BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 59 (WN)

Chapter 59 – Rampage, Collapse, Annihilation


【 POV: Grett Baal 】

“What in the world…have I done to deserve this…?”

The maid Golem in charge of my protection was fighting Dyngir Maxwell. They were on equal standing at the beginning, but soon enough the Golem became at a disadvantage: the battle was going to be decided soon.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen…I was going to turn this empire into heaven on earth…”

I was chosen by the gods. I can’t die in a place like this.

“Mother…didn’t you always say so too…?”

I recalled a distant memory. From when I was still a child — and mother was still alive.

Mother was a stunningly beautiful woman — especially her golden hair. The emperor fell in love with it, and took her as his first consort.

After the marriage, however, she failed to produce an heir for a long while. By the time I was finally born, a concubine had already given birth to Lars.

If I had been born first, I would have surely become the sole candidate for next emperor.

Many at court, however, still leaned on the practice of the firstborn son inheriting the throne: in the end, my older brother and I ended up having to fight for the throne.

Mother, probably out of guilt for giving birth to me late, used to tell me something over and over during my infancy.

“You are a child chosen by the gods. You are going to become the next emperor and unify the whole continent.”

Mother’s teachings pushed me to strive as hard as I could in order to become emperor.

Unfortunately, my frail constitution did not allow me to excel in martial arts. In exchange, I crammed knowledge of economy, politics and adjacent studies in my head.

At first, I only wanted to make my mother happy. I wanted to live as she wished. I wanted to see her smile. That was the whole reason why I wanted to become emperor.

When mother succumbed to illness, however, something twisted inside me.

“Hahaha…how has it come to this, really…”

The maid Golem’s right shoulder was torn off. Both of its upper limbs were now gone: it couldn’t go on fighting any more.

Which meant that I was going to be the next target.

I was going to be killed. Without being able to accomplish anything — all those I loved the most, taken away from me.

“I was chosen by the gods…there is no way I can die here…yes, I am going to unify the continent…the imperial flag will fly high, everywhere…and then…”

Take the most beautiful woman in the world as my bride…


The woman I recognized as most beautiful, as perfect. Hair of gold just like mother. Yet she was now next to Dyngir Maxwell, not me.

Her gaze towards Dyngir Maxwell clearly brimmed with love and affection.

“Why…why are you there? Why won’t you look at me? Why…”

Why am I all alone?

Not one knight, not one attendant, no one is on my side.

Am I in the wrong?

“It can’t be…”

I can’t be the one in the wrong. Which means…that everything, everyone else is.

Rossellia, who won’t accept me. The world, which won’t recognize my value. It was all wrong, from the beginning.

“Enough!! Who cares about the empire! Who cares about the continent! You can all disappear, for all I care!!”

I didn’t care about anything anymore.

I vigorously shouted an order to the Golem facing Dyngir Maxwell.

“Golem, self-destruct!! Blow everything away!!”

“Under – stood.”

Following my order, the Golem blinked in white and red lights. Seconds later, all the energy left in it was going to turn into flames of destruction.


Dyngir Maxwell realized what was going to happen and covered Rossellia with his body. I grinned and gave the coup de grace.

“Zeus! Maximum output! Destroy this whole floor!!”

My order activated Zeus’ lightning production function. The electric energy gathered on the top of the tower. A godlike force of destruction, turned against itself.


Countless thunderbolts crashed through the ceiling, raining on the top floor of the tower.

At the same time, the maid Golem erupted in violent flames.

Everything before me became lightning and flame — then white.


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