BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 66 (WN)

Chapter 66 – As the War Ends, A New Disaster Approaches

As they say, time flies when you’re having fun. That week indeed passed as fast as a shooting star.

I made love with five different partners, again and again, enjoying heavenly bliss. 

Though it has to be said that we did not exactly engage in debauchery 24 hours a day. We also took baths together, washed each other’s bodies, took walks in the garden, talked about the future of the empire and the kingdom…even made crowns out of flowers and other such childish pastimes.

Eventually, the week came to an end. Rossellia and I had to say our goodbyes.

“Thank you so much. I will never forget you.”

“See you again”

“Yes, see you again.”

Our last words were rather mundane.

I didn’t think we wouldn’t ever meet again. I was sure we were going to see each other again hence I kept the farewell short on purpose.

Our journey back was not by land, but by sea. If we used the roads on the west side of the empire, we were likely to meet people who knew me, thus creating unneeded trouble.

“Are you really fine with this, Lord Dyngir?”

“Fine with what?”

When we arrived at the empire’s port town, Sakuya asked me a question.

It was only the two of us now: Shana was going to stay at Rossellia’s side until the empire reached a degree of stability.

“About the empire, and Lady Rossellia. If you wanted, you could have taken them both.”

“Haha, you’re pretty greedy, aren’t you. That’s what you were thinking?”

Indeed, after winning the war and saving the empire to boot, some war reparations weren’t nearly enough. It could be said that it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the chaos and invade the empire — it’s not like I never considered it.

“Unfortunately, House Maxwell doesn’t have enough manpower to take control of the empire. Even if we gained all this land, someone else will snatch it away under our noses without enough soldiers to protect it .”

The empire’s territory was more than 10 times the size of the Maxwell province. House Maxwell did not have enough people under its command to govern and defend it all. Even if we forcefully annexed it, we were just going to have a civil war or foreign invasion on our hands.

“The kingdom’s central government wouldn’t like seeing House Maxwell grow too powerful either; they would definitely come asking for their share. So instead of creating all sorts of troubles, both inside and outside, it’s better to just become good neighbors.”

“I see…still, that is a shame.”

“No, not really. Now we can deal with the kingdom’s central powers without worrying about our back. And I also got more than I expected, in the end.”

“Lady Rossellia, do you mean? You certainly have spent a great amount of effort for a single woman.”

I recalled her divine looks and grinned. To have been able to make love to such a gem of a woman was a very fortunate occurrence — more than worthy of risking my life for. I had spent a week in heaven, after all.

“Besides, if Rossellia really gives birth to my child, the Maxwell blood will get into the imperial family’s bloodline! Makes me giddy just thinking about it. The blood of the greatest, most powerful family of the continent — the Baal imperial family’s bloodline is going to be swallowed by House Maxwell!”

“Hmph…there is no guarantee Lady Rossellia will be pregnant…”

“If she isn’t, I’ll just have to sneak into court until it happens. No matter how many times it takes.”

My grin widened even more. I had the impression that Sakuya’s usual poker face was mixed with a streak of pity.

“Ah, to be targeted by such a nasty man…will the Princess’ woes ever end?”

“Well, she had time to think about it before falling in love with a bastard. Too late for regrets.”

I looked towards the sea. It was a bright, clear day: sunlight reflected on the waves, splashing and scattering gem-like fragments.

While we were waging war, the season had turned to summer.

“The sea brings me nothing but bad memories, though I still like the summer sun and the sound of the waves…”

“You do not like the sea, Milord? I did not know that…”

“The Maxwell province is land-locked, so I just never had the opportunity to talk about it. You see, every time I come to sea, I end up meeting nasty people…”

— I was about to recall such bitter memories, when someone called to me from behind.

“Nasty people? Surely you don’t mean me.”

A glacial chill ran down my spine. It felt as unpleasant as a sudden shower of ice cold water.

I hurriedly turned around, but all I saw was a swinging fist.


The fist was planted square in my face and sent me flying into the water. I could swear I heard my skull crack.

