NBAA Vol. 4 Chapter 4 Part 3





“What are you doing, idiot! Get back here this minute!!” Dain shouted.

“Bro, that’s foolish,” Erina added.

The two of them shouted. Erina looked worried.

“I’m going also,” Kotomin added.

“D-, Don’t be stupid, girl!!” Erina added.

Kotomin tried to follow the two of them, but Erina quickly detained her.

Ignoring the others, Reito and Gonzo continued. Once they landed, they swung their broadswords and clubs at the hoard of the undead.

“Strike Blade!!”

“Golden Stark Blade!!”


A group of kobolds bore the brunt of their attacks and were blown away.

There were a few kobolds, ogres, and blood bears. Reito and Gonzo had to take down a few kobolds before getting to the ogre.





Kobolds are known for their quick movement, but perhaps because they were dead, their movements were notably more sluggish than when they were alive, and they couldn’t avoid their large swing attacks.


“There’s an ogre!!” Reito shouted.

“I got it!!” Gonzo said the moment the ogre approached Reito. He clutched his club and swung it with all his might.

“Golden Stark Strike!!”


Gonzo swung his club at the ogre, attempting to land a blow with its fist. A sharp metallic noise sang out, and it went flying back.

Gonzo noticed his arms shaking and winced as he went in for another attack.





Gonzo immediately used the giant-exclusive skill “Harden Skin” in defense. But he broke a few ribs from the impact and coughed up blood.



“You, b-…”

“Don’t move!!” Reito went to save Gonzo with the Extermination Blade in hand, but Gonzo used his club to stand up.

Reito was taken aback but left the fight up to him and went to cut down some other enemies.


“Ngh!?” Gonzo’s face was struck, and more blood came out, but his will to fight didn’t falter, and he went after the ogre, picking it up.



“Helmet Splitter!!”

Gonzo used the warrior skill to turn the ogre upside down and smash him on the ground head first.

But, another ogre went after Gonzo.


“As if!!”


Reito went to support, and Gonzo stopped. He clenched his fist and punched the ogre approaching him in the face.



He kicked the ogre.

“Front Kick!!”


“Roundhouse kick!!”

He released a reverse roundhouse kick on the second ogre and jabbed his heel into its forehead, sending it flying away.




Regardless of how much the ogre’s physical strength had been diminished by being made into an undead, Reito was impressed by Gonzo’s ability to send the ogre’s body flying in hand-to-hand combat.

On the other hand, Gonzo looked at his hand and fist only to wince. They were swelling red.



“Take this!!”

Gonzo, who had sustained injury, was surrounded by attacking undead. This time, Reito jumped in front of him and swung his broadsword around.

Knowing he couldn’t let Gonzo fight anymore, he called the ice disks frozen in mid-air over.

“Gon-chan!! Get on the ice disk!!”

“N-, No… I can still fight!!”

Gonzo picked up his club with both hands. He expanded his muscles and gave it a hardy swing with all his might.

“Golden Stark Strike!!”



Swiping through the swarm of the undead, he managed to take down 10 of them. But, he was at his limits and fell to his knees. He grasped his throbbing fist.


“Don’t overdo it!! Recovery Boost!!”

“M-, My bad…”

Reito used recovery magic to heal him. The undead didn’t let up in the pause, and a kobold came flying in head-on to attack.


“Now’s not a good time!!”


Reito didn’t even look up, swung his Extermination Blade, and accurately sliced its head off. After healing Gonzo, he stood up with Gonzo and rode the ice disks back up onto the top of the wall.

“Hold on tight!!”

“Woah, woah, ahh!?”


The moment the disk-shaped ice block took lift, Gonzo was off balance and held on to Reito. Reito’s shoulders were in danger of fracturing by the mighty grip strength of the giant. And yet, they managed to get back safely to the protective wall. They immediately ran to catch up with their friends.

“Are you two all right!?” Erina asked.

“We were worried?” Kotomin asked.

“Shit, don’t get us so worried!!” Dain complained.

“Sorry, sorry… ngh!?” Reito said.

“My bad,” Gonzo sounded sad.

Gonzo held on to Reito’s shoulders as they got off the ice disk. They landed on the wall with Gonzo hanging on to Reito at the waist.

The other adventurers and soldiers ran over.

“Hey!! You guys are really something!!”

“And you’re flying in the sky… what kind of magic is that!?”

“You did a great job too, big guy!!”

They were praising Reito and Gonzo’s efforts in fighting the undead. They turned around to find Gallow screaming.

“Don’t lose your focus!! The battle isn’t over!!”

Just as he said, over half of the swarm of the undead was still remaining. They had managed to defeat the most troublesome enemies like the trolls and ogres, but they hadn’t defeated all of the undead.


The remaining members of the undead all mobilized to charge the wall at once.

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