BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 65 (WN)

Chapter 65 – Seven Days of the Beast

“Aah…Lord Dyngir…so vigorous…”

In the imperial bedroom, I was making love to Rossellia.

I finally managed to make her mine — and the experience was as delightful as expected.

“Please, please, give me more of your love…Lord Dyngir…”

“Of course. I’m not going to stop anytime soon.”

Rossellia pleaded for me, an expression of ecstasy on her face. In stark contrast to her usual calm and collected demeanor, she now looked just like a female in heat.

(Well damn…this feels really good.)

Making love to Rossellia made me feel, other than the obvious pleasure of doing it with a beautiful woman, a rather curious emotion.

The Baal empire has been an enemy for generations and now, its highest authority was moaning in my arms.

It felt like I had the whole empire in the palm of my hand.


“Hey now, if we keep this up,  you won’t be able to work at all tomorrow!”

Rossellia, her refined persona completely discarded, sought me without restraint.

“It’s…fine…I put in a bit more effort than usual, and took care of one week’s worth of work. The court is guarded by my most trusted maids and knights, so no one will suspect anything…even if I did not leave my room for one week.”

“Which means, you want me to stay with you the whole week?”

“…do not make me say it, please. I don’t know when we will meet again, or if we ever will…Lord Dyngir, please carve more memories onto this poor girl…”

“You’re pretty passionate, aren’t you…and I have to say, I like it!”


I was going to grant her request. I savored every nook and cranny of Rossellia’s body to my heart’s content.

Noon of the following day.

We had continued making love, taking breaks and naps every now and then. Rossellia and I, thus turned into lustful beasts, received a visitor.

“Master, aren’t you going a bit overboard?”

“Lord Dyngir, I must say it is unfair for you to occupy yourself only with Lady Rossellia.”

Two visitors, in fact: Shana and Sakuya.

Shana shook her head and sighed, while Sakuya looked positively dissatisfied.

They were holding a jug of water and some light snacks: they had come to bring us a meal, apparently.

“We can hear you all the way from the hallway, actually. The younger maids were eavesdropping, red as beets.”

“Aah…how shameful…”

“I mean, nothing wrong with the act itself. But maybe keep your voice down a bit.”

Shana’s warning brought Rossellia back to reality, and she hid her face behind the sheets.

I started munching on a sandwich and turned towards Sakuya.

“I’m grateful for the food, but…why are you taking off your clothes?”

“I thought I might as well join you. I have worked my share for Lord Dyngir and Lady Rossellia. Surely I deserve a reward.”

“Well, that’s true.”

This past month, Sakuya eliminated various crooks that tried sneaking into court, dug up weaknesses and dirty secrets of powerful figures that stood in the way of Rossellia’s rule, and more — she proved her worth, and then some.

It might be even said that she was a pillar of Rossellia’s rule, in the shadows. She did indeed deserve a reward.

“Lady Rossellia, you must be exhausted, with all the work she has to do every day. We shall take your place in entertaining Master Dyngir, so please take a well-deserved rest.”

“Hey, it’s rare to see you so proactive, Shana.”

The silver-haired young woman boldly took off her clothes and slipped under the covers. She had never been very forward in such “physical” matters, so it was unusual for her to act like that.

“Oh, I just thought it’s time to show my father a grandchild or two. Being the knight captain has to be pretty stressful, so I should give him something to be happy about, right?”

“Either that, or he has a stroke…”

I pictured captain Rajang’s face and smiled wryly.

I kind of pitied the old warrior and how he might suddenly become a grandfather, but I was more than willing to accept Shana’s proposal.

“You have my gratitude for this meal too, then.”

I let Rossellia rest and switched to the two visitors.

“I’m only here because I promised, all right!?”

“I care little about you, but I wish to let Her Majesty rest. Do not get any funny ideas.”

The third day, two more interlopers barged in. They were Hestia, one of Rossellia’s knights, and her personal maid Luna.

They both looked rather upset, but were wearing rather flashy underwear and got into bed all on their own. Luna’s was a sexy purple, while Hestia had a sporty yellow piece.

“What? You two too?”

I wasn’t sure I ever did anything to make them like me, nor were there any reasons why they would sleep with me.

“As I said just now, I am only doing this for the Princess. If I left her to a beast like you, she might break down.”

Luna looked at me and Rossellia and lashed out. The loyal maid thus meant to “sacrifice” herself for the sake of her mistress.

“I-I don’t really…I mean…”

In contrast with Luna’s clear-cut intentions, Hestia was fidgeting, like she couldn’t find the right words. It was hard to imagine she was the same person who fought like a tiger at the tower of Babel.

“Don’t worry about Hestia, go ahead and do her.”


“We made a promise. Well, it’s her fault for losing the game, anyway.”

I frowned at Shana’s words. I wasn’t happy at all to be the punishment for losing a game, but Luna and Hestia were both beauties in their own right.

If they asked me to take them, I sure as hell would.

“Well, don’t worry, I’m not going to shame you by refusing. We’re going to have a good time.”

“Aah…why is this happening…”

“You should rather worry about yourself, you monster. Defiler of princesses!”

I embraced the two dissatisfied newcomers and pulled them closer. Under the collective weight of 6 people, the bed wailed loudly.

It was the third day of Rossellia’s vacation: the seven days of the beast had barely begun.

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