BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 9 (WN)

Chapter 9 – Homeland Scenery

The settlement on Alexandrite island looked like a small fishing village at first glance.

There was a small harbor on the seaside, where fishermen burned by the sun went back and forth on their boats.

Our two pirate ships were anchored at the harbor.

Grace and the rest of the White Demon pirates got down the ship and headed for the settlement.

“Welcome back, captain.”

“Good work out there, sister.”

“I’m back, folks! Thanks for holding up the fort!”

Grace walked through the settlement, waving left and right.

The fishing village citizens too welcomed the pirates’ return cheerfully. They definitely did not look like helpless commoners tormented by pillage or plunder. Rightfully so: they were all White Demon crewmembers, simply camouflaged as fishermen.

“Ooh! Young master!”

When I stepped into the village — with Sue behind me — the villagers reacted with surprise.

“It’s really him!”

“Yeah…it’s Dyn! Welcome back!”

“Look, he’s got a woman too! Gahaha, we’ve got a heir on the way!”

“You sure got old, guys! It’s been a while!”

The old fishermen who slapped my shoulders and old women who gripped my hands were all nostalgic faces.

“Wow, master, you are very popular…”

“Well, yeah, I was kind of born here. They’re like my family.”

Sue looked honestly impressed. I gave her a short answer as I briskly walked through the village. I was headed to one of the oldest houses there, located in the back of the area.

“This is…?”

“The White Demon pirates’ headquarters.”

“This house? It certainly does not look like it…”

I pulled the perplexed Sue’s thin arm and stepped into the rickety old house.

There was no furniture or anything else inside: only a set of stone stairs leading underground.

The stairs were decorated with intricate designs, signaling the fact that they had been built in an ancient age.

“Ooh? Why…?”

Presented with a scenery in stark contrast with the house’s external appearance, Sue opened her golden eyes wide.

“It’s our secret base. Pretty swell, huh?”

“Yes? Very swell, I think?”

I laughed wryly at Sue’s shaky way of agreeing and proceeded down the stairs.

Grace and the other pirates had preceded me already. Using the torches mounted on the walls as a guide, I followed the spiral staircase below.

When we arrived at the end of the stairs, the underground ruins appeared before us. Inside there were many large square buildings, dotting the landscape like gravestones.

Every single one of the towering buildings emitted a pale blue light: the sunlight did not reach all the way down there, but it was as bright as noon nonetheless.

“Woow…what is this place!?”

“It’s all just like last time…”

It was a magical sight that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the world, and Sue reacted with natural wonder.

Looking at my homeland, unchanged from my memories, I sighed.

“Who knew there was a place like this in the outside world! Amazing, amazing!! I’m so moved, master!!”

“…outside world, huh…”

What kind of place did she grow up in? What led to her being abducted by pirates?

I was interested, of course, but I shook my head and closed my eyes.

“The mystery deepens…but I shouldn’t pry for now.”

If I asked, she would probably answer immediately. But I wasn’t the kind of frail man that fretted over a woman’s past.

“A secret or two makes a woman more attractive. Her past will wait until we arrive at the Garnet Kingdom, I suppose.”

“Master! Can I look at this? Here!”

“Hey, don’t run off on your own, you’ll get lost!”

“Wow!! This is so pretty too!”

I smiled wryly as I looked at Sue, all excited like a child. Resigned, I shrugged and followed her.

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