BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 50 (WN)

Chapter 50 – The Fool’s Banquet

【POV: Saim Fulcas】

I am Saim Fulcas, a man in service to the Baal Empire’s former second prince…the current emperor.

“Ghehe…hehehe…hahaha…! Aah…Rossellia…Rossellia…!!”



We were now on the top floor of the tower of Babel, the empire’s most precious treasure, also known as “Zeus – Divine Hammer of the Thunder Emperor”. The place was used by the founding emperor Zebul Baal to annihilate the surrounding countries and establish an empire. A place now turned into Grett’s den of pleasure.

Two weeks have passed since Grett summoned the tower of Babel and suppressed all dissent within the empire. All this time, Grett had young blonde girls taken into the tower and indulged in carnal pleasures through them.

Just now, he stripped another blonde slave of her clothes and leisurely played with her immature body.

(The end must be near for the empire…)

I stroked my white beard and sighed, careful not to let Grett hear me.

I used to be a merchant, but entered Grett’s service around five years ago. He did not have the military prowess or popularity of his older brother Lars, but possessed a calculating intelligence that his brother lacked. He was arrogant and clearly dismissive of those below him in rank, but I believed such a trait to be necessary for a ruler.

That is why I chose to support Grett, but I realized now that I might have been mistaken after all.

(To think that obtaining power would ruin him to such an extent…or did the defeat in the last battle affect him to this point?)

Grett Baal, born with the enviable status of second imperial prince, had lived all his life fully enjoying his noble privileges.

He seemed to possess a shrewd acumen ever since childhood, and had never experienced true failure.

While he had failed to subjugate the nomad tribes of the north, he had just given orders and did not participate personally in the military campaign against them, so he did not see himself as part of that failure.

(There is no point in sinking together with this ship. I should gather as much money as I can and leave this country, while I still can.)

I was Grett’s vassal, but, unlike a knight, felt little to no loyalty. I only served him in order to reap the returns once he became emperor. If there was nothing more to gain, I simply had to leave.

“Your Majesty, I am terribly sorry to disturb your pleasure, but…”

“Huuh? What do you want, Fulcas!”

His time of delight interrupted, Grett was visibly irritated. He glared at me, eyes brimming with murderous intent.

“The conscription is not proceeding as planned, unfortunately. I wish to take direct control of the available troops and prepare for the invasion of the Maxwell territory as soon as possible.”

“Really. Do what you want.”

“I thus humbly request the grant of finances to be used for such preparations. If I may have permission to access the court treasury…”

“Fine, just go.”

Grett then swiftly returned to his pleasures.

“Please – take – this.”

“Oh, ooh, thank you.”

The Golem, a soldier of stone shaped after a human female, gave me a gorgeous treasure chest. I opened it and found the key to the treasury inside.

(This Golem alone could be worth thousands of gold coins…what a waste to have it babysit that fool…)

I sighed again and bowed towards Grett.

“I shall be back before long, Sire.”




After one click of the tongue, I activated the tower control functions that Grett had previously shared with me.

A magic circle appeared at my feet, which enveloped my body with purple light. I felt as if I was floating for a moment, and the next I was on the first floor of the tower of Babel.

“Golem defense system, instant transportation…this tower is really a gift from the gods. To think that this incredible power is rotting in the hands of that fool…”

The legendary treasure had been reduced to a child’s plaything. Even if I lacked any loyalty to the empire, I could not help but feel dismay towards the current situation.

“Oh well, not having to babysit that fool anymore is enough of a load off my shoulders…let’s see what I can retrieve from the treasury before I go…”

“You sure sound in high spirits, old man.”


The tower gates opened before me, revealing a group of five. Among them, a face I recognized.

“P-Princess Rossellia…! Why are you here…!?”

“…to bring an end to everything. Please do not resist, Saim Fulcas.”

“Oh, so this is Saim Fulcas? Grett Baal’s vassal, right?”

“W-Who are you supposed to be!?”

A man was standing next to the princess — though he looked more like a beast, with bare fangs and all. Even if I had little to no martial expertise, I could tell that I was face to face with a monster.

“Dyngir Maxwell. I should be kind of famous even in the empire, right?”


(To think House Maxwell would retaliate so quickly! How did they pass unnoticed by Zeus’ lightning!?)

“I won’t be too rough if you just surrender quietly…so?”


I had served Grett until now, after all. Even if I was not killed on the spot, I would surely receive a heavy sentence at a later time.

“Protect me, Golem!”

“Under – stood.”

I used the tower control privileges and summoned the Golems. 10 stone soldiers appeared, blocking the way between Dyngir Maxwell and me.

“Attack!! Kill them all!!”

“Perfect, a skirmish before the real battle against Grett. Let’s do this!”

Dyngir Maxwell raised his sword and faced the Golems.

The battle for the tower of Babel thus began.

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