NBAA Vol. 4 Chapter 4 Part 2

Reito grasped the ice longsword with both hands and ran, cutting down countless goblins in the process.





The other people watching Reito run through the goblins raised their voices in astonishment.

On the other hand, Gallow saw Reito and felt a mixture of surprise and insult.

“Wh, What is that!! Is he really a magician!?”

“If you have time to comment, why don’t you help him!?”

“We’re in the middle of a fight, fool!!”

“G-, Got it,” his friends rebuked him, so he returned to the conflict.

The other people watching Reito were riled up.

As the remains of the goblins began to pile up, another wave of the undead approached the wall.


“Orcs! It’s orcs this time!!”

A group of undead orcs was walking over the goblin corpses.

The orcs leaped over the moat and clung to the walls. Reito saw that but noticed the holes in the enemies’ attack as they climbed the wall.

He let go of the ice blade and used magic.

“Flame Blade!!”


A crescent-shaped flame blade surged through the orcs, turning them into balls of flame.

“There we go! Roast Orc!!”

The adventurers cheered as they watched the orcs fall.

Noticing that the orcs were slower at climbing compared to the goblins, they went to greet them with an attack before they could get to the top, pushing them back into the moat.

“Take this!! Die!!”

“Shadow Slip!!”



The orcs were persistent and would crawl back out from the moat.

“Someone, fry them in the moat with lightning magic!! Quick!!”

“Oh, okay. I’m going to go for it!!”

“Thunder Lance!!”

The magicians capable of using lightning magic used their wands to launch bolts of high voltage electricity into the water, burning through their rotten bodies.


The electricity ran through the undead orcs’ heads and fried their bodies, leaving their remains in the water.

“There we go!!”

“There’s no time to celebrate!! The next wave is coming!!”

“Are you serious… ah!?”

The more experienced adventurers put down the brief wave of cheering. A vibration ran through the protective wall. It was as if some sort of cannon had blasted the wall. Reito looked at the wall to check what it was, only to see the shards of goblin and orc remains buried into the wall.


“N, No way!! It’s trolls! The trolls are throwing the remains!!?” somebody screamed, and everyone looked at the ground.

Ten trolls were launching the remains of the goblins and orcs at the wall. The launched remains would slam into the wall, becoming minced meat. But the shock generated was severe, and the wall was beginning to fissure.

“This is bad!! I think they’re trying to break the wall!?”

“What are you doing! Quick! Fire back!!”

“Shut up!! Do you know how much magic I’ve used! My power is almost…”

“That can’t be the case!”

The magicians had used most of their magical power and didn’t have the stamina to put up a fight against the trolls. The ballistic magic was big and powerful but consumed a lot of magical energy. It was only natural it would be all used up if they continued firing away. Even if they used Magical Energy Recovery Medicine, their power wouldn’t be restored immediately. They weren’t able to do anything about the trolls.

“Archers!! Quick, aim for their heads!!”

“We’re trying!! But, it’s like their heads are made of stone!!” Erina shouted, frustrated. She had fired several shots at the trolls’ heads, but they all bounced off.

Despite their attempts to hold them back, the trolls continued tossing the remains at the wall, trying to destroy it.




The humans standing on the wall got off balance from the collision, and some of them even fell into the lake.

There were countless remains stuck to the wall, and the fissure in the wall was only getting wider. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the wall would collapse.

Reito stuck out both hands and used ice to fix the wall.

“Ice Block!!”


A giant ice wall appeared in front of the wall, preventing the bodies from hitting the main wall.

Reito used the ice wall as a chance to rush the trolls.

“Go to hell!!”


The swarm of trolls was squashed as if by a steam roller.

However, having created a wall some tens of meters high, he had used a lot of his magical energy. He was sweating all over his body.


The wall was disappearing with time, and the trolls he thought were squashed roared out.



Another kind of undead appeared and stomped on the trolls’ heads from behind the trolls.

It was the herd of ogres that Reito and crew had defeated before. The majority of them had perished or been burnt to a crisp. However, despite being made into the undead, their bodies still looked fresh because they had died only recently.

“Shit… These clowns again?”

“This is a pain in the ass… Even though they are undead, their battle abilities haven’t decreased much.”

“But, their skin and muscles are missing in areas. Let’s aim for that.”

Gallow and crew looked uneasy as they had their little strategy meeting.

On the other hand, Reito clutched his Extermination Blade and went for Gonzo.


“Reito, I’m coming with you.”

“Coming with him?”

Erina was puzzled at Gonzo’s statement, but Reito surmised what he meant and used some magic.

“Ice Block!!”




Reito made a pair of ice disks with his magic.

This is an old story, but when Reito escaped from the mansion in the Forest of Abyss, he used the same ice disks as footholds.

Reito and Gonzo leaped simultaneously, using the ice disks to glide down to the ground.

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