BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 46 (WN)

Chapter 46 – To the Empire!

After deciding to use the magic tool Hermes to sneak into the empire, I called a certain young lady to my private residence.

That young lady was my former fiancee, Selena Nommes — or what became of her: Diviner Kanna of the Fangs of Steel. 

“Who is this young lady?”

Rossellia, who saw her for the first time, asked me about Kanna’s identity. Her white hair and kimono were certainly not a common sight, so Rossellia seemed to be at a loss.

“Oh, she’s my favorite fortune teller. I’ve never been on a campaign in another country, you see, so I wanted to know what my fortune would be for the next battle.”

“My name is…Kanna. I tell….fortunes…..meow…”


“Well…don’t mind her. I think one of her ancestors was a cat.”

Kanna sometimes produced strange animal-like voices, a quirk for which I was entirely to blame.

“I-Is that so…I never knew there were people that drew blood from cats abroad…this is a learning experience.”

Rossellia actually took the lie I came up with on the spot seriously — and nodded, impressed.

Once again, I realized that despite her intelligence, Rossellia was terribly ignorant about the “outside world”. I worried she was going to be tricked by a sleazy man and have something unspeakable happen to her.

(Hopefully, that man will be me.)

“Putting that aside…Kanna. I want you to take a look at this magic tool.”


I gave Hermes, wrapped in a bundle of cloth, to Kanna. She held it and stared at the sphere through the cloth, as if she was going to burn a hole in it.

“…winged…god…Hermes…teleportation…five persons…can go…empire…but…guide is…necessary…one more time…then break…”

“Five people can use it at the same time, but it will break after one more use…I suppose?”

“Looks like it.”

I nodded to Sakuya’s summary.

We had recently realized that Kanna awakening her talent as diviner also allowed her to appraise unknown magic tools.

Magic tools were relics of the lost magic civilization: more often than not, there was no way to know how they could be used. This meant that most magic tools slept unused in storages, and that Kanna’s appraisal ability was an extremely precious gift.

“I honestly wondered if it could really work, all cracked like that…but looks like it’ll be fine.”

“We can only use it once, though. You won’t be able to come back with it, I’m afraid.”

“We’ll just have to walk, or take a ship. Might as well do some sightseeing while we’re at it.”

I had my first battle against the empire five years ago, but I have never set foot on imperial soil. It wouldn’t be bad to take a look around the enemy’s stronghold.

“The real issue is the guide. We have to take someone who has been to the empire…well, I guess Shana’s the safest choice…”

“I will go!”

Rossellia interjected, a firm tone in her voice.

Surprised, I turned towards her and found an equally serious expression on her angelic face.

“This whole commotion has been caused by the Baal imperial family. It is only right that it is settled by someone from the same family! I have been raised hidden deep in court and never had a chance to contribute to my country. Please allow me one final chance to do something for my homeland!”


I paused for a moment. I could see the sad resolve in her eyes. I’ve seen people with the same light in their eyes before: all people ready to throw away their lives in order to accomplish something.

“…Rossellia. I will not say that you do not have any responsibility in this. All people bear a degree of responsibility related to their birth. But if you’re planning to sacrifice yourself out of responsibility, I won’t take you with me.”

“But I…”

“If you really want me to take you, consider it a debt. You’ll have to pay it back, together with us saving your life and all. Don’t even think you can go die on your own, all right?”

“…you are certainly right. After you saved my life, I could not possibly die before repaying this debt of gratitude.”

Rossellia’s face then brightened in a beautiful smile, like a blooming flower kissed by sunlight.

“Yes, I will definitely repay this debt. Everything I have now, anything I might obtain in the future, I will offer it all to you, Milord..”

“Well said, very well said. I am going to reclaim every last thing, so look forward to it.”

“Hehe, I certainly will.”

Rossellia smiled cheerfully; she probably failed to realize the extent of the contract she had just signed.

I now had her pledge, though: once the Grett business was done, I was going to savor it to my heart’s content.

“The imperial “suicide mission” team, then, will be formed by Lord Dyngir, Lady Rossellia, myself —  Sakuya and…”

“I am going too, naturally.”

“If the Princess goes, I will too!”

The door swung open and two women barged in the room: Shana and one of Rossellia’s attendants, Estia Sabnach.

“I wish to go as well…but I would surely get in everyone’s way, so I shall pray for your safety here.”

The other attendant, Luna, was standing in the corridor, a frustrated expression on her face. The three imperial guests were all eavesdropping, apparently.

“…people…forced to dance…ancient weapon…golem…thunder…falls…cut…be careful…ok?”

Kanna tottered next to me and looked up at my eyes. Looks like she was worried.

“Sure, thank you, Kanna.”

“Meow, meow.”

I patted her head and Kanna purred back. Her expressions were as blank as ever, but as a whole she seemed to be coming together nicely.

“Hmph…that’s unfair.”

“Lord Dyngir, I suggest you should pat my head too.”

Rossellia and Sakuya both approached me, looking dissatisfied. I could understand Sakuya, but Rossellia too?

“Okay then, time to go on our jolly trip to the empire! The souvenir will be Grett Baal’s head!”

Our five-member group’s departure was thus decided.

The war between the Kingdom of Lamperouge and the Baal Empire had been continuing, on and off, for 150 years. Finally, the curtains opened on the final battle.

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