NBAA Vol. 3 Chapter 1 Part 7


In order to pursue the succubus, Reito activated “Leap” and jumped on top of a building.

“『Muscle Reinforcement』!!”

Reito increased his physical capabilities using auxiliary magic, increasing it even further by making use of his magic ring.

He had Airis check the present location of the succubus while moving by himself. Before long, he spotted a blonde woman walking down an alley.

Reito jumped from roof to roof using the assassin skills, “Stealth,” “Seal Presence,” and “Soundless Walk,” tracking the woman.

Reito decided to launch a surprise attack on her, communicating with Airis.

『Does she have a bounty on her head?』

『No, she’s just a petty evil doer. She only hunts for men when she’s strapped for money. She goes after gold and possessions』

『So, it would be best just to turn her over to the authorities』

Reito quietly got down from the building and hummed, putting his hands at the ready as he walked behind her. She’s a member of the demon family so she should have more physical capabilities than an ordinary human. Without letting his guard down, he implemented his battle tactics.

Stepping hard onto the ground with both feet, he rotated and accelerated his ankle, knees, joints, thorax, chest, elbows, and arms in order before punching his fist down.

“『Bullet Strike』!!”


The succubus looked back in surprise but wasn’t able to run away, being knocked over by a blow to the back. She was blown forward, tumbling over in dramatic fashion.


“You’re stronger than I thought you’d be.”

“Wh-who are you!! Ooh, but, you’re just my type, cute boy.”

Even though the succubus had suffered a rough blow, she didn’t show any signs of injury. On the contrary, she seemed rather happy as she looked at Reito’s face.

It looked like he couldn’t hold back when facing someone in the demon family. Coming to that judgment, he prepared both his fists.

The succubus just deepened her smile.

“Impressive. I didn’t even notice but you have tremendous magical powers. I can’t help myself.”

“Um, for now, would you mind returning Dain’s money and wand?”

Her legs were wiggling for some reason as she stared at Reito. But, once she understood that Reito was just after the wand in her bag, she puffed her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

“Hmph. Were you hired by that man from before? In that case, it’s a different story. I’m gonna take you down and take your money and body for myself.”

“Hmm… My preference is girls who are younger than me though.”

“Hah! Older women are kinder and take the lead. Let me show you the appeal of older women!!”

“I’m looking forward to it. Time to bind you for real this time.”

Having already heard that succubi power activates upon physical contact, Reito did his best to avoid being touched, deciding instead to bind his opponent.

“All right… I wonder how this will go.”

“Storage magic? You sure are using some strange magic… But, what do you plan to do to me with that shotty metal chain? Do you like bondage?”

“It’s not really my thing.”

The succubus jeered at Reito who had pulled out the chain from his storage.

She figured that he wouldn’t be able to bind her with a magical metal chain, let alone an ordinary one.

But, the chain had been forged by Reito, an alchemist with the strongest metal from his former world.

“Take this!”

“What kind of passionless yell was that… you didn’t hit me either.”

Reito launched his chain at the succubus but it fell flat before it reached her.

Upon seeing that, the succubus smirked. But, she soon noticed the chain wriggling on the ground like a snake.

“Got you!!”


Implementing both his “Shape Change” and “Metal Transmutation” skills at the same time, Reito moved the chain wrapped around his arms and coiled them around the succubus’s legs.

She tried to remove the chains, but its strength had been elevated to be stronger than steel so they weren’t easy to break.

“Wh, what kind of magic tool is this?”

“One, two!!”


The succubus let out a surprisingly cute scream before falling over.

Reito tightened the chains.

Figuring they were shoddy chains, she assumed he had just used his magic to turn them into sturdy chains. The succubus was bound up and wasn’t able to run away.

“Give me back the wand and bag!”

*You little…!!”

The succubus ground her teeth in frustration. Perhaps noticing something strange, a few people wandered into the alleyway.

“What’s all this noise about!?”

“What in the world? This little brat is doing bondage play with a woman?”

“What a maniac…”

The men who came into the alleyway had misunderstood the situation.


“Help me!! I was attacked by this boy!!”

“You sure got some nerve thinking you can get away with attacking women just because of your age”

“Pfft. Don’t worry about it, lady. We got this.”

“Don’t move, you little brat!!”

Seeing things had taken a strange turn, Reito clutched his head in frustration.

“I guess there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Ha!! What are you going to do? Is an adventurer really planning to fight with a regular person?” The succubus laughed while tied up.

In the event that an adventurer was to be violent towards a regular person, the adventurer would be stripped of their credentials. The succubus, well aware of that, was being cocky.

Without hesitation, Reito used magic on the non-adventurer bystander.

“『Water Block』”


“Huh!? Without even a stutter!?”

The men and the succubus were surprised but Reito only generated a water barrier. He was cutting off the men from entering the back alleyway.

The men were unable to interfere. Taking advantage of the chance given to him, Reito drew in the succubus and ran away with her on his back.

“I’m going to turn you into the authorities.”

“What, no!? Anything but that…” 

The succubus said, sounding afraid, before a communication came in.

『Succubi are weak to holy magic』

“Got it, 『Recovery Boost』”


The succubus lost consciousness and stopped moving.

In that time, Reito used his “leap” skill to jump from roof to roof, before returning back to Dain.


Reito handed a bag with the wand and money in it to Dain. He turned over the succubus to a guard who had come by after hearing the commotion.

The succubus tried to resist but she couldn’t escape her chains. The succubus remained that way as she was shipped along by the guards.

Dain was deeply impressed and said thank you to Reito.

“You really saved me, man!! If I didn’t have this I would have been on the streets!!”

“No worries. Sorry I couldn’t get your clothes back.”

“Yeah, no problem. Thank you for getting back my wand and money.”


Ullr barked happily, perhaps sensing that the trouble had been resolved.

Afterward, Dain guided Reito and the crew to the lodge he was staying at.

Dain was staying at the finest lodge in town. There were only high-ranking adventures there. Reito and Gonzo were able to stay there on his dime.

Dain reintroduced himself, “I’m a Dark Magician. My name is Dain. If you ever need any help, come drop by Gollum Town. I’m a pretty skillful magician if I do say so myself.”

“And yet, you were trapped by a Succubus?”

“Sh, shut up! There’s nothing I could have done about that!? It’s not my fault I’m attracted to large breasts.

Reito had met the self-titled Gollum Town’s Dark Magician, Dain, and they shared addresses with each other.

By the way, a Dark Magician is an exceptionally rare profession. Their specialization is dark magic.

According to Airis, Dark Magicians had a special kind of magic called “Shadow Magic” and Dain was also one such user.

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