BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 64 (WN)

Chapter 64 – The Empress’ Bedroom

【POV: Rossellia Baal】

“Phew…now I should finally have some time to rest.”

In a room nestled deep within the imperial court, normally used as the emperor’s private chamber, I laid my quill on the table and sighed.

I’dd had little to do with politics or government all my life, yet now I brought paperwork even into my private room: life can be truly unpredictable, I mused.

The tower of Babel fell, and all three of my brothers died in battle: I had no choice but to ascend the throne.

To be perfectly honest, I never desired the title of empress. Being the princess, I never had a claim to the throne in the first place, so I did not receive any related education either.

Many of those who lost family or loved ones in the recent tumults bore a grudge towards the Baal imperial family: there have already been several attempts on my life.

I can somehow take the helm of government only thanks to the accomplished people who gathered to support me as ministers and the invaluable help of Estia and captain Rajang Salazar.

Had I been by myself, I would have been crushed under the weight of this position long ago.

“I could never thank Lord Dyngir enough…”

I pictured my beloved’s face and sighed. 

House Maxwell has helped us in a number of ways for the sake of quelling the unrest within the empire.

The appointment of House Maxwell as my guardian increased the legitimacy of my ascension to the throne, and they also accepted a staggered form of payment for the war reparations owed by the empire.

Their unconditional release of the imperial soldiers taken prisoner also increased my reputation and was instrumental in silencing many of my dissenters.

Some of our vassals are wary of House Maxwell’s interference in the empire’s politics, but at the present, we have received nothing but advantages from it.

“If the empire continues focusing on military matters, as it has done until now, its days might be numbered. We must take a more flexible stance.”

My ideal is different from my father’s or my brothers’. It might even lead to a betrayal of the imperial family.

I have painfully learnt, however, how repeated military campaigns can cause so much suffering to the population.

The empire’s territory is vast enough; our next objective should be not to gain more territory, but to enrich what we have.

“The first priority is to restore the area around the capital, withered due to “Zeus”…then call back all the merchants who abandoned the capital. Once the restoration is complete, we should reduce the imperial family’s authority to a minimum. The present situation is so unstable that even someone like me was accepted, but once things return to normal, people will not be so supportive anymore…”

After a certain point, it could be wise to focus on promoting culture and arts. What the people of the empire need the most right now is for their hearts to find peace and nourishment.

“You look busy, should I come again another time?”

“Actually, I have already finished…”

Surprised by the sudden voice, I hurriedly turned around. As it turned out, the person who had entered my room without my notice was none other than the man I loved.

The wind blew inside from the window behind him, as the curtains flapped wildly.

“Lord Dyngir…!!”

“You called me, and here I am…you’ve lost weight, haven’t you?”

“Hehe, looks like being the emperor is an effective diet.”

I smiled wryly and replied with a joke.

“Still, for someone coming from outside the empire to infiltrate my room so easily…our security leaves much to be desired.”

“Oh, don’t be too hard on them now. I had plenty of free time this past month, so I started hunting for all the secret passages I could find in court. This place doesn’t have a long history for nothing: there are suspicious rooms and hidden paths all over.”

Lord Dyngir shrugged, then changed the topic.

“So? What did you call me for?”

Lord Dyngir has stayed in the capital since the fall of the tower of Babel, one month ago.

Officially, Grett was taken down by myself and the imperial knights. Lord Dyngir, who could not possibly be here, has been acting as a hired mercenary.

Personally, I wish I could grant him some sort of official award, tell the whole empire how much he has done for us.

The recent battle over Fort Bryden, as well as the many conflicts of the past, however, have left a legacy that cannot be easily forgotten. The empire may have been the aggressor, but the people could not be convinced so easily by such a reason.

There are also many who disapprove of the fact that I enjoy the backing of House Maxwell, after all.

“Lord Dyngir, you will be returning to the kingdom shortly, won’t you?”

“Well, yeah. I can keep the old man waiting only for so long. I’ve done plenty of sightseeing already, anyway.”

“Indeed. I have heard that you have been a great help, so I am very thankful too.”

Lord Dyngir’s tone was playful, but I knew that other than “sightseeing”, he also took care of the many thieves and bandits who targeted the capital this past month.

I also received reports of spies that attempted to infiltrate the imperial court, but were thwarted by unknown agents. Sakuya’s doing, most likely.

I cannot express my gratitude publicly.

I wish, however, to show him my gratitude — to the greatest extent.

“In that case, I shall give you the promised reward.”


Lord Dyngir’s eyebrows perked up.

Under his gaze, I could not help but blush. I looked down and stood up from my chair.

“As promised, I will give you my everything. Please, do accept it.”

Following those words, I let my gown fall on the floor. Under it, I was only wearing a white, half-transparent negligee and black underwear. A combination chosen after extensive debate with Luna and the other maids.

“Are you sure about this? I can’t give it back once I take it.”

“Of course. Please, dye me in your color.”

“Excellent, truly excellent…we shall enjoy this to the fullest.”


Lord Dyngir picked me up and carried me to the adjacent bedroom. I sighed longingly in the arms of my beloved.

“I decided I would make you mine the very first day I saw you. And that day has finally come.”

“Hehe, you take the words right out of my mouth, my lord.”

(Yes, I felt this would happen. Ever since the day I met you…)

Was it a woman’s intuition, or maybe instinct? Either way, I felt like I knew from the start.

That one day, I would give birth to this man’s child.

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