BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 56 (WN)


Chapter 56 – First Lost Love, First Affection




Grett, blood dripping from his stomach wound, walked one, two steps backwards.

His bloodshot eyes were wide-open in amazement: he couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“Hostility detected – ensuring safety.”


The maid-type Golem forced itself between Rossellia and Grett, sending the former rolling on the floor.

“Why…WHY!?! Rossellia!! What did I do to deserve this!?!”

“Kh…do you still ask something like that…?”

Tears trickled down from Rossellia’s eyes. Despite everything she said, Grett could not fathom why she would ever stab him.

All her rage, her pain, her desperation, failed to pierce the shell of egoism that Grett had become.

“Why…? We love each other..we…oh…I see…I must be dreaming. This can’t be real…it’s all wrong…”

“For heaven’s sake, open your eyes…! You are…”

“SHUT UP!! Shut up, shut up, shut up!!”

Grett interrupted Rossellia, his face red in anger.

He forcibly pulled out the knife stuck in his stomach and tossed it away.

“What do you even know!? I, the emperor, love you this much!! How can you be loved so much and not even try to love me back!?!”

When Grett pulled out the knife, a puddle of blood fell on the floor. He didn’t even seem to notice, however, as he flew into a vehement fit.

She planned to take his life with the knife, but unfortunately, the wound was too shallow.

For the imperial princess, who had never engaged in any activity even remotely close to “fighting” all her life, to stab someone fatally with a knife was evidently too difficult.

“Since I love you this much, it’s your duty to love me back!! Why don’t you understand!? Why don’t you love me!? Why do you reject me!? Why do you deny me!?!”


“Love me!! Accept me!! Kneel before me, kiss my feet, beg for forgiveness!! Or else…!!”

“I cannot.”


Rossellia flatly refused, pointing a piercing gaze at Grett.

“I can not love you. Because I…already have someone else.”


“I am not.”

She had been interested in him since the day they met.

His disrespectful, arrogant behavior irritated her.

His manly resolve sent her heart aflutter.

He had saved her life, even.

So many emotions she had never felt in her life at court.

“There is no one else I wish to be with. I have nothing but dislike towards a man as disgusting as you are.”


Rossellia’s rejection couldn’t have been more clear. Grett froze in place, his mouth and eyes opened to their limits.

It was his first experience of lost love: his heart had been shattered to pieces.

Rossellia, on the other hand, brimmed with resolve and the realization of her affection.

“Ha…haha…HAHA!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Eventually, Grett broke into a fit of insane laughter. He howled, holding his sides, uncaring of the blood still dripping from his stomach.

“HAHAHAHA!!! Enough. I don’t need you anymore!! You’ll never be my empress now, you whore!! Get lost!! Get out of my sight!!”

The little reason left in Grett was completely gone. He was now possessed by pure insanity — his violent tantrums now directed at Rossellia.

“Kill her!! Kill that woman!! Make her disappear from my sight!!”



The maid-type Golem immediately followed Grett’s order. It lifted Rossellia from the ground and forced her to stand.


“First emperor bloodline detected. Life will be taken — with respect and — as little pain as possible.”

Gently, slowly but surely, the Golem’s fingers wrapped around Rossellia’s neck. It might look like a maid, but it was still one of the stone guardians: Rossellia’s thin arms had no hope to break free of its grip.


Rossellia was gradually losing consciousness. Everything turned white, her thoughts faded.

(Well…rather than being defiled by him…I would rather die…)

In her fading thoughts, Rossellia realized she was really going to die this time

“Goodbye, my first and last love. I shall have your body preserved forever here, the greatest decoration for my chambers…”

Grett, eyes lined with tears, still uttered nonsense.

Rossellia opened her mouth to protest, but her lungs could not expel any more air.

(…Lord Dyngir.)

With her last ounce of strength, Rossellia called for the man she loved.

At the very same second, a flash of light struck.

“Stop right…there!!”


The silver flash had shot extremely close to Grett’s weeping face.

It had been produced by a single, sharp blade, planted right through the back of the Golem choking Rossellia.

“GRZ…damage sustained — running diagnosis.”


The Golem’s grip loosened, freeing Rossellia. Her shoulders shook up and down as she desperately gasped for air.

“You dare lay your hands on my woman!? You bastards are going to DIE!!”

“What the!? How can you be here!?”


A shout of rage. All eyes in the room focused on the same point.

On Dyngir Maxwell, Rossellia’s love, as he was in the process of entering the room from its single window.

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