BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 52 (WN)

Chapter 52 – Stone Idol Destruction

The sounds of clashing swords and weapons continued without pause.

The Golems summoned by Saim Fulcas fell one by one, their stone bodies shattered.

“This can’t be…!! What the hell are you people!?”

Saim, incapable of accepting the reality unfolding before his eyes, screamed in a mixture of bewilderment and desperation.


My sword slashed another Golem.

Their sturdy bodies prevented me from cutting all the way through, but Siegfried was a sword that could sever the magic energy of anything it cut. Thanks to this ability, the stone warriors turned into lifeless dolls after one strike, crumbling on the spot.

“Leviathan! Water Snake!”

Shana spun her lance, materializing snakes made of water from the tip. The Golems’ bodies were pierced by the blasts of concentrated water, carved as if devoured by a wild animal. Once the torso’s armor was destroyed, a shining red gem could be seen from within.

As it turns out, that was a fatal weak point for the stone giants: as soon as Shana’s water snake shattered it, the Golem slumped to the ground.

“Looks like that’s their weakness…can you destroy it, Estia?”

“No need! I have my own way of fighting!”

Estia swung her sword, as if sharply rejecting Shana’s teasing. Unlike her former comrade, Estia’s weapon was not a magic tool.

“Hah! Haah!!”

Estia’s sword struck the Golem once, twice, with precise slashes aimed at the stone doll’s joints. Just like raindrops boring holes in the rock, the Golem’s body was gradually whittled down. Eventually, the stone giant’s joints gave way and collapsed, unable to stand anymore.

“How about this!”

“Heh, your sword arm is as clean and straightforward as always.”

Estia puffed her chest in triumph, prompting a wry smile from Shana.

Estia’s sword, capable of striking wherever she intended with extreme accuracy, was a masterpiece of precision and forthrightness.

Seeing the sword that bested her in her knight days, as beautiful as ever, Shana could not help but smile.

“Keep talking like that, while you can! I will defeat you next time!”

“Oh, I’m looking forward to that.”

Shana and Estia faced new Golems, covering each other’s backs.

“Those two seem to be enjoying this…do they really understand our situation?”

Sakuya, my personal maid, sighed. 

Her fighting style, based on poison and needles, was not particularly effective against artificial creatures such as the Golems.

Making full use of her speed, however, she could lure the Golems with movements too quick for them to keep up with.

The Golems which tried to crush her with their fists ended up seeing her vanish in thin air and hit their brethren instead.

“Lord Dyngir, I believe it’s enough.”

“Yeah, the time’s right.”

We had managed to knock out most of the summoned Golems: a few remained, but Shana and Estia would take care of them soon enough.

I thus left the “survivors” to them and turned towards Fulcas, still standing there dazed.

“I can’t…those are the guardians of this tower of god! How can they fall so easily…?”

“Even if they’re called ancient weapons, they’re just mass produced dolls in the end. If you really thought something like that could stop us, well… I pity you, old man.”


I approached Saim, sword drawn, and he fell backwards on his butt, trying to back away.

“P-Please wait!! I was only doing what His Highness ordered me to do!! I didn’t want to turn the capital like this, nor to use the lightning!!”

“Hah, rest easy, I’m not going to hold someone like you responsible for what happened. Answer my questions, instead.”


I thrusted my sword to the bearded old man and he let out an almost pathetic shriek. Pitiful enough that I would have sheathed my sword…if he wasn’t Grett’s right-hand man.

“Grett Baal is on the top floor, right? How can we get there?”

The old man had appeared out of nowhere: I had seen it with my own eyes. The tower was probably equipped with some device similar to Hermes.

The tower was probably filled with traps: climbing it floor by floor would be way too troublesome. If there really was a teleportation device, I would definitely use it.

“I-I just used the tower control privileges Prince Grett granted me!! They make it possible to move from the first floor to the top floor!!”

“Ooh…and you’re going to pass those privileges or whatever to me, yeah?”


I lightly slapped the man’s cheeks with my blade, making him shiver like a leaf.

“I can’t!! I’ve been trying to go back to the top floor, but it won’t work…His Highness must have taken the privileges away from me…!!”


A sudden light flashed, as if to interrupt Fulcas’ words. The source was a magic circle drawn on the floor.



The magic circle had appeared right under Rossellia’s feet, who was watching over us from the tower’s entrance.

Estia realized something was wrong and rushed to her aid, but was one step too late. Rossellia’s body was enveloped in purple light.


I shouted too, but it was too late. When the light dissipated, the beautiful princess was nowhere to be seen.

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