BBYW Vol. 1 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 –  A Fool’s Demise

“Looks like it’s over.”

Shana walked towards me, looking at Sullivan’s mass of flesh, which was sinking in a pool of blood.

“Yeah, looks like it. It always ends too quickly.”

I nodded and sheathed my sword.

Thinking about it, my sword 【Siegfried】, which had the power to neutralize magic, could have negated Sullivan’s immortality, maybe.

(Oh well, who cares.)

I had no intention of letting him die easily anyway. This way I didn’t have to go to the trouble of capturing him alive and work on him later.

“Hee…heehee…I am…the king…the ruler…of this country…all is…mine…”

“Whoa? He’s still alive?”

I had literally cut him to pieces, pulled his organs out of his body, but Sullivan was still talking. His severed body parts were moving like slugs, trying to return together. At this point, his recovery power was beyond impressive, almost sickening.

However, his mind did not seem to heal: Sullivan, now only a torso, a head, and a left arm, smiled despite being immersed in a pool of his own blood.

“Why don’t you remove the bracelet? To put him out of his misery already.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Shana probably made her proposal out of pity; I sighed and accepted it.

I had the feeling he still hadn’t suffered enough — but it felt pointless to keep slicing or stabbing him.

I walked closer to Sullivan to remove the bracelet.


“Gwaaahhh!!! What, what the!?!?!”

Sullivan screamed out of the blue.


I was surprised and jumped backwards, then Sullivan’s body started exuding white smoke.

Wrapped in steam just like a sizzling teapot, Sullivan’s silhouette disappeared from sight.

I glared at the cloud of white smoke.

“Hey, hey, you aren’t going to explode, are you?”

“It could be changing form!! Cornered monsters always change to their second form, it’s a staple in the eastern countries!!”

Shana excitedly strengthened her grip on her lance. I pointed my sword toward Sullivan inside the smoke.

“Faah, haah, haah…my…bodyyyyyy!!!”

“What!? That’s….!”

“This is…unexpected…”

The cloud of smoke eventually dissipated, leaving Sullivan behind — but in a very different shape.


“Sullivan…in the short while we haven’t met, you sure got old…”

The Sullivan that emerged from the white smoke looked like he had aged about 50 years.

His handsome noble features were now marked by deep wrinkles.

His golden locks turned completely white and fell off.

The body parts I had cut off all recovered perfectly, but his limbs were now as thin as dried twigs. I doubted that even his closest relatives would recognize him if they didn’t witness the transformation.


“How…how pitiful…”

Sullivan opened his toothless mouth and Shana backed away a couple of steps from him.

His instantaneous transformation into a hideous old man probably shook her deeply.

“I see…so 【Herakles】 has this kind of side effect.”

Even the greatest legendary magic tool couldn’t be used forever unconditionally.

This was especially true for an incredible magic tool that could make you immortal.

【Herakles】 made it seem like the user did not spend any energy, but apparently it sucked the user’s youth or lifeforce.

(The first king died of illness in his thirties, didn’t he? This is a nasty piece of work…)

I reached a conclusion and walked towards old Sullivan, then— 



I kicked him without mercy.

Sullivan rolled away and the bracelet easily fell off his now skeletal arm.

I picked up the bracelet and slipped it into my breast pocket.

“And the treasure’s mine…though the royal family will get pissed, I guess? Maybe they won’t find out if I keep quiet.”

I didn’t know if the royal house was aware that the national treasure had been stolen, but now that things turned out like this, they don’t have the right to complain even if it falls into my hands.

It was a double-edged sword, but a precious magic tool nonetheless. There were a number of ways it could be used.

“Guess I should treat it as a reward for the hard work I do every day.”

“Give it baaack…the proof of my…kingship…proof of…the ruler of…this country…”


“Hee, heeeeehhhh!?”

Sullivan clung to my feet, so I kicked him away again.

“What a horrible view…in more ways than one.”

Shana sighed hopelessly as I repeatedly punted Sullivan.

“Why? He’s just Sullivan.”

“Heeeekkk!! Have, have mercyyyy!”

“I know that, but…when he looks like that…”

Shana looked troubled; I scratched my head.

“Can’t be helped, I’ll capture him like this. I want him to be punished rather than killed.”

“That is for the best.”

Shana and I nodded to each other, then I tied Sullivan up.

Even if I left him alive, Sullivan now had the body of a 70 year old: he didn’t have the willpower or physical ability to oppose me anymore.

“Okay then, case closed…no, wait, there was another traitor, wasn’t there?”

Stepping over Sullivan’s bound body, I looked up into the sky.

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