BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 53 (WN)

Chapter 53 – The Path to the Top Floor


Estia ran to the space previously occupied by Rossellia — the sudden disappearance of her beloved mistress left her mind blank.

At the same time, one of the Golems knocked down on the floor managed to rise again, its fists swinging towards Estia’s back. The loyal knight, however, was too devastated to notice.

“Estia! Behind you!!”


Shana swung her lance towards the Golem chasing Estia. A slash like a flash of lightning pierced the core nested in the stone giant’s chest, destroying it instantly.

“Kh…I’m sorry, Shana.”

“Don’t worry…but keep your guard up.”

However, Shana looked too sternly at the space Rossellia vanished from. For the former imperial knight, Rossellia was a long-time friend: her eyes clearly showed her apprehension.

“…Saim Fulcas!!”


I picked up Grett’s retainer, holding his neck with both hands, and looked him straight in the eyes. I did not know what kind of face I was making, but the old man looked paralyzed with fear as he stared back at me, wide-eyed.

“Where is Rossellia!? Answer me!!”

“I d-don’t know!! I didn’t do anything!!”

“ANSWER ME, I said!!”


My grip on the man’s neck grew tighter. I barely managed to contain the impulse to snap his neck then and there, and continued to interrogate him.

“S-She probably is on the top floor, in Prince Grett’s chambers…”

“How do we go there!?”

“I always went by teleportation, but I can’t use it anymore…the only other way is the stairs…”

Saim’s trembling finger pointed at the stairs in the corner of the room. I clicked my tongue.

(I can’t even imagine how long it’d take to climb a tower this high…and I bet we’ll find traps and more Golems too…)

“Lord Dyngir!!”

Sakuya’s warning snapped me out of my thoughts. More magic circles like the one that spirited Rossellia away appeared: 10, 20, 30…they increased more and more, summoning new Golems.

Saim’s eyes lit up as the unexpected reinforcements arrived.

“Ooh!! Prince Grett sent them to my aid!! Hahaha, prepare to d…”


One of the Golems that appeared near us swung its arms like a hammer. I managed to dodge instinctively, but the old man was crushed by the stone fist — and promptly reduced to a pool of blood.

“They don’t seem to distinguish between friend and foe anymore…what should we do, Lord Dyngir?”

“…good question.”

I frowned at Sakuya’s question.

If we fought with all our might, we could probably defeat the dozens of Golems sent to our floor. I didn’t want to think, however, at what could happen to Rossellia in the meantime. 

“Leave them to us, master! We will open a path for you to save Rossellia!!”

“I hate myself for saying this, but the Princess is in your hands!! Please go, Dyngir Maxwell!!”

Shana and Estia took down the Golems in front of them, then shouted in my direction. I could see that they were ready to lay down their lives.

Shana and Estia. In my generation, they were two of the greatest warriors I knew. I could tell how refined their craft with the sword and lance was — so much that it could even be called art.

There was no guarantee, however, that they could face so many Golems by themselves and survive. It would be a matter of time till they met an end as gruesome as Saim…

“…the stairs…”

I looked beyond the Golem horde, towards the staircase. Was going up the right thing to do? Should I stay instead?

(The decision for me to take is…)

I neutralized the Golem before me and made my decision.

“You better be safe until I get there…Rossellia!!”

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