents in the past by investigation, and then it became that the adventurers could refuse the requests. However, when the adventurers were having trouble refusing the requests from the nobles and wealthy merchants, the guild was supposed to be a mediator.

“Can’t you?”

“I’ve said so, I have something to do.”

“Even though I am asking you?”

“Who taught you that upturned eyes and pose…”

“It doesn’t match with Rionne’s character,” said Shin in disgust.

Then Baren asked for confirmation.

“You can certainly refuse the offer, but is it really fine with you? Usually only the adventurers who belong to a high rank are called by the royal family.”

“I don’t mind. Actually, if I were to get too close to her carelessly, I would be scared of others’ jealousy. Besides, we are going to Kilmont for now. It’s the opposite direction and I am already prepared for it.”

“I wanted Shin to meet with my father though”

“No, I won’t. I feel he would tell me to serve for his country, so I won’t”


“I won’t change my mind even if you get sulky.”

Shin was regarded as an upper class Chosen One from Bayreuth’s top brass, but it didn’t mean that everybody would welcome him.

Rionne was a royal family member and was surrounded by the nobles. Sometimes people from the privileged classes act to keep their position more than considering the national interests.

…Though it was a selfish idea of Shin, he wanted to go to Kilmont to meet Shibaid as soon as possible and start researching the sacred place Kalkia.

Besides, even if Shin refused guarding her, somebody will pick her up from Bayreuth or she could request for other adventurers. They would never let the princess go home alone. In addition, Shin honestly couldn’t think that Rionne needed a guard.

“Well, how should I say this… it looks like you two are really close.”

“Of course! It’s Shin and me!

“I am afraid of what other people might think…”

Shin repeated it while turning away from Baren’s eyes who was putting a wry smile on his face.

“What a pity, but it can’t be helped. I don’t want to force this on you. But when you come to Bayreuth next time, you should come visit me.”

“…I will try.”

Considering Rionne’s attitude, it seems like she was thinking if Shin accepted the offer, it would be lucky or something.

Shin was relieved that they didn’t persistently press him. He had no intentions to treat her badly, but he has his priority.

“That’s all. Sorry for taking your time.”

“No problem. I was free at this time too. Then, please excuse me.”

He left with Eliza who was waiting for him at the corner of the room, they then left from the guild master’s room.

When Shin arrived at the hall, there was a crowd at the corner of the bar like he had seen before.


The center of the crowd was of course Schnee in disguise…In other words, Yuki and Tiera. He could sense the mood.

It happened often, so Shin kept his cool. He already heard the reason from Eliza about why so many people come around. Naturally, most of the adventurers were men. There were female adventurers, but there were very few who were beautiful, good figured, and capable like Schnee.

Even if there were that kind of women, they just stay with other women mostly, or they were employed by the nobles and there wouldn’t be any opportunity to get to know them.

Because of these reasons the adventurers were trying to invite Schnee and Tiera, whom often stay together, to join their party as well as the servants of the nobles, who were trying to invite them to the noble’s houses, were swarming around them.

“Today there are a lot more people around them.”

“Their name and appearance are well-known in Balmel. It can’t be helped.”

“So as I’m their male companion, the murderous intent and jealousy are focused on me, huh?”

“…It can’t be helped.”

Eliza as she was, had no way of responding.

“By the way, wasn’t there a plan to clear those people?”

“Yes, I informed the staff to be ready for it, but…”

Eliza looked around but there weren’t any staff even at the reception desk.

“It’s strange. There is a rule to have at least one person at the reception desk.”

“…Well, it seems like they tried to do their job though.”

With a sigh, Shin went towards the crowd. Though it was crowded with men, he could find another woman besides Schnee and Tiera.

The men who noticed Shin’s approach all showed negative feelings in their eyes. But because Shin had gotten used to it, he ignored those eyes and called out both of them.

“Hey Yuki! Tiera! It’s almost time to go!”

After a little pause, the crowd split. Tiera was behind Schnee, who has blond hair and red eyes, and a woman who wore the guild’s uniform was behind Tiera.

“I am sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No, I am the one who kept you waiting. I arrived here earlier, but just a little. I will talk about the details while walking. So who is this person?”

Some people were fascinated by Schnee’s smile toward Shin, and others were showing jealousy. Shin ignored those men and asked the woman who was standing behind Schnee and Tiera.

“Um, I-I am Fran, b-b-belong to the branch of the adventurer guild Balmel!!”

She was flustered and stuttered.

She was a petite lady and her height was around 150 cemels. Her brown bobbed hair and big round eyes were charming.

She looked like a junior high school student, or maybe even looked like an elementary school student.

“Fran, where are the other staff? They shouldn’t leave a new staff member alone at the reception.”

“M-My senpai is dealing with the high ranked adventurer who came a while ago. Others are also busy, so I have been trying to do my best, but…”

“The size of the crowd was so big that she could not deal with them by herself.”

“…Yes, that’s right.”

Fran agreed with Schnee’s words with sagging shoulders.

Surely, it was tough for new staff to deal with all those men around Schnee and Tiera.

If Shin were in the same position, he honestly wouldn’t want to get closer to that crowd.

