BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 10 (WN)


Chapter 10 – A Mystical Slave


After humoring Sue’s exploration of the ruins for a while, I headed to the building the White Demons used as headquarters.

There was a grand total of about 20 buildings inside the ruins, which housed over 5,000 people.

Rather than just a pirate crew, it could be said that they were a city-state by now.

Before I was born, the White Demons apparently sustained themselves via small-scale raids and pillaging, but after obtaining a large fortune in a certain event, they expanded their business to marine transport, mercenary trade and exploration of uncharted areas.

I entered the building with Sue, and Grace welcomed us with a grin.

“You’re late, boy. Were you having a picnic out there?”

“You see, I had to escort this young lady with little knowledge of the outside world.”


Sue blushed violently: she was clearly embarrassed by her spurt of childish excitement.

Incidentally, we left the children, enslaved together with Sue, to the people in the fishing village above.

There were many children of their age there: they would surely enjoy themselves more than being locked up in a ship cabin.

“Mother, lend me a ship. I’m going on a quick trip to the Garnet Kingdom.”

I cut right to the chase. My mother was the type to think with her fists: there was no need for negotiations with her. If you wanted something, it was always more effective to just come out and say it.

“For that woman’s sake? Since when were you so generous?”

“I promised, that’s all. And when I can keep my promises, I do.”

I shrugged and replied. Grace looked at me and her smile deepened.

“Fair enough, you can go. Take care out there.”


I was taken aback: I definitely expected to be refused.

Grace had abducted me at Baal harbor, but still had not told me for what reason.

It couldn’t have been just to take down the Snakebone pirates: I was expecting her to push another task on me any moment.

“You’re letting me go? Just like that? What the hell are you plotting?”

“Gahaha!! Don’t doubt your own mother now! I’m the woman who gave birth to you!”

“That’s exactly why I’m worried…”

I grimaced and let out a long, annoyed sigh.

She wasn’t going to tell me anything more, no matter how much I pressed. I had to go along with it, regardless of what plans she was cooking up.

“Whatever. I’m taking the Snakebones’ ship then. I was the one to take in the first place, anyway. No objections, right?”

“Sure, but you have to pass by the Sapphire Kingdom, all right?”

“Sakuya’s waiting for me there, so I was already planning to…but…”

I shot an interrogating glance at Grace. What was waiting for me at Sapphire?

“Don’t ask a woman to reveal her secrets, son. They’re part of her charm, right?”

“…hearing you say that kind of gets on my nerves…anyway, we’re leaving tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll never meet again.”

I glared at Grace and her whimsical tone, then turned on my heels and headed out.

Sue, however, grabbed my sleeve and pulled.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

“Ehm…master. If we leave, it would be better to do so today.”

Sue looked up at me, with apprehension in her eyes.

“Hey, what’s all the rush? I know you probably want to be back home as soon as possible, but…”

“No, that is not it…a storm will probably arrive here soon. If we leave today, we should be able to reach the Sapphire Kingdom without encountering it.”

I furrowed my brow. How could Sue know something like that?

“I heard the seabirds talk about it. A big storm is coming, so we should fill our bellies and hide out somewhere.”

“You…understand what birds say?”

“Yes, kind of.”

Sue looked completely serious: she was not joking or lying.

Among the “Fangs of Steel” at my service, there was a priestess capable of predicting the future.

Even if the magic civilizations were a thing of the distant past, I knew that there were individuals — albeit extremely rare — with superhuman abilities in this world. Could Sue be one of them?

“Blue hair and golden eyes…I wonder if she’s from a special clan, or…”

I glanced at Grace: my mother looked away and “innocently” pretended to whistle, despite her age — though I did not know how old she actually was.

She was playing dumb. I couldn’t help but feel slightly irritated by her childish antics.

“Fine, let’s leave today then. Never wait to do good, they say.”

I talked to Gourd, borrowed a few sailors, boarded the kids on the ship and left my hometown.

I had visited it for the first time in 12 years, but in the end, spent only a couple of hours there.

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