NBAA Vol. 6 Chapter 3 Part 4

While Reito was having a nostalgic reunion with Tina and her friends, Ferris was dealing with a troublesome customer in the trading company headquarters.

The person visited Ferris shortly after his return from the arena and kept yelling at her to let him meet “Luna,” who battled in the arena earlier that day. 

“Hey! I want to see her now! You’re the head of the trading company, right!?”

“I told you she already left! Can’t you give me a break today?” 

The man yelling was Shun, a swordmaster belonging to the Hailstorm guild.

He had seen Reito disguised as Luna competing in the arena. Upon seeing Luna’s swordsmanship, he was convinced she was the same masked prowler who had attacked him. He visited Ferris to pay back the debt he owed Luna from their last encounter.

 “I’ve got to take that bitch down! If you work here, you know where she is, don’t you? Tell me where!”

“Enough! I don’t care if you are a Hailstorm adventurer. I won’t tolerate any more violence!”

As they yelled at each other, Alice, the maid, entered the room. 

“Please calm down, you two.”

“Whoa! Why is there an ogre in here ……?” 

Shun was astonished to see the muscular Alice.

Ferris was frustrated that Maria hadn’t told her subordinates about the situation.

“You are the Swordmaster Shun, aren’t you? I don’t know what kind of business you have with the fighters of my trading company. However, if you keep acting up here, I will have to take you out of the room. No matter how much we have an exclusive contract with the Hailstorm Guild, you are getting carried away.”

“Tsk… I get it. I apologize for making a fuss. But… I can’t help it.”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to find out more about Luna at the next battle. You’re participating in the festival, right? If that’s the case, we can make her your opponent for your next match.”


Shun was very excited about Ferris’s suggestion.

He had no problem with getting another chance to fight Luna. Shun immediately wanted to accept her proposal, but Alice interrupted the conversation.

“Ferris-sama, actually, about that… there is already someone who has scheduled a match with Ms. Luna.”

“What the hell?”

“What? Really? But this is the first time Luna-san has been in a game today, right? Who the hell is…”

Alice said that someone visited the trading house earlier than Shun.

Since Luna’s existence was only publicly revealed today, it was only a matter of time before others also learned of her existence.

Alice told him the name of the person.

“The name is… Jannu.”


The moment Shun heard the name, he let out a scream.

“Wow, you scared the hell out of me… Jannu? I’m pretty sure that woman is a swordmaster, too?”

“Yes, she was a very polite lady. She insisted on fighting Lady Luna.”

“That woman…”

As soon as the name ‘Jannu’ was mentioned, Shun’s head snapped up. He thought about persuading Jannu to allow him to play the match first, but he knew her stubbornness better than anyone else. She was not someone who could be persuaded by words.

Shun shouted in desperation.

“Dammit! Hey, Mrs. Chairman! Let me have the match before Jannu!!!”

“That’s not possible. If there is someone who applied for the match first, it makes sense to give that person priority. I’m sorry, would it work for you if you were her next opponent?”

“Ngh… You’ve got a deal. Don’t forget!”

Shun left the building without hiding his displeasure.

Ferris glanced at him, sticking her tongue out like a child, then turned back to Alice for clarification the woman mentioned earlier.

“Did that Jannu character really come by? I thought I came back pretty early myself…”

“Yes. She came in a cold sweat. Apparently, after watching the match, she came running as fast as she could.”

“It’s a long way from here to the arena, right? I’m sure she had a hard time… but the ‘swordmaster’ has already made a move. The hard part starts here, Mr. Reito… no, Ms. Luna.”

“Be careful never to say it wrong in the presence of others.”

“I know what I’m doing!”

Ferris expected a tough match ahead for Reito now that his opponent had been decided.

At that moment, Alice offered Ferris a letter.

“Ms. Ferris, I received this letter.”

“Hmm? From who?”

“It’s from Maria.”

“Maria? Why did she contact me out of the blue… what in the!?”

Upon receiving the letter, Ferris examined the contents. Using the merchant’s “Speed Reading” skill, she read the contents in an instant. She had a look of astonishment on her face. She then let out a sigh as she needed to apologize to Jannu and Shun regarding Luna’s next opponent.

“Maria… did you really prepare an opponent for your own nephew?”

“Ms. Ferris?”

“For once, I feel sorry for you, Mr… Reito.”

Maria’s letter included Luna’s designated opponent.

She had wanted to ensure he would never fight a swordmaster until the competition ended. However, those designated as Reito’s opponents were all difficult opponents. Ferris could only feel sympathy for Reito as a result.

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