BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 54 (WN)

Chapter 54 – A Goddess Loses Hope

【POV: Rossellia Baal】

A purple light suddenly appeared all around me, shutting out everything else.

The next moment, I found myself in an unfamiliar room. The sofa, carpet, bedding…all furniture and effects were of the finest quality, well-fitting the imperial court.

“Where am I…? Lord Dyngir? Estia?”

“Aah, Rossellia!!”


The voice sent a chill down my spine. It was my brother, Grett Baal.

I turned around and saw him standing with open arms.

“…Lord Brother Grett.”

“My beloved sister, I am so glad to see you safe.”

Grett approached, as if he wanted to embrace me.

“Don’t come any closer!!”


I raised my palms and urged him to stop.

Grett looked positively baffled to be so clearly rejected.

“W-What happened to you, Rossellia…? Oh, I see! You’re angry because I came to your rescue a bit late!”

Grett reached a very improbable conclusion and nodded to himself, satisfied.

“I’m sorry, truly…I didn’t have enough power and had to leave you with that Maxwell barbarian…you must have been terrified! But we’ll never be apart anymore. I will never leave you again, I promise!”


Seeing Grett so utterly lost in his misunderstandings left me speechless. His suffocating adoration often inspired feelings of aversion and irritation in me, but I never expected that my opinion of him would fall even lower than that.

(…how disgusting.)

I couldn’t even see him as a fellow human being anymore. I knew how disrespectful it was to think of my own brother that way, but I could only see the creature before me as something like a snake, a lizard — or better, an insect dwelling under a rock.

“…Lord Brother Grett, there is something I wish to ask you.”

I decided to buy time through conversation. Lord Dyngir and Estia were surely coming to my rescue: I had to ensure my safety until they arrived.

“W-What is it, Rossellia?”

“Why did you decide to awaken Zeus? This magic tool is a forbidden “divine weapon”…as you surely knew too.”

That was a question I really meant to ask Grett once I met him.

Father had told us about the legend of Zeus and the dangers involved with it. It was unthinkable to use it for personal gain.

“B-But, you see, Cerros…”

“What did Cerros do?”

“It’s all his fault!! He revolted!! If I let it happen, he would have become emperor! Cerros, the son of a peasant!! It would have been a stain on our empire’s history!!”

So explained Grett, just like a child making excuses after a prank.

“Right!! It’s not my fault!! It’s all Cerros…and Dyngir Maxwell!! He humiliated me!!”

“…Lord Dyngir?”

“He messed up all my plans! If he didn’t kidnap you, if he properly lost at Fort Bryden, I wouldn’t have lost everything!! I would have become emperor, unified the whole continent! I would have been known as an esteemed ruler forever!!”

Grett’s pale complexion had become beet red, as he stomped around. I looked at my brother’s tantrum — I could easily imagine the blank look on my face.

“It’s not my fault! I didn’t do anything wrong!! Nothing, nothing, nothing!! It’s everyone else’s fault for not understanding me!! I’m the only one fit to be emperor!! I was chosen by god!!”

“…is that all you have to say?”

The coldness of my voice surprised even me.


Yes, just ridiculous.

To think that the empire was brought to this state by such a person…what a farce it all was.


Even Grett could tell there was something off with my tone. He stepped backwards, as if intimidated.

He looked up at me, like a child about to be scolded.

(To think that he is supposed to be a man, like Lord Dyngir. If only he had been one-tenth as manly, I could have respected him as a brother…)

I let out a small sigh, then looked at my Lord Brother…no, at Grett.

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