BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 60 (WN)


Chapter 60 – Two Magic Tools


“Golem, self-destruct!! Blow everything away!!”

“Under – stood.”

After Grett Baal’s order, the maid Golem started pulsating in red and white lights.


I clicked my tongue and hesitated for a second.

If I could destroy the Golem before it self-destructed, could I prevent the explosion?

Maybe I could…maybe I couldn’t. I wouldn’t know unless I tried.

“Lord Dyngir…!!”

Rossellia called my name with a tinge of desperation in her voice.

Even if I failed, maybe I could survive the outcome…but Rossellia wouldn’t be unscathed.

“I can’t gamble with a woman’s life…!!”

I protected Rossellia with my body and braced for the blast.

With Herakles activated, I could probably withstand even a Golem exploding. My life span was surely going to be cut, but it was still better than dying there and then.

The situation, however, turned even worse than I expected.

“Zeus! Maximum output! Destroy this whole floor!!”

“What the…!”

Grett Baal yelled at the top of his lungs. My eyes opened wide in surprise.

Giving such an order put his own life at risk. In the worst case, the whole tower might collapse.

“If you’re going to lose and die, you’d rather take us all with you, is that it…? You got guts, I’ll give you that!!”

Either he showed some guts at the very end, or he just lost all reason. I didn’t know which it was, but the situation was critical for me either way.

“Guess we’re up the fucking creek…!! Hah, hahaha!!”

I activated Herakles, and a silver light enveloped my whole body, like armor.

“Sever all magic!! Siegfried!!”

I held my trusted sword right in front of me.

My life, Rossellia’s life — everything depended on two magic tools.


Grett cackled hysterically. At the same time, a massive thunderstorm rained through the ceiling.

“Activate – self-destruction. Thank you all – for everything.”

“Yeah, you too. Sorry I couldn’t smash you with my own hands!!”

The maid Golem blew up from inside, erupting in violent flames.

Right before exploding, I could have sworn I saw it smiling.

Raining thunderbolts, approaching flames.

I held my stance until the very end, swinging my sword to counter both the fire and lightning.

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