BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 31 (WN)

Chapter 31 – Relentless Army


Lure the undead away from the fort and exterminate them, lure away and exterminate…after repeating the process four times, the adventurers following me naturally began showing clear signs of fatigue.

None of us were on horseback: we ran and fought on our own legs.

Firstly because the horses in possession of House Sphinx were being used to evacuate the citizens, and secondly, almost none of the adventurers had any experience riding horses anyway.

They were wearing rather light equipment, but after running for a few kilometers, and fighting on top of it, their movements were getting sluggish.

“G-General…! We’re at our limit…! I don’t think we can move anymore…!”

“I see, suppose it’s time to fill up…what’s that ‘general’, anyway?”

“Haah…haah…the general is…the general…nothing less, nothing more…”

One of the adventurers stated firmly, panting and wheezing. I cocked my head, puzzled, then I slowed down the pace in order to “refill” them.

“I’ll heal you up now. “Herakles”!”

I activated the magic tool on my arm, which shone in a silver light.

The light expanded to touch the adventurers, one by one, filling them with energy.

“Here you go, don’t collapse on me now.”

“Ooh! I feel full of energy again!”

“I can still run!!”

Thanks to Herakles, the adventurers were all brisk once again. Not only was their fatigue restored, the wounds suffered in the battles against the “Terror Armies” were healed as well.

Full of vigor once more, the adventurers faced the undead creatures again.

Using the bracelet’s immortality-granting ability as a healing tool was the strategy I had come up with after a few days of experiments.

Just as I had shared the bracelet’s energy with my horse to make it run without rest, the magic tool could be used to affect beings other than me.

I thought I could use it to heal a whole platoon at once, but unfortunately it didn’t work unless I actually touched the target.

Giving energy to someone, even if temporarily, could heal their wounds and recover their stamina, so it could be used as a “Potion” substitute.

“An army that needs no rest and cannot be wounded…might be a bit of a stretch to say, but we can fight as long as we want too. We’re taking you back to hell, mummies.”

“I’d rather not take them all the way to hell, general…”

One of the adventurers smiled wryly. I then gave the order to turn back again.

“One more time! Let’s charge towards the fort!”


Once more, we rushed towards the fortress, and succeeded in luring away a group of undead.

At that moment, however, a change occurred.



Suddenly, the gates of the fortress flew open, and the House Sphinx soldiers rushed out of it.

Their morale was unbelievably high, considering they were under siege until moments ago; they charged the “Terror Armies” without a shred of hesitation.

At their lead was an aged, dark-skinned man, with features vaguely resembling Valon Sphinx, a curved blade in hand.

“Well well, I heard that the Margrave was sick and frail, but would you look at that.”

The man swinging his sword at the lead of his soldiers was indeed the greatest authority of the western province, Valon and Naam’s father — Vert Sphinx himself.

One after the other, the undead creatures fell under the blades of the Margrave and his soldiers.

“Er, general, what should we do now?”

One of the adventurers behind me raised a hand awkwardly. I showed a fanged grin and answered with a laugh.

“It’s obvious. We’re finishing them off with a pincer attack!!”

While the “Terror Armies” gathered around Vert’s troops: we took the chance to advance and strike from behind.

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