BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 58 (WN)

Chapter 58 – The Final Guardian

“W-Why are you he–bwah!”

“Out of my way!!”

After entering the top floor of the tower from the window, I ran full speed towards Rossellia.

Grett was standing on that path, but I stomped over his body and used it as a foothold to propel myself into the air and used the momentum to land a flying kick on the maid golem next to Rossellia.

“Hostile presence – detected. Maximum – alert. Prioritize – removal — ”

“Shut up, you piece of junk!”

“Offensive – registered — GRZZT”

My Herakles-boosted kick sent the golem rolling towards the nearest wall. Before it went too far, I made sure to retrieve the sword stabbed in its back.

“Rossellia, are you okay!?”

“Aah…you really…came…Lord Dyngir…Lord Dyngir…!!”

Rossellia’s frail arms grasped onto me. I returned the embrace and checked her condition. She had been choked, but did not seem to be in mortal danger. It did not look like she had been violated either.

“Of course I did. How could they treat you like this…!”

Her neck, however, was painfully marked with the strangle hold. I looked at the traces of violence on her pearl-like skin and felt my blood boil.

I gently patted Rossellia’s back, still shuddering under heavy breaths, then glared at Grett Baal.

“Judging from how you treated my woman, I take it you have a death wish?”

“Did you say… ‘my woman’…?”

Grett’s bloodshot eyes, open wide, filled with pulsing hate.

“So it was you!! You deceived Rossellia!! A filthy mud noble like you, defiled my goddess!?!”

“Actually, the defiling hasn’t happened yet…not that a dead man needs to know.”

“Silence, silence, silence!! Golem!! Kill this man!!!”

“Under – stood.”

The maid golem I kicked away stood back up and charged me. Its arms were now equipped with 30cm long blades, which it probably had stored within its body.


“Remove – threat.”

I stood and faced the Golem, with Rossellia behind me.

The way it fought was very different from the large-sized Golems I faced at the base of the tower: they relied mostly on brute force, while the maid Golem was more of a “technical” fighter.

Its blades swung with the grace and style of an expert swordsman. I couldn’t help but marvel at how the ancient civilization managed to instill such techniques into a stone creature.

“But it’s not enough…!!”

“GRZT — ”

I repelled the blades directed at me from both left and right with my Siegfried.

“You’re fast, but Shana is faster. Sharp, but not as much as Estia. You don’t stand a chance against me!”

“GZT — Damage – registered…”

I struck the maid Golem’s left arm with my sword, shattering the lower part to pieces. A second rate swordsman might have struggled, but I have already had my fair share of fighting experience.

I could have taken down an opponent of this level easily, even without Herakles’ boost.

“GZT — Damage ratio – 27%. Recommence – battle.”

“Oh really! I usually treat ladies with respect…but I’ll make an exception for junk like you!”

I parried the Golem’s next swing and planted my foot in its torso, sending it reeling backwards. I immediately followed by slicing its right shoulder.

The maid Golem had thus lost the use of both arms: my Siegfried also erased magic power, thus the Golem’s movements had significantly dulled.

“The weakness is the core inside the chest part, right? Back to the earth with you!”

“GGZT — Damage ratio – increase — battle functions — impaired…”

The maid Golem’s voice almost sounded pitiful, as I swung the coup de grace.

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