BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 55 (WN)

Chapter 55 – A Goddess’ Lecture

【POV: Rossellia Baal】

“Lord Brother Grett, first of all, I must ask you a question. On what basis do you declare yourself fit to be emperor? As you have not met the conditions set in father’s will, at present you do not have the necessary qualifications to be emperor. To release the seal of a magic tool only the emperor is allowed to use…is even more unthinkable.”


Grett, obviously unable to answer, barely managed to sputter sounds. Hearing no response, Rossellia pressed further.

“Besides, if you truly were a fitting successor for the throne, all sorts of people would naturally gather around you. Why are you alone, then? Where are your guards? Your retainers?”

The knights, the functionaries, even Saim Fulcas, his closest aide, had already given up and abandoned the man named Grett Baal.

He was completely alone: he had only soulless Golems at his command.

Was an emperor with no one to command any different from a chest void of any treasure?

“Your usage of Zeus has brought suffering to many to the people you were supposed to protect. How can you still delude yourself to be fitting for the throne?”

“D-Delude…? B-But…I am the emperor…this is my country, so I can use it like I want…i-it’s not different from sending soldiers to war!!”

“That is why I say you are delusional!!”


I shouted with all the air in my lungs. Grett was startled and fell on his behind.

“Indeed, we are forced to sacrifice our people at times! But that is all for the sake of protecting our homeland, for protecting the people themselves! Not even an emperor has the right to sacrifice the people for his own benefit!”

Even the most enlightened government, even the most brilliant ruler is forced to make sacrifices.

That should always be for the sake of the people, for the sake of the country. The responsibility of those who have power, “noblesse oblige”.

To be born a royal or a noble did not give anyone the right to take whatever they wanted from others without reason.

“B-But I…I…I mean…”

Grett, still sitting on the floor, restlessly glanced left and right. He was desperately trying to come up with something.

“….Ah, yes! R-right!!”

After flapping his mouth open and shut a few times, for some reason his expression turned ecstatic.

I had a terrible feeling about it: my already grave expression soured even more.

“Now I get it, Rossellia! You have been brainwashed by Dyngir Maxwell!!”

“What did you say…?”

“Rossellia, my angel, would never use such harsh words with me…! This has to be all Dyngir Maxwell’s fault!! He must be somehow forcing you to say those dirty words!!”


I could not even sigh, and realized that any more words would be pointless.

“Well, that just means I have to get rid of it! I can do it, I have the power! This must be another trial given by the gods, so that we can finally become one!”

Grett stood back up eagerly and approached me, ignoring my attempts to keep him away.

His eyes were brimming with the twisted light of obsession. Nothing I could say would have any effect anymore.

“…I see. So this is your answer.”

“Don’t worry, leave it all to me. I’m going to save you, my angel! So…let’s marry!!”


After the sudden, one-sided proposal, Grett tried to embrace me. I closed my eyes and made my resolve.

“…I cannot entrust everything to Lord Dyngir and do nothing, after all. I should finish it with my own hands.”




“Pardon me, Lord Brother. But as a member of the imperial family, this is my duty..”

A knife pierced Grett’s stomach. Father had given it to me, in case of emergencies. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it.

“W-What…? Rossellia…?”

“This is my ‘noblesse oblige’, Lord Brother…Grett.”

So I declared, as I looked straight at my bleeding sibling.

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