BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 47 (WN)

Chapter 47 – Unexpected Effects of Teleportation

Once we decided to use Hermes to infiltrate the empire, the next issue was to decide exactly where to teleport to.

“How about the imperial court? The room I used to live in should be accessible only to my maids.”

Rossellia modestly raised a hand and made a proposal. Surprisingly Luna, her loyal attendant, expressed disagreement.

“We do not know how many of those working in court are on Prince Grett’s side. Regardless of the circumstances, he is now emperor: we cannot be sure that all maids will be loyal to you, Princess.”

“Why not use the empty lot I used for spear training, then? I went there to hide from my father, so barely anyone ever goes there, but it’s not too far from the court.”

Shana gave her own proposal, to which I nodded.

“Right. I want to see the state of the capital too, so it’d be better to teleport outside the court.”

The location was decided: now we just had to go. We quickly prepared the necessary weapons and emergency rations, and then gathered in the room once again.

“Counting on you, Shana.”

“Rest assured, Master.”

I gave Hermes to Shana and pulled her closer.

“Mph! Excuse me!”

“Whoa, hey.”

For some reason, Rossellia grabbed my left arm with an annoyed expression on her face. She held it tight, like a child hugging their parents.

“Lady Rossellia, it might appear unfair to not wait for the others.”

“The early bird gets the worm, as they say! I will not relinquish this spot!”

Sakuya glared at the princess, but Rossellia puffed her cheeks and looked the other way. Sakuya quickly figured out she was really not going to budge and hugged my back instead.

“Well well, the princess is rather different from how I remembered.”

“Aah…Princess, what has come of you…”

Shana looked at Rossellia’s antics with a warm smile, while Estia looked like a father witnessing his daughter being taken away by a suspicious man. They both then grabbed the edges of my clothes.

“Be very careful, everyone…”

“Meow…come back…alive…”

“Yeah. The old man might ask you all sorts of questions, but bear with him, alright? We’ll be back soon,”

“Here goes!”

Shana activated Hermes. The white light emanating from the sphere filled the room. Followed by a cracking sound.

The next instant, everything went pitch black.

“…where are we?”

“L-Lord Dyngir? You are there, yes!?”

“Yeah, I am, but…”

I answered to Rossellia, who held my arm even tighter than before, then looked around. We were surrounded by complete darkness: in addition, we couldn’t even move freely, as if we were stuck in a box.

“Lord Dyngir, this is an unexpected development. We cannot move.”

“..hmm, this isn’t good. Can’t see anything either.”

“Eek! Who is touching my behind!? It can’t be…!”

“Hmm, what a dangerous situation this is..hmm…”

The bodies of four women were pressing against mine: a tender, warm, indescribable feeling of happiness. The smell of their sweat added even more to the already ecstatic experience. For a split second, I thought I wouldn’t have minded enjoying it forever.

“I guess forever would be a bit too long, though!”

I kicked, with all the strength I could muster. The wall in front of me crumbled and fell, letting light in. A few more kicks made the hole large enough to reveal the scenery behind the wall.

“This is…a storeroom?”

We were indeed inside a storeroom. We had ended up in a wooden crate, of which there were many more stacked around.

“Either we went to the wrong place…or they built a storehouse in the empty lot.”

As it turned out, the location Shana chose had been turned into storage. And we ended up inside one of the crates stored there.

“…which means…we could have ended up inside a wall? Pretty dangerous development.”

“Indeed, to see a nostalgic place transformed into this…is kind of sad.”

“Yeah, I’m not talking about that…”

I sighed at Shana’s melancholic reminiscence.

I definitely did not expect something like this to happen: maybe I should have asked Kanna where to teleport.

“Lord Dyngir, I found a door.”

“Yeah, let’s just get out of here…”

We went out of the storehouse and found a series of brick and mortar buildings. Compared to Lamperouge, the architecture seemed to be an older, more traditional style.

I would have loved to take a leisurely look around, but something else grabbed my attention.


A gigantic building piercing the sky, just like a sword rising from the ground. It was something modern architecture could not create: something that could only be a product of divine intervention.

“So that’s the tower of Babel…Zeus.”

I whispered, a mixture of fear and excitement in my voice.

The greatest, strongest ancient weapon towered before my eyes.

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