BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 45 (WN)

Chapter 45 – A Ridiculously Sloppy Assassination Plan

“…and that is all. The empire seems to be in a state of serious confusion.”

“200,000…!? I can’t even imagine how…”

Sakuya’s report had me hold my temples — I felt as if I was getting a headache.

In the empire, Grett Baal forcibly made himself emperor and wielded the power of Zeus in, effectively, a dictatorship. The area around the capital was rapidly withering, steadily  influencing the crops.

In addition, a large-scale conscription order had been issued: all males over 15 years old were forced to apply as soldiers. More than 50,000 had already been gathered, but the final amount was expected to be 200,000.

“How do they think they’re going to equip all those soldiers? And the rations too…no, don’t say anything. I got it.”

I didn’t need to wait for Sakuya’s answer to know.

Currently, there was no way for the empire to feed an army 200,000 strong. Which meant that they would have to find nourishment abroad.

“That bastard wants to take away our land…!! Damn little…!!”

“….Lord Dyngir.”

“…I cannot begin to apologize for my brother’s actions…”

Sakuya and Rossellia were in the room with me. The first was as expressionless as usual, but Rossellia looked genuinely distraught.

“They are simply conscripted soldiers, I am sure they cannot measure up to House Maxwell’s forces.”

“I’m not worried about losing, that’s for sure. But in war, numbers mean a lot. If 200,000 soldiers…no, 200,000 ruffians invade our province, they’re going to cause serious damage.”

“…I can’t ignore this, can I? The longer we have to deal with that idiot, the more money and soldiers it will cost us. We have to strike first this time.”

“Do you mean to invade the empire? But…”

Rossellia sounded apprehensive. Even if the empire itself was in disarray, Grett still had Zeus by his side. If we attempted an invasion, we would surely be met by a swift and brutal counterattack.

“With all due respect, I believe an assassination would be the best option. If you give the order…”

Sakuya drew one of her poisoned darts, but I shook my head.

“Yeah, we’ll go with assassination. But the Fangs of Steel don’t need to act…Grett Baal. I’m going to kill that man with my own hands.”


Both Sakuya and Rossellia looked at me wide-eyed.

An obvious reaction, considering the heir to the margrave just announced the intention to embark personally on an assassination.

I was completely serious, however.

According to the Fangs of Steel’s report, Grett Baal was holed up at the top of the tower and rarely ever left. The tower was patrolled by magic tools called Golems, so even skilled assassins like the Fangs of Steel would have a difficult time reaching him.

“Lord Dyngir, you mustn’t! It is simply too dangerous!!”

“How would you plan on going into the empire? There are wanted posters of you all over the empire, and you would have to pass several checkpoints before you can arrive at the capital. You might be able to reach it without being found if you travel through the mountains and plains, but that would take a much longer time.”

Both girls tried to stop me, in their own way.

Maybe because it had been quite a while since Rossellia started living in the Maxwell province, she and Sakuya had started to mesh well together.

“I know that I’m saying something ridiculous, mind you. I bet the old man would get a stroke if he heard me.”

I imagined the reaction of my apprehensive father and smiled wryly.

To tell the truth, however, I had decided to venture into the empire and wring Grett’s neck with my own hands a while ago.

(I guess I’m more of a brat than I thought…I still can’t get over the fact that I let that bastard slip away from me. I won’t be satisfied till I personally chase him down and cut his head off.)

I truly felt sorry for my old man, but I couldn’t become a proper adult just yet. I was going to travel to the empire very soon.

“In any case, we have to do something about Grett Baal. Half of our travel expenses are already paid, after all…we might as well respond to the invitation.”


Rossellia cocked her head, puzzled.

I took out a cloth bundle and put it on the table.

“That is…”

“Something your brother forgot here. Something that should be able to take us to the empire in a flash.”

A transparent sphere with a crack down the side. The magic tool “Hermes”, which Grett Baal had used to escape from Fort Bryden.

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