NBAA Vol. 7 Chapter 3 Part 1


When Reito arrived at the guild with Kotomin and the others, Bal was unusually absent.

When he asked the receptionist where Bal was, he discovered that she had not been in for a week.

He said, “What? Bal… I mean, the guildmaster has been away for that long?”

“Yes. She said she had some business to attend to in the kingdom and never came back. She left for some business in the Royal Capital and never came back. We’ve heard nothing from her, and we’re in a bit of a pickle.”

“I see… Well, thanks anyway.”

He was about to leave with Kotomin and the others. He figured they should go home for the day.

“Oh, there he is! Hey, Reito! You have a visitor who wants to see you!”

An adventurer he knew stopped him.

“A visitor? Who?”

“Don’t get startled, but it’s a Swordmaster!!”

“A swordmaster?”

Reito was confused by the male adventurer’s words.

It seemed improbable that Shizune had come to the guild specifically to see Reito. Given that she knew where he lived, it would be unusual for her to make the effort to visit the guild for this reason alone, especially since they had only recently said their goodbyes.

He wasn’t sure who this swordmaster was.

“Why would a Swordmaster… Who?”

“Don’t get too startled, but it’s Jannu!!”


He recognized the name, having heard it before, but they had never met in person. Ferris had mentioned that she had arranged Jannu to fight Reito in a singles match, but Ferris must have canceled it due to obligations with the Trading Company. Moreover, it was his alter ego “Luna” who was participating in the matches, not him personally. It seemed implausible that she, just like Shizune, was aware of Luna’s true identity…

“Where is she?”

“She’s waiting for you at the exit. She wanted to test her skills against the strongest guy in the guild. I could have done it, but I think it’s better handled by you.”

The other adventurers shot him down:

“Ha! Reito, maybe. But there’s no way you’re the strongest adventurer in the guild! Moron!”

“Don’t get cocky!!”

“Shut up! Go Reito!! Make us proud!!”

“Okay, okay.”

Reito staggered a little after being slapped on the back.

Looking toward the doorway, he spotted a silver-haired woman. Thinking that she must be Jannu, Reito had no choice but to head that way.

She said, “Oh~… excuse me?”

“I’m sorry. Did I interrupt something?”

The woman was standing in front of the door, and when Reito spoke to her, she mistakenly thought she was blocking his way and pulled her body up against the wall.

“No, I’m Reito…”


When Reito said her name, Jannu tilted her head, as if it didn’t ring a bell. Apparently, the adventurer who knew Reito had not told her his name.

Reito had no choice but to make an unwilling self-introduction.

“I am the strongest adventurer in the Black Tiger Guild (tentative)” he said.”

“I’m not sure what you mean by ‘tentative.’”

“That doesn’t matter. I heard you have some business with me.”

“Reito, this lady’s hurt.”

Reito was about to listen when Kotomin interrupted.

She was right, Jannu’s arm was covered with blood. She shook her head.

“No, this is someone else’s blood. I fought three swordsmen before coming here…”

“What… as a test of your skill?”

“I suppose you heard about my idea. That’s right. I would like a bout with you.”

Jannu bowed politely, but it was very off putting. Reito was not so keen on the idea.

“A bout? What if I refuse?”

“It would be a shame. I would head home for the day.”

“I take it you wouldn’t give up, right?”

“Right.” Jannu declared assertively, letting out a sigh of relief.

Reito might feel glad about the opportunity to fight a Swordmaster, but the issue of weaponry posed a significant challenge. Naturally, it wouldn’t be wise to use the “Extermination Blade” or “Reflection Sword” that he employed while competing as Luna. If he wielded two swords identical to those he used under his alter ego, there was a risk that his true identity could be exposed.

When Reito competed as a representative of the Ferris Trading Company, he had coated the blade of his demonic sword with “silver sand,” and it was still covered with that same substance at the moment. Although the coating could be easily removed with hot water, there remained the risk of arousing suspicion if he were to use a weapon with the exact same shape.

When he was about to call off the fight for the day, Kotomin patted him on the back and pointed to a certain place in the building.

“Reito, that’s…”


“That’s Bal’s broadsword.”

When he looked over, he saw that, just as Kotomin had said, Bal’s great sword had been propped up against the wall for some reason.

Surprised, Reito approached the great sword, picked it up, and checked it out. It was definitely the one that Bal carried with her in battle.

“Why is this lying around here…?” Reito wondered.

A receptionist and an adventurer passing by explained, “Oh, that’s something the guildmaster left behind. Sometimes, when she gets… drunk, she throws her weapon in some random corner.”

“We’re always the ones retrieving them. She says he doesn’t care because it’s a cheap weapon…”

Reito  couldn’t help but exclaim in dismay. To a warrior, one’s weapon can be said to be equal to one’s life, but apparently this was not the case for Bal.

“Some Master she is. It’s a little rusty, too. She should at least take care of the blade.”

“Umm…” Jannu called out to Reito, who was stunned by Bal’s carelessness.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, you were talking about a fight, right? Unfortunately, I have some business to attend to today…”

‘Why don’t you use that sword, Reito?” Kotomin said quickly.

Reito stared at the broadsword.