“Lord Dyngir!!”

Sakuya called me desperately, then glared at the aggressor who, surprisingly enough, turned out to be a petite girl.

She was about as tall as Sakuya — so roughly one head shorter than me. Her wavy white hair was roughly cut at shoulder level.

She was wearing a jet black dress, decorated with frills and ribbons of white lace. The so-called “gothic lolita” fashion, certainly not a common sight in a port town.

“You’re even slower than before!! Stayed up all night with women again, huh!?”

The girl looked down at me and addressed me arrogantly. Her lovely, child-like features twisted in a feral grin, baring her sharp teeth.

Sakuya silently slipped behind the girl and readied a poisoned needle.


“Oh. Not bad. But…”


The needle was aimed straight at the girl’s neck — though she stopped it between her teeth.

Sakuya let go of the needle and attempted to draw another weapon, but the girl caught and twisted her arms before she could.

“Too weak, too slow! You’ll never hit me this way!”

“Kh! Let me go!”

“Make me! Little assassin!”


The girl laughed at Sakuya’s efforts to break free. Sakuya then spat another hidden needle at her face.


The unexpected attack from Sakuya’s mouth left a streak of blood on the girl’s cheek.

“That needle was coated in high density paralyzing poison. You will soon become unable to move, then fall into spasms…”

“Nice!! I really didn’t expect that!!”


The girl who was supposed to have been poisoned laughed loudly instead, then tossed Sakuya to the ground. The impact with the hard stone pavement left Sakuya gasping for breath.

“Excellent, excellent! Strong women give birth to strong children, after all! You pass!”

“H-How…can you…mov…”

“It would have worked on someone else, but not me! Still, you’ve got a pretty face, but you sure can kill without hesitation!”

The girl laughed again, her lips curved into a monstrous smile, then raised her right leg.

“And here’s your reward!!”


The girl’s heel headed straight for Sakuya’s face. The momentum made it look like it could split a boulder in two: Sakuya couldn’t help but close her eyes.

“Not so fast!!”


I wasn’t going to sit and watch forever, of course. I jumped out of the water and swung my sword towards the girl’s neck.

My slash, however, was stopped — by the girl’s bare hands. I couldn’t use all of my power, because of the water, but she still stopped a slash that could cut iron with just her hands.

“Not bad, but nothing special either. I’m bored here.”

“What about this, then!!”


My right arm was still equipped with Herakles. 

My boosted kick struck the girl squarely in her stomach, blowing her minute body away.

Just as quickly, however, she spun in the air, regained her balance and landed on her feet, as if nothing had happened.

“Excellent! With that, you pass! That kick felt pretty good, as if you had to shorten your lifespan to do it!!”

“How do you fucking know already!?”

What amazing intuition could one have to figure Herakles out at first glance?

“Still…damn it! Now the dress my husband gave me is all muddy…how are you going to make up for this?”

“It doesn’t suit you anyway, you shitty hag!! Act your damn age for once!!”

“L-Lord Dyngir…who is…that…”

I was facing the girl, sword in hand, wary of anything she might try. Sakuya pulled herself up and approached me. After her poisoned needles were easily neutralized, her expression was tinged with fear.

“She’s…Draco Omari. The pirate.”

“Draco Omari!?”

Sakuya couldn’t help but shout. She looked at the girl, incredulous.

No wonder.

Draco Omari was the greatest pirate of the southern seas. He stood atop the ruthless pirate crews who endlessly fought for dominion over the south, he sank 50 imperial vessels, he was the most infamous pirate in history.

Who would ever think that Draco Omari was not a he — but a little gothic lolita girl?

“Draco Omari…? Since when do you have permission to call me like that? Have some respect, or I’ll skin you alive!!”

“Tch…damn it…! Mother!!!! Happy now!?”


Sakuya stared at me, wide-eyed.

“Yes, finally! This stupid son of mine!”

My mother — Grace D.O. Maxwell — then flashed the most feral smile imaginable, like a beast standing on a sea of blood.

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