NBAA Vol. 6 Chapter 3 Part 3

Reito called Kotomin and Tina to come into the yard of the house with them as well.

The other pets seemed to hit it off with Ain and were playing amicably. Ain had the slimes on both shoulders and held Ullr in her arms.

Ain noticed Reito coming out to the garden and waved happily.

“♪ Cuorollo ♪”

“Oh, I love it, Ain-chan. I’m glad you’ve got lots of cute friends.” Tina said with a smile upon seeing Ain enjoying herself. 

“Come to think of it, was Tina taking care of Ain this whole time?” 

When Reito asked, Tina nodded cheerfully. 

“Yes! Ain-chan is a little scary on the outside, but she took to everyone right away.”

“She took to everyone? She always seems nervous when I approach her.” Linda commented.

When Linda said this and approached Ain, Ain somehow seemed a little scared and took a distance from her. 


Linda looked disappointed. Reito wondered why Linda was the only one being avoided.

Then Tina whispered in his ear. 

“She is afraid of Linda because Ain accidentally broke a plate at dinner time, and Linda gave her a stern talking-to.”

“I see….”

“It was really something. She released a Fa-Jing that sent Ain flying back five meters.

Linda, who had blown away Ain’s huge body by five meters, made Reito shudder. At the same time, he realized that Ain was being tamed by Tina. He felt that it would be a bad idea to take Ain away from her forcefully.

Ain was not originally his pet to begin with. She also seemed happier with Tina. That’s why Reito decided to have Tina continue to take care of her. 

“Reito, what are you going to do now?” 

Kotomin asked Reito. 

“Just a little combat instruction. Linda, are you ready to go?”

“Okay. I’m excited to watch.” 

Linda took Tina and the others down to a safe place and watched Reito.

Reito drew his Extermination Blade and used his recently learned battle technique.

“Gale Thrust!”



“Is that…” 

Reito swung his great sword at nearly twice the normal speed, generating a gust of wind. Tina and Kotomin were startled at the sight. Linda had crossed her arms as if in thought.

Reito put down his sword and asked Linda what she thought. 

“This is a battle technique I recently learned. What do you think about it?”

“I see. It certainly doesn’t look bad. That sword technique is supposed to be a speed-focused battle technique, but I’ve never seen anyone use that technique with a broadsword.”

The “Gale Thrust” technique itself was not that rare. Although it was not a technique that was normally used with a broadsword, Reito was accustomed to using a broadsword on a regular basis, so he had no problem. 

“How were my muscles when I was doing my current battle technique?”

“Yes, it still seems to be less physically demanding than when using ‘Strike Blade.’”

“I see…” 

“I figured that if the ‘Shippuken’ fighting technique was compatible with Mr. Reito’s muscles, then the ‘Gale Thrust,’ a development of the ‘Shippuken,’ should also be a good match, and I was right.”

Reito activated the “Gravity Strike Blade” in his right hand this time and held out his sword once more to test it out.

 “Gale Thrust!”



“I’m at ……!” 

A blow with a greater speed than before was delivered, and a stronger gust of wind was generated. Linda’s eyes widened at the sight. Reito learned that he could activate the Gale Thrust with only one arm if he had activated the Gravity Strike Blade.

“Oh… this will be useful. I think I’ll use this battle technique from now on when I can only use one arm.” 

<Technical Skill Acquired: Gale Strike>


“Oh, I learned a new skill.”

“Is it a new sword technique?” 

Linda ran up to Reito with a puzzled look on her face. She could not hide her agitation at the sheer speed of his sword.

The “Gravity Strike Blade” that manipulates gravity and the “Gale Thrust” that emphasizes speed go surprisingly well together. Even with a one-handed sword, the attacker can attack with a greater increase in speed than with the normal “Gale Thrust”. Furthermore, the newly learned “Gale Strike” technique could be activated even when dual-wielding a broadsword and a longsword.

Reito activated the “Ice Block” magic to perform a test slice. 

“’Ice Blocks’! Here goes nothing!”

“Is that an ogre?”

“Wow… that’s a beautiful ice sculpture.”

“It’ll just be destroyed in a few seconds.”

Ullr whimpered.


Reito created an ice sculpture in the garden in the shape of an “ogre”.

With everyone watching him, he turned around with his Extermination Blade and Reflection Sword at the ready and drew his sword. 

“Gale Strike!” 

The next moment, the great sword in his right hand slashed the ogre’s head, followed by the Reflection Sword in his left hand, which slashed the torso.

The ice sculpture split into pieces along the cross shape cut while falling to the ground. 

“Wow. It was just like Kotomin said,” Tina mutters in surprise. 

“Reito is relentless… and that’s his charm,” Kotomin said, somewhat satisfied.

 “It was indeed great swordsmanship. To be able to swing a sword that large one handed and still have that much speed. Not to mention being able to do it with both hands at the same time. He truly is a sword demon,” Linda shared her impressions in a cold, objective manner.

