BBYW Vol. 1 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 –  How to Kill an Immortal


“You don’t need to shout. I can hear you just fine.”

Sullivan swung his fists at me repeatedly.

I dodged each one, stepping to the right, left, front, and back as needed.

“Hey, Sullivan. I’m not the petty person you seem to think I am, you know. I said something different when I scolded you, that’s true, but I don’t throw away a person after a single mistake.”

I talked, even though I was fully aware that he wasn’t listening. As expected, Sullivan ignored my words and simply continued swinging his arms like mad.

“It’s pointless to say any of this now, I know, but if only you refused the invitation to have me assassinated, I was going to forget everything that happened between us.”

The fact that he stole my fiancee or that he called the nobles guarding the eastern borders insane murderers.

I was still angry, of course, but all humans make mistakes. If Sullivan had a change of heart, I would have considered it all water under the bridge.

I even thought that, if Sullivan contributed properly to the eastern province as the next head of house Nommes, I could put in a good word with Duke Rosais to let him return to the central province one day.

“I’ve given you plenty of chances, you know? I let you marry Selena as you wished, I asked Baron Nommes to take good care of you. I even set up a meeting to give you the chance to apologize, haven’t I? You didn’t consider any of them to be chances, that’s all.”


Sullivan swung his fists again, as to erase my words.

I dodged the fist, which slammed into the stone floor and crushed it.

“Stop tearing my residence down!! It’s getting seriously annoying.”

I swung my sword. Sullivan’s body was slashed once, twice, thrice. Blood sprayed and splashed on the stone floor, but Sullivan seemed unfazed.

“I feel nothing!! Puny attacks like that could never affect the future king of Lamperouge!! I am a descendant of the first king, the immortal hero!!”

“That noble ancestor of yours must be weeping right now. Weeping at how idiotic his descendants are!!”

Four, five, six times…I slashed Sullivan’s body without pause, but all the wounds healed immediately.

“Ha!! Hahaha!! HAHAHAHA!!! Weak!! Too weak!! This is the hero of the eastern province!? You dare oppose the future king with your meager strength!?”

“Man, you haven’t hit me once and all you have going for you is that bracelet…”

“Say what you will!! This is the strength of a king!! The absolute power of the conqueror fated to rule the land!!”

Sullivan laughed pridefully as he continued to punch me. I dodged and cut, dodged and cut…

“I agree that it’s powerful, but…”

Dejected, I shook my head and mumbled to myself.

Sullivan’s power and speed, boosted by 【Herakles】, were really something to behold.

His “fighting style”, which consisted of nothing but wild punches, was too simple and childish: he looked like a kid throwing a temper tantrum.

“Well, what did I expect. You’re just a brat riding on your parents’ coattails after all.”

This guy lived all of his life as the crown prince, so he probably never even got into a fight.

I could dodge beginner level punches like this in my sleep.

“Hahaha!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

In stark contrast with my thoughts, Sullivan laughed uncontrollably, despite looking like a bloody mess.

Looking at him laughing while getting continuously wounded, even I felt a bit creeped out.

“…what’s so funny about this? Try to hit me at least once before you laugh.”

“Hahaha!! You know nothing, Dyngir Maxwell!!”

“What now?”

“Haha! I shall enlighten you, you moron!! My victory has been decided already!!”

Sullivan stopped swinging his fists and pointed at me.

He looked as if he was really convinced he was going to win. I frowned.

“Again, what makes you act so proud? Honestly, you’re creeping me out.”

“Haha, say whatever you want…fine, I will tell you, you filthy scum!! You have been slashing me with your sword for a while, but I am not defeated yet. Your sword means nothing before my immortal body!! However….however!!! If I can hit you just once, you will turn into a bloody pulp!! In addition, thanks to this magic tool I will never grow tired! As soon as you lose your energy and try to flee, it will be the end of you!!!”

“Aah…now I get it.”

So that’s why he was confident he was going to win. Well, for an idiot he had thought it through.

“Haha!! Don’t let me catch you too easily!! I shall have you taste every kind of suffering in this world, then chop your head off!!!”

“Sure, just you try it…”

I swung my sword twice, slashing Sullivan’s chest in a crosswise fashion.

“Mph! You struggle for nothing!!”

“About your analysis there, it was pretty much correct, I think. It’s just that…”

I casually evaded Sullivan’s fist, cutting his right hand off his wrist as I did.


“For example, what happens if your limbs get cut off, like this? I cut off your right hand now, but if I cut off the left hand, the one with the bracelet, will you recover all the same?”

“Y-you bastard!! My, my arm…!”

“What if I cut you to pieces? Can your body parts recover even if they’re torn apart and scattered?”

Forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder: I started slicing Sullivan’s right arm from the hand up.

Ultimately, Sullivan lost everything from his right shoulder down.

“Y-you b-b-bastard!!! My arm…! Who do you think I am!?”

“You’re asking that now? Can’t you say anything else?”

I whispered hopelessly, then thrusted my sword to Sullivan’s throat.

“Gh, gwah!?”

“What happens if I cut off your head? Can you recover? Is a new one going to pop up, like a lizard’s tail? If you are still alive, will the new head be the same as the old one?”


I carved Sullivan’s throat with the tip of my sword and he let out something of a scream. I chuckled at his reaction and extracted the sword.


“So? You still think you’re going to win? Do you really think you could? Come on, let me hear it.”

“Ggh,,,grraaahhhh!!! Kill you…I’m going to kill youuuuu!!! You countryside noble scum!! How dare you mock meeeeeeee!!!!”

Sullivan, the wound on his throat now healed, swung his remaining left arm at me.

My lips curved into a grin and I swung my blade.

“Really. Sure, if you’re still up to it, I’ll stick with you to the end!!”

What followed was not a battle, but the butchering of a pig.

I gradually cut apart Sullivan’s body into smaller pieces. I pulled the guts out of his stomach, extracted his eyeballs and even his heart.

Some ten minutes later…

In the residence’s garden, now a blood-red carpet, Sullivan’s mutilated body lay immobile.

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