BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 51 (WN)

Chapter 51 – The Fool Screams Love and Dances with Destruction

“Intruder – Alert! Intruder – Alert!”

“What is it this time!? Why won’t anyone leave me alone?”

An alarm suddenly blared on the top floor of the tower of Babel. Grett Baal frowned and rose from his bed.

Under him, a blonde-haired girl lay motionless. He had been petting her gently at first, but gradually grew bored and the violence escalated. Her face was blue with bruises, blood trickling from her lips.

“Intruder? Another functionary with a stupid plea, I imagine. Just drive them out.”

Following Grett’s order, the Golem wearing a maid-like dress shook its head.

“Five – Golems – attempted – elimination – but – were – destroyed. Awaiting – orders.”


A single Golem had more fighting prowess than 10 soldiers combined. The tower was thus impenetrable: several assassins targeting Grett’s life had already been neutralized.

“Nonsense! Show me what’s going on!”


A square window-like object appeared in front of Grett, which showed the first floor of the tower.


The next instant, Grett squealed in delight.

“OOOOOHHH!! Rossellia!! My beloved bride!!”

The window showed a group of five people. Among them, one man and three women were fighting against the Golems. They all performed superhuman movements as they battled the stone warriors, but Grett was fixated only on the last woman of the group.

The woman he loved the most in the whole world, the angelic beauty crafted by the gods, Rossellia Baal.

“You came to me by yourself, my love! I am so happy! Our love must be mutual after all! We are destined lovers, blessed by heaven! Haha! Hahahaha!!”

Grett’s crazed laughter then abruptly stopped. Just like a coin flipping faces, his expression instantly turned into fury.

“…DYNGIR MAXWELL!? How dare you be here!! How dare you step into our nest of love!?”


Grett’s fist forcefully swung down. The blonde girl on the bed was on the receiving end of his tantrum: Grett’s bony hand sank into her white stomach, forcing her to gasp for air.

“How dare you!! Enter!! My line of!! Sight!! You filth!! Stay away!! From!! Rosselliaaaa!!!”

The fist swung, again, again and again.

“Ghah…! P…please…sto…ghah…”

Striking the young girl’s stomach, again and again. The poor maiden desperately pleaded for Grett to stop, but her voice did not even reach his ears.

The brutal display of violence continued for over five minutes. Finally satisfied, Grett’s fist stopped.



Grett’s shoulders shook, exhausted. In contrast, the abused girl could barely manage to breathe. 

“…eliminate them. Use all of the tower’s Golems if necessary. Tear them all apart, all except Rossellia.”

“Under – stood. All – Golems – activate.”

The maid-like Golem obsequiously bowed. The Golems guarding each of the tower’s floors started moving, all at the same time.

“…oh, dispose of this trash too. I’m going to see Rossellia.”

“Under – stood.”


The maid-like golem lifted the girl’s body from the bed, moved to the window and threw it out.


The instant she was thrown out, the barely conscious girl’s bruised expression — her swollen eyes, reduced to a slit, met the Golem’s brown pupils.



A gaze brimming with hate, returned by the maid-like Golem without any emotion.

The girl’s body vanished towards the bottom of the tower, leaving a large red spot on the ground.

“Mission – complete.”

A mechanical voice announced, and the window of the top floor closed.

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