Reito checked the destroyed ice sculpture.

In terms of sheer power, it was inferior to the “Stark Blade” sword technique, which combined “Strike Blade” and combat techniques, but it was significantly superior in terms of speed. He was curious to see what would happen if he further combined the “Gale Strike” with other combat techniques, so he created a new ice statue to test slash once again.

 “Let’s try this one more time. ‘Ice Block'”

“Is that a Blood Bear?”

“Oh, it’s a bear.”

“’Ngh… It’s the bear who always mistakes me for a fish and attacks me.’”


After creating an ice sculpture of a “Blood Bear,” Reito returned the Reflection Sword to its scabbard and focused his attention on it. This time he clutched the broadsword with his right hand too. He then combined the sword with his best fighting technique. 


Reito swung his Extermination Blade to slice the Blood Bear’s ice statue off its head. He chose a combination of “Helmet Splitter” and “Gale Strike”.

The blade of the broadsword swung down with great force and sliced the ice sculpture in two.

However, due to swinging too vigorously, Reito found himself ending up under the falling ice sculpture. Everyone rushed to Reito’s side to help. Ullr and Ain arrived first. Ain brushed away the ice sculpture uncovering Reito.


“Wow, thanks, Ain.” 

Kotomin and the others arrived a moment later. 

“Hey, are you okay?” Linda approached with concern.

 “That technique started well until the halfway point. Then it was pretty bad,” Kotomin said coldly. 

“Ouch, Kotomin.”

“Are you hurt?” Tina’s concerned question was met with a nod.

He sighed and, after using “Recovery Boost”, stood up. It went well until halfway through, but the unfamiliar combination caused him to lose his balance.

“I think it’s more powerful, but it’s still going to take some getting used to.”

“I think the sword technique you just used is great, but it may be inconvenient for you to use with your current physique. I suggest you refrain from using it-“

“It’s okay to say it hurt, . Let me take care of you.”


Tina hugged the depressed Reito. She may have been trying to comfort Reito in the same way that you would love a magical beast. Reito’s cheeks turned red with his face held against her ample breasts. Reito noted that they felt so different from Kotomin’s.

Reito was healed by Tina’s chest for the moment. He still could not give up on his new sword technique. It was a powerful sword technique as long as he used it correctly. Therefore, he decided to give it a name. 

“It doesn’t seem to be a technical skill, I’ll have to figure out a name for myself.”

“A name?”

“How about ‘Acceleration Strike’? Isn’t that really cool?”

“‘Acceleration Strike.’ It’s a little long, but that’s okay.” 

Since he was not particularly concerned, Reito immediately adopted Tina’s idea.

Instead of naming each of the combined techniques as he did with “Strike Blade”, he decided to call the techniques combined with “Shippuken”, “Acceleration Strike”. This is because although the power and speed were increased, the attacking action itself was no different from a normal battle technique.

Reito planned to practice more combat technique combinations going forward.

“I’ve moved so much today, I’m starving… Oh, I want some grilled fish.”

“Why did you look my way?” 

Looking at Kotomin, Reito somehow got a craving for fish dishes.

Kotomin, sensing something disturbing in the way he looked at her, hid behind Tina.

Come to think of it, Reito had not eaten anything all morning. Since it was that time of day, he offered everyone to eat together. 

“Have you two eaten yet? Would you like to join us for dinner?”

“May we? I don’t want to intrude.”

“I feel bad having you feed us.” 

Tina widened her eyes, and Linda tried to refrain. 

“Don’t worry about it. Kotomin, get out that fish you’ve been hiding in a pot and secretly eating.”


“Don’t look.” 

Kotomin turned her face away and pretended not to know.

Reito hugged Kotomin from behind and patted her head. When she was in a bad mood or did not listen to him, he spoke gently to her in this way to put her back in a good mood.

Reito whispered to Kotomin. 

“I won’t let go unless you confess. Or do you want to be punished?”

“No… Not fair. If you do that to me, I wouldn’t be able to be a bride in the future.”

“What kind of punishment did you give her?”

“No, no, Tina! Please cover your ears.” 

Kotomin wriggled her buttocks in embarrassment. Tina looked a mixture of interested and embarrassed, but Linda hurriedly covered her ears.

Apparently, the punishment was just a spanking. When Kotomin brought home a large quantity of fish before, she overturned a large jar that she used as her sleeping area. And the water inside flooded the floor, which made Reito unusually angry, and he spanked Kotomin. In the end, though, he healed Kotomin with recovery magic, and she forgave him.

“Okay, I can’t disobey master. I’ll have it ready in a minute.”

“Who’s the master?”




“I’ll get you guys something to eat too.” 

The pets started screaming that they were hungry.

In the end, all the fish that Kotomin had accumulated were to be cooked. 




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