BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 32 (WN)

Chapter 32 – The Old Man’s Transformation

The House Sphinx troops numbered five hundred soldiers.

The adventurers’ platoon, three hundred.

In contrast, the “Terror Armies” — after our raids defeated about 20% — were still over two thousand strong.

Vert Sphinx flung open the gates of the fortress and charged outside.

On the eastern side of the gates were about seven hundred undead, but the fierce momentum of the Sphinx soldiers and the adventurers’ follow-up from the rear caught them in a pincer attack that annihilated the creatures fairly quickly.

Eventually, when most of the undead had already turned to dust, blowing in the wind, Vert and I came face to face.

“Remind me when I asked for your help, boy.”

“Actually, I have not exactly come for your sake, Margrave Sphinx.”

After replying to Vert’s wisecrack, I swung my sword one more time. The undead huddled before the gates had been completely wiped out, and the soldiers let out a roar of victory.

“Look at them…it’s too early to start celebrating.”

“Let them have their moment, they have been locked up in the fort all this time, after all. They…we have plenty of pent-up frustration to release!”

So Vert said, stroking his beard with satisfaction.

Maybe because of the stress accumulated during the long siege, he kept swinging his Shamshir, despite the absence of any enemies around us.

I smiled wryly at the show of energy by the supposedly “ailing” man and looked at the man standing behind him.

“By the way, is he your vice commander?”

“Hm? Yes, this is Jaar. He has served House Sphinx well for years.”

“…it is an honor to meet you, Sir Dyngir Maxwell. I am Jaar Menfis. Allow me to express our deepest gratitude for coming to our aid, all the way to this western province.”

“Jaar…yes, I heard of you from Lady Cairo. You were together with Valon until the end, is that right?”

“…yes, that’s right. I have been witness to Lord Valon’s final moments.”

“…may I ask you what exactly happened, in those final moments?”


Jaar lowered his gaze and replied.

“Lord Valon fought bravely until the end, ultimately falling in battle. After defeating a ‘Lord’, a particularly powerful undead creature, he was surrounded, and…it is all my responsibility, for not being able to save him.”

I shrugged and shook my head.

“The results of a battle are all on the shoulders of the commander. If Valon fell in battle as you say, that is his responsibility to bear. I have no intention to doubt his bravery, of course.”

“…I am thankful for your words.”

Jaar bowed deeply, then Vert lightly tapped his shoulders.

“I believe that is enough mourning the departed for now. We have more guests.”

I followed Vert’s warning and looked around: more “Terror Armies” creatures were approaching us from the north and south.

Apparently, they had noticed that the fortress’ gates were opened and all converged here.

I raised my sword to the sky and loudly proclaimed.

“That’s enough celebrating! Those poor creatures have come begging to be sent to their maker!! Let their wishes be granted, by our hands!!”


“Let’s do this!!!”

“We’ll follow you to the ends of the earth, general!!”

The brief yet intense days of training had left a deep impression of me on the adventurers: in a second, they stopped cheering and again showed expressions more fitting for a warrior.

“Don’t let the Maxwell boy hog all the glory! This is the Sphinx territory!! Let us reclaim our home with our own hands!!”


“Glory to House Sphinx! Glory to Lord Vert!!”

Vert raised his voice as well, and his soldiers answered by stomping the ground with enthusiasm.

“I’ll take out the enemies in the north. Can I leave the southern side to you?”

“Certainly, but…I am not sure I can leave a sick man on his own.”

I replied to Vert with a wry smile, and the old man flashed a wide grin behind his beard.

“Nothing to worry, we have a trump card.”

Vert pulled the thin string at his neck, to which a ring was hanging.

The copper-colored ring was engraved intricately with what seemed to be characters of some ancient alphabet: it had to be rather old.

“What is that…?”

“This is ‘Urd’, a Magic Tool handed down in House Sphinx through generations. As to what it does…you better watch well!”

Vert took the ring off the necklace and put it on his right index finger. As soon as he did, a sort of copper mist engulfed him.

“What is going on…?”

“Watch closely! This is my true essence!!”


The mist dissipated, and I went wide-eyed.

“This is the end for you, abominations!! You will regret stepping foot on our land!!”

Before me stood a young man — who looked exactly like Valon Sphinx.

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