BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 30 (WN)

Chapter 30 – The Ailing General Joins the Fray

【POV: Vert Sphinx】

“Hahaha!! That Maxwell boy sure is a piece of work!!”

I am Vert Sphinx, the Margrave of the western province of the Lamperouge Kingdom and current head of House Sphinx.

I am now standing on the wall of the third fortress of the province, the last bastion of defense for the capital of Thebes, looking at the battle below.

On the ground, the son of my old friend Dietrich Maxwell — Dyngir Maxwell was leading a small group of warriors to lure away and whittle down the “Terror Armies” creatures surrounding the fort, little by little.

“To make use of a force of two to three hundred soldiers as reinforcements, against an enemy at least ten times more in number…is he an even greater fool than Dietrich!?”

The boy’s father, Dietrich, had suddenly settled down at a certain point in his life, but in his younger days he was a veritable beast thirsting for battle.

During the skirmishes with the neighboring countries, he dove headfirst in deadly situations too many times to count, leaving a burning impression in the minds of both allies and enemies.

“He’s Dietrich’s son all right! Aah, blazes!! If only Valon could have seen this…!”

My face distorted in a grimace, I struck my fist on the wall.

I realized that having lost my son was a reality not uncommon in war, but seeing my friend’s son exhibiting such a performance, I couldn’t help but regret that my son wasn’t in his place.

Valon’s silhouette appeared before my eyes, and I bit my lip in regret.

(Valon…! That young man is surely worthy to be your rival…! Your eyes had not deceived you…!)

“Jaar, the plan has changed. I am not going to die with this fort.”

“…! Un-Understood!”

“Hm? Is there something wrong?”

“No, nothing at all…!”

I turned around towards Jaar and gave him my new orders, but for some reason he appeared confused, looking right and left, restless.

Jaar, the son of a long-time vassal, was like a son to me. I knew him well enough to realize that something…some unspeakable emotion was hiding beneath his stiff expression.

(He has been acting strangely for a while, and I thought that he was feeling guilty for not being able to protect Valon, but…well, this is no time for such inquiries.)

There was surely something wrong with Jaar, but this upright young man would never betray me.

I shook the suspicions away and gave my orders again.

“Let us open the gates and join the battle. Not for our last stand, but to return to Thebes alive! We will follow Maxwell’s lead and crush the ‘Terror Armies’!”

I grasped the beacon of hope that so unexpectedly reached us and made my resolve.

Fort Giza had fallen together with my son, followed by the first and second fort. I had abandoned all hope for the future of House Sphinx, and decided to resist till the end in this fort, in order to buy enough time so that as many citizens as possible could take shelter.

(I meant to go to my son’s side after this battle…but it seems it is still too early to cross to the other side.)

Dyngir Maxwell’s reinforcements were beginning to change the tides of battle. There was a chance to turn things around.

“What a man…at least Naam won’t have to die now…!”

I had accepted my son’s death as a reality of the battlefield, and was ready to do the same for my own death.

I couldn’t, however, accept something like this for my daughter in the capital; I felt like a thorn was stabbed in my heart.

I begged her to flee to safety, more times than I could count, but failed to convince her until the end. I was fighting with the heavy regret of causing my only daughter’s death, until this day.

(She will be safe now…! I don’t know what the Maxwell boy came to help us for, but I’ll listen to any request he has.)

I imagined that he had come all the way to the western province because he had some sort of request or demand for us, and wanted to make sure we couldn’t refuse.

I didn’t have the faintest idea of what it could be, but there was no way we wouldn’t repay such a debt.

(Well, thanks to him I might be able to live long enough to see Naam in her wedding dress. I’m ready to grant any wish he has, and more.)

I solemnly swore, to the god of battle I worshiped, that the brave young man would be duly repaid, then turned towards my subordinate.

“It is time, Jaar!! Follow me!!”


Together with the silent Jaar, I descended from the castle walls and ordered our remaining troops to charge.

Only much later would I learn that the debt of gratitude towards Dyngir Maxwell would be the cause of much regret…

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