Maybe the staff who have more experience would be able to handle it better, but it was still unavoidable.

“I am sorry. We caused trouble for you. Please accept my apology and if you have any requests, please tell me. I will help as much as I can.”

“I-I am sorry!”

“…Well, I think that’s okay, right, Yuki?”

“Yes, it was just bad timing and nothing happened to us, so please don’t worry about it.”

Schnee answered Shin while nodding.

She gave up halfway as people often come around her. That’s why she couldn’t bring herself to blame Fran.

“We appreciate your understanding.”

Still, Eliza and Fran have an apologetic look on their face.

Since it was their duty, it would affect their confidence if they accepted the responsibility and could not complete it. No matter how many times Schnee said it’s okay, they seemed to be ashamed. Shin and his companions left the guild saying “Don’t worry about it” to Eliza and Fran who bowed down.

“Sorry about that. If I had come to you immediately, we could have avoided that situation.”

“You had some business, didn’t you? It looked like you were called on.”

“Right. What happened?”

Somehow the two sensed something, so Shin explained about the request.

Schnee who listened to the story had a smile on her face and Tiera seemed to understand.

“It’s natural that they want to have Shin for their country. Rionne is a member of the royal family and although she doesn’t know about your background, she knows a little bit about your power, don’t you agree Shin?”

“A little. If I were in her position, I also would have thought to secure me. But what can I say, I understand it but it’s also different from my way of thinking.”

Though he said that, Shin kept a note in his mind that Rionne might be different from other royal family members. “If it weren’t for an unusual situation like this time, she would not favor me as much”, said Shin. Then Schnee said,

“Do you really think so?”

“What do you mean, Schnee?”

“The way you think and your attitude are rare in this world Shin. The royal families are heavenly people to the commoners, but not to players. Considering Rionne-sama’s character, she would be attracted to the person who casually talks to her and has power that she can rely on. Shin meets both of them, so even though there weren’t any incidents like this time, it’s possible that Rionne-sama likes you.”

“Well, if it is not Rionne-sama, others might say you are rude!”

“Well, how should I say it… I think Rionne-sama’s thought-process is closer to that of the commoner’s, not the royal family’s.”

“I agree with that.”

According to Rionne, the education that she had was focused on being a soldier more than being a member of the royal family, so it might be natural that she was different from other royalty.

“However, I don’t intend to be engaged with Rionne, so she has no choice but to give up on me.”

“If you say you are actually a High Human, she would come to you though.”

“From her past statements, I can’t deny that.”

Shin thought that Rionne might forcefully come saying it was for the sake of friendship. If they could have a High Human on their side, the king would happily give the princess.

“At any rate, our current priority is meeting up with Shibaid and others. If I follow Rionne, I would have to meet with the king. I am sorry for Baren-san, but I have to leave the country matter to the guild.”

He was not sure how far the guild would go, but Shin who was a Chosen One was different from a commoner. So he decided to think that the guild would have to do their best to deal with such a matter.

Partly because he had talked to Rionne, he couldn’t help but to wish that others won’t ask him unreasonable demands anymore.

There was the letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora…When Shin thought about it, he realized that he didn’t know much about the letter.

He had stored the letter in his Item Box and almost forgot about it until he used it in Balmel.

Because various events happened due to Shin showing the letter in Bayreuth, he hesitated to use it without thinking. Though it was a clue to meet with Schnee, he could meet with her without using it. Shin didn’t know all the items in THE NEW GATE, and he also thought whether there was this kind of item. Anyhow, depending on the player, making the item that worked effectively under a certain condition was possible. Frankly speaking, without a strong name value like “Tsuki no Hokora”, it was just a shiny piece of paper.

“Hey Schnee, it’s a bit late to ask you, but how do you make the letter of introduction?”

As far as Shin knew, the function that makes items that gave the effect like the letter of introduction didn’t exist in Tsuki no Hokora.

So that means that it was an original item from Schnee.

“The letter of introduction? I use the paper that comes out from the manufacturing machine that was used in Tsuki no Hokora. Also alchemy is applied. It was the enchantment of the luminescence.”

“Was there such a strong durability for the paper that comes out from that machine? It shouldn’t be a special paper that can be used for enchantments though.”

“I noticed it a long time after Shin left, so I don’t know the details…Surely it was just paper in the game era, but its quality is the best one as this world changed, so I think that magical power dwelled in it. Of course, I already checked it, and it wasn’t a bad one.”

Manufacturing machine in Tsuki no Hokora. It was like a home that produced various kind of materials, or one of the facility for the guild. There were some machines that could create items such as raw materials and metals, in addition to the paper in Tsuki no Hokora.

But the only one currently working is the machine that makes papers. In the death game period, when Shin left Tsuki no Hokora for the last time, he closed the door to the room for the manufacturing machines.

The reason was that the machine for the paper was placed in a different room from other machines, and he just forgot it was there.

“Let’s check it.”

It was better to quickly leave for Kilmont, and meet with Shibaid, but it was also important to check out his own home and his guild house which he oversaw.

“In that case, that forest is quiet and doesn’t stand out.”

“That’s right. Shall we go?”




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