It certainly was a weapon that he could handle without any problem nowadays, but he also wondered if he could use someone else’s weapon without permission. But, thinking about the way Bal just carelessly left it lying around, he figured she would not be offended if he used it without permission. Reito tried out swinging the broadsword with one hand.

“Hmm. Yeah, well, the weight isn’t too bad.”

“Is that allowed? Using someone else’s sword without permission…”

“It’s alright. It’s my master’s weapon. She’ll understand if I tell her.”

“I see. Then let’s move to another place.”

“Oh boy…”

Jannu moved out of the building after Reito consented to the fight.

Reito, thinking that he was in trouble, raised Bal’s great sword and decided to lead Jannu to the training area inside the guild building so he could fight with all his might since this was a good opportunity to do so.

“There is a training area over here, so let’s do it there.”

“Oh~! Finally, Reito is going to fight against the swordmaster?”

“We want to see it too!”

The adventurers who had been watching the exchange between the two began to make a fuss.

“You can watch, but I can’t promise you won’t get involved. It’s a big sword I’m not used to using, so it might just slip out of my hands and hit one of you.”

“… We’ll pass,” when Reito warned them, they withdrew meekly.

Incidentally, the Black Tiger currently has mainly D to F-rank adventurers. Therefore, there was no one to participate in the Battle Festival. This was partly due to the fact that the Hailstorm Guild had poached all the high-ranked adventurers.

“Alright. Let’s go, then.”

“Are you allowed to use the training grounds without permission? In my guild, you have to get permission from the guildmaster or the receptionist…”

“The guild is free to use the training grounds. The only people who use it are newcomers.”

“Is that so?”

Jannu was surprised by Reito’s explanation.

Jannu was a Hailstorm adventurer. While there are many strict rules in the Hailstorm guild, the Black Tiger guild had much looser rules, perhaps because of the guild master’s personality.

Reito headed to the training ground with Jannu and Kotomin in tow, arriving and making sure there were no people around.

Then they immediately took their positions and faced each other.

“Good luck.”

“Too you as well…”

Jannu bowed before drawing her weapon, and Reito bowed along with her. The two of them then readied their weapons.

Jeanne handles a long sword made of Golden Flame Steel, which was reminiscent of a rapier. It was shaped like something between a rapier and a longsword, and had a single mark that looked like a Magic Mark.

“Well then, may I ask that person there to give the signal?”


“Please, Kotomin.”

“…I guess I have no choice.”

Left with no alternative, Kotomin raised her right arm and, with a casual demeanor, signaled the start of the match.

“Let the battle begin!”

“Well then, I’m off!!”


Immediately after signaling the start of the match, Jannu moved in front of Reito. She thrusted out her blade, and its speed was comparable to that of Shizune’s “Thrust.”

Reito immediately turned his head to avoid it.

“You’re really good!! I’ll also give it my all… Shippuken!!”


The velocity of the swordplay escalated further. Jannu’s blade arced swiftly towards Reito’s chest. Agilely, Reito stepped back, narrowly avoiding a direct hit, though his clothing suffered a slight tear.

Registering this close call, Reito immediately counterattacked, swinging his broadsword downwards with precision.

“You little!!”


Jannu calmly flicked the blade of the broadsword that was swung down with her longsword to change its trajectory, and while rotating her body, she swung the blade at Reito’s shoulder.



Judging it impossible to defend against, Reito evaded the blade by turning his upper body. Jannu, who did not expect him to be able to avoid her blade, looked surprised and retreated without further attack.

Breathing a sigh of relief inwardly as his opponent drew back, Reito readjusted his broadsword. It was hard to fight with an unfamiliar weapon, after all.

By placing his palm on Bal’s blade, he activated his “Matter Transmutation” ability and transformed the weapon into a different metal. This changed the weight and made it somewhat easier to use.

He also activated his “Gravity Blade” skill at the same time.

The blade of the broadsword was charged with crimson magic energy. Jannu looked puzzled for a moment when she saw that, but she immediately decided that it was a magic sword and she became more prudent.

“Wow, you’re good… I’m surprised that there is such a strong person in this guild.”


“However, as a pillar of the Swordmasters, I cannot be defeated.”

Jannu took a stance like the five elements of kendo. Shizune’s main focus was on thrusting, but it seems that Jannu did not stick to that alone.

Reito also held up his weapon with both hands. Cold sweat was running down his cheeks.

(To counter that attack speed, I have no choice but to increase my attack speed as well… But using even something like “Gravity Strike Blade” is too conspicuous.)

If he invoked other battle techniques that he had shown in the arena, such as the “Gale Strike” and the “Demon Blade,” his true identity might be revealed. Therefore, Reito had to fight using battle techniques that he does not often use in competitions.

However, the technique of “Strike Blade,” in which a powerful blow was delivered by accumulating power, would be a poor choice against Jannu, who specialized in speed. If Reito himself did not change his fighting techniques, there was a high possibility that he would be finished off by Jannu’s next attack.

(What to do? Do I take the risk and use “Shippuken?” No, that’s not enough to win… calm down.)

Simply activating a battle technique is not enough to get to Jannu. Reito thought about how to respond to her attack.

(Do I use my ability without being noticed? … No, I don’t have time to think about it.)

Noticing that Jannu’s aura had changed, Reito stopped thinking for a moment.

Jannu clutched her longsword and slashed at him with tremendous speed